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3:00 PM - Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Tilt

One of the most common things that speedrunners face is the frustration that happens when they lose a pace or fail a trick over and over. And sometimes that gets overwhelming. This panel will discuss helpful ways to deal with that tilt so that runners don't have to get fed up with the games they love.

Panelists: Rainbow Poogle, RooseSR, JHobz

4:15 PM - Life in the Games Industry

        Have you ever wanted to develop games for a living, or are you just curious about how games are made and the people who make them? Join us and our panelists for candid discussions of the joys (and occasional perils) of creating games, advice on getting your career started in the industry, and how game development and speedrunning can enhance one another.

Panelists: AJ "SimplyAJ" McGucken, Brad "BlessRNG" Jolly, Jonathan "JrocTheGod" Robinson, Jean "LazyR1co" Alfaro, Ricardo "SenseiSounds" Cruz, Erich "HellToupee" Blossey

6:00 PM - The Philosophy of Speedrunning

An audience-guided exploration of several questions related to speedrunning, such as the following:

Panelists: v_input_output


3:00 PM - Learn to Cover Your Favorite Video Game Music!

Do you sing along to your favorite level themes or are drawn to music games like Rock Band? Join me as we further explore our musical connection to the games we love! This workshop will celebrate soundtracks from video games and help you to express that appreciation through your own music. Learn simple methods for finding your own style and making covers of your favorite songs. Welcome to all skill levels!

Panelists: PuzzlePea

4:15 PM - The Future of Romhacking

        As access to tools and community knowledge have improved over time, more and more people are getting the opportunity to create romhacks of some of their favorite games. These hacks have ranged from pallet swaps of characters, custom music, and intricate graphics to new levels and mechanics, and randomizer-style breakdown and reassembly of entire worlds. With so much available, and more hacks being created daily, what is going to be available to us in one year? 5 years? This discussion panel, featuring creators and programmers of various romhacks and hacking tools, will take stock of where the state of romhacking is now, and what they think the future of romhacking will look like from a creator's perspective and from a player's perspective.

Panelists: Glitchcat7, Testrunner, dtothefourth, Jaku

5:30 PM - Hardware for Speedrunners and Streamers

        Interested in using real hardware for speedruns and streaming? Learn about hardware modding, discovery, and maintenance with tinahacks, dwangoAC, EvanGrill, and LattMackey. Showcasing actual hardware the panel will examine the ABCs of RGB, scalers, controller input modifications, specialty hardware, streaming gear and more. The panel will also discuss the benefits, drawbacks and importance of real hardware. Join us for everything hardware!

Panelists: LattMackey, tinahacks, EvanGrill, dwangoAC


3:00 PM - Zelda: Ocarina of Time Family Feud

        Groups of 5 will compete to name the most popular responses to Zelda: Ocarina of Time survey questions! Each round will have a faceoff, 3 strikes, and a chance to steal just like the real Family Feud game! The first team to 300 points gets the chance to play the Fast Money round! Note: No real money or cash prizes will be rewarded, this game is strictly for fun!

Panelists: Runnerguy2489, Tixl, Piti, contestants!

4:15 PM - A Voice From the Field

        Please join us for a presentation and conversation with Matthew West, Deputy Head of Mission for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Matt will be sharing his experiences from his 9 field assignments, exemplifying MSF's work across the globe.

Presenter: Matthew West

5:30 PM - GDQ Games Committee: A Peek Behind the Submission Process

        This panel will have GDQ committee members discussing the selection process. Topics will include reasoning behind game selection, how we get through 1000+ submissions, and our goals in a games list. We will be holding a Q&A during this panel if you wish to ask a question!

Panelists: Mike Uyama, Breakdown, ShadowWraith, Sumichu, Darkman78. Coolmatty will somehow find his way there too.