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ELtaile commission info v1.1
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ELtaile commission info v1.1 nov.2021

Commissions: OPEN

Pricing info

Non anthro, full body, pony characters:

Sketch + Flat colors - 15$  

(+9$ for 2nd character)

Lineart + Soft shade - 30$

(+19$ for 2nd character)

Full Render - 60$

(+39$ for 2nd character)

Simple background — Free

Complex accessories, clothes,  spread wings, etc +5-15$

NSFW (18+ themes) + 10$

Sketch + Flat colors (full size)

Lineart + Soft shade (full size)

Full Render w/ effects (full size)

Full Render w/ effects (full size)

Right now I draw only simple backgrounds. They can be abstract or just surface with shadow under character. Can also do just white or transparent bg (ask beforehand). Can try something more complex with mixed results.

I accept Paypal and prices are in USD $. Payment upfront (after sketch approval). 1-4 weeks deadlines. No refunds.

Contact me via Discord: ELtaile#7765 or direct messages (notes) on DA/FA/Twitter/etc and describe the commission you want me to do.


Rules (ToS)

What i will not draw:


Commission procedure

  1. Contact me and explain what you want me to draw (Choose from pricelist style and features. Tell me what character(s) is(are) doing, where they are, how you imagine pictures should look like. Add references if you have them.)
  2. We negotiate details and i tell approximate price, send additional references if required  
  3. I do rough sketch and we discuss what to change
  4. We finalise and approve rough sketch and I tell the final price with discounts (if they are applicable)
  5. I wait for the payment to start working
  6. I draw art. Frequently show WiP stages. At this stage I can do 3 small changes. Big alterations, if possible, will cost extra money (depends how long it will take to do)
  7. I send final result in full size, max quality, PNG