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Advanced Event Systems FAQ

Premier Volleyball League

USAV Club Admin Handbook

The answers to many common questions relating to AES can be found in the USAV Club Administrator Guide.

How To Add/Drop A Player (Entry Tournament)

  1. Log into your AES dashboard.
  2. Select My Events on the left column.
  3. Select My Teams for the correct event.
  4. Select Roster.
  5. Add player/staff using the search tool/dropdown lists.
  6. To delete a player, click the red “X” on the far right side of the roster.

If your coach/player is not showing up in AES, you will need to import them to your AES database.

How to Submit Payment

  1. After you register your team their status will show as PENDING.
  2. PVL will approve your registration and update your team status to OK TO PAY.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from AES saying your team is OK TO PAY.
  4. Locate the event in AES.
  5. Select the submit payment button. Only online credit card payments will be accepted.


Head Coach Can Only Be Assigned To One Team

If you receive an error because a head coach is trying to be assigned to more than one team, you will have to decide which team you want them listed as head coach and make them an assistant coach for the second team. This is a limitation within the AES software.

Closed Rosters

  1. Rosters will be closed after completion of the Entry Tournament in each age division.
  2. Please submit any roster changes prior to the roster deadline using our Request Form.
  3. Complete the entire form.
  4. You will receive an email when your roster changes have been made.

Please email with any questions.