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The Great Gatsby - Key Passage Analysis

Choose a (provided) key passage from
The Great Gatsby, and analyze its details in order to explain why/how it is significant to the story as a whole.

Step 1:
 the passage.

Step 2:
 a three-paragraph (minimum) essay.  
In this essay, you must discuss:

What is written

How it is written

Why it’s important

Contracted Honors students:  
Connect the theme, plot, or literary devices of your passage to “The Yellow Wallpaper,” “A Rose for Emily,” or “The Story of an Hour.”  


I have done everything in Basic and...

I have done everything in Proficient and...

I have done everything in Advanced and...


I annotate and summarize my selected passage.

I identify, support and explain a symbol from the selected passage.

I discuss and give examples of how the author uses literary elements to enhance the meaning of the text.  

I connect details of the passage to other events from the story or I connect the literary elements and symbol to other of literary elements and symbols used in the text.


I have a thesis that captures the main idea of my essay.

My essay is organized into multiple paragraphs, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

I support my thesis (“big idea”) with evidence from the text.

I address all required points in my work.  

I include properly formatted MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page. 

My writing is almost completely free from errors in spelling, punctuation, and conventions.

Suggested Outline:

P1:  What is written

Thesis formula:  (Title and author) is ( turn the prompt around) because/due to/as a result of (              ).  

P2:  How it is written

P3:  Why it’s important