STAYGE Labs co., ltd(hereinafter referred to as STAYGE Labs) complies with all applicable laws and regulations abided by all communication carriers such as “Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information Act”, “Personal Information Protection Act”, “Protection of Communication Secrets Act”, “Telecommunication Business Act”, and is committing to protecting rights and interests of users by establishing privacy policy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all services provided by STAYGE Labs and stipulates the following items.

1. Personal Information collected and Collection method

2. Purpose of Collecting and Using personal information

3. Provision of Personal Information

4. Retention of Personal Information and Period of Use

5. Procedure and Method for Destruction of Personal Information

6. Right of User and Legal Representative, and Method to Exercise

7. Installation/Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection System

8. Measures for Technical/Managerial Protection of Personal Information

9. Contacts of personal information manager and responsible

10. Duty to notify


1. Personal information collected and Collection Method
A. Personal Information collected

First, STAYGE Labs collects the following minimum of personal information as mandatory items for membership(including service) registration, smooth customer service, provision of all sorts of services.


Membership Category

Personal information item

Corporate user

 - ID(e-mail address), password, tel., mobile number, person responsible, entrepreneur information(representative name, business name, address)

 - Option : account information(bank name, account no., depositor name)


- STAYGE Labs ID(e-mail address)

- Option : name, mobile number

General user

- STAYGE Labs ID(e-mail address)

- Option : name, mobile number


Second, the following information may be generated automatically or collected additionally in use of service or processing related to provision of service.

- IP Address, cookies, connection logs, visit date&time, record of use, record of poor use

Third, the following information may be collected additionally for users of specific services.


Membership Category

Personal information collected

Corporate user

<upon issue of virtual account>

 - Resident registration no. (collected by tax law


<upon reg. of settlement account>

- Resident registration no. (collected by tax law)


Fourth, the following information may be collected for self-certification to comply with applicable laws upon use of service.

- Name, birth date, Sex, duplication information(DI), connecting information(CI), mobile number(option), IPIN number(upon use of IPIN), local/foreign information

Fifth, the following payment information may be collected in use of paid service.

- Payment of credit card : card company name, credit card number or otherwise

- Payment by mobile : mobile phone number, telecommunication carrier, payment approval number or otherwise

- Account transfer : Bank name, account number or otherwise

B. Collection Method of Personal Information

“STAYGE Labs’ collects personal information as follows.

- Homepage, form of documents, fax, telephone, consulting board, e-mail, application of an event, request of delivery

- Provision from partner

- Collection through generated information collection tool


2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information 

A. Execution of Agreement for provision of service and Charging and Setting for service

Provision of contents, provision of customized service, delivery of goods or invoice, self-certification, purchase and fee payment, collection of fee

B. Management of Membership

Provision of members-only service, identification of individual, measures to restrict user in violation of STAYGE Labs Service Agreement, sanctions for act which interfere with operation of service and restrictions for inappropriate use of service, check of intention of admittance, restriction against admittance and the number of admittance, check of consent of legal representative upon collection of information minors below 14, Check of identification for legal representative in future, maintenance of record for resolving disputes, customer service such as complaint handling, notification, check of intention of membership withdrawal

C. Development of New Service and Exploitation for Marketing·Promotion

Development of new service and provision of customized service, provision of service and promotion based on statistical characteristics, check of validity of service, provision of event information and opportunity to participate, provision of promotion information, identification of frequency of connection, statistics for use of service


3. Provision of Personal Information

 A. STAYGE Labs shall use personal information within the scope of the above “2. Purpose of collecting and using Personal Information”, and not disclose such information to any third party or not use for purposes otherwise permitted, without prior consent of User, in principle. However, the obligation shall not extend to the following information that:

- is approved for disclose upon prior consents of “Users”

- is required to disclose pursuant to applicable laws or regulations, or by investigative agency in accordance with procedures and methods defined in laws for investigation


4. Retention of Personal Information and Period of Use

 Personal information shall be destroyed immediately in principle when the purposes of collecting and using are complete. However, the following information may be kept in accordance with the following reasons for defined term.

A. Reason for Retention of Information by Internal Policy


Information stored

Reason to keep

Retention Period

Record of inappropriate use (ID, Name, DI)

Prevention against inappropriate admittance and use

※ ‘Record of inappropriate use’ means any record for inappropriate use of promotion restricted by STAYGE Labs under management policy.

6 months

Registration information upon disapproval(holding/refusal) of corporation registration

Efficient handling of application of re-registration and prevention of application of malicious re-registration

1 year from the application date, 30 days from the notification date upon explicit refusal of registration

Withdrawal record

Customer service or otherwise

30 days


B. Reasons for Retention of Information pursuant to applicable laws

STAYGE Labs shall keep such information for the period specified in applicable laws and regulations in the event that personal information is required to be retained pursuant to applicable laws and regulations including, but not limited to “Commercial Law”, “Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act”. In this case, STAYGE Labs shall use retained information only for specified purpose and the period is as follows.


Information stored

Reason to keep

Retention Period

Record for Contract or Cancellation of Offer

Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act

5 years

Record for Payment and Provision of goods and service

Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act

5 years

Record for Handling of Customer Complaints and Disputes

Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act

3 years

Record for Display/Promotion

Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act

6 months

Ledgers and evidences related to all transaction specified in “Tax Law”

Framework Act on National Taxes, Corporate Taxes Act

5 years

Record for Electronic Financial Transactions

Electronic Financial Transaction Act

5 years

Record for Website Visits

Protection of Communications Secrets Act

3 months


5. Procedure and Method for Destruction of Personal Information 

All personal information shall be destroyed promptly in the event that specified purpose for collecting and using personal information is complete. Procedure and method for destruction of personal information are as follows.

A. Destruction Procedure

- Information filled out by User for admittance will be destroyed for specified purpose and period to protect information pursuant to internal policy and applicable laws and regulations(retention and period of use) after the purpose is completed and transferred to separate DB(paper: filing cabinet).

- The above personal information shall be kept only for retention, also not used for any purpose otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.

B. Destruction Method

- Personal information printed on paper will be destroyed by paper pulverizer and incinerating.


6. Right of User and Legal Representative, and Method to Exercise
- User and legal representative may inquire or modify his/her personal information, or of minor below 14 at any time, also may refuse to handle such personal information by STAYGE Labs or, request to cancel admittance(withdrawal). In such case, the service, wholly or partly, may be difficult to use.

- We will take an action immediately if you notify to responsible person(chief officer or team leader) for personal information by telephone, email, or in writing for inquiring, modifying personal information thereof, or terminating this Agreement.

- We shall not use or provide personal information until such information is complete to modify in the event that User request to modify such information. We take appropriate measures to correct by immediately furnishing corrective results to the third party if we already provide wrong information to such third party.

- STAYGE Labs handles or disposes personal information requested to cancel or delete by User or legal representative pursuant to “5. Procedure and Method for Destruction of Personal Information” and does not allow to read or use such information for any purpose otherwise specified.


7. Installation/Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection System

A. Cookie

- STAYGE Labs uses ‘cookie’ that saves User’s information and loading at any time to provide customized service.

- Cookie will be saved on hard-disc of User’s computer as a tiny text file that the server used to operate website transfers to User’s browser. Then, cookie will be used to maintain User’s setting and provide customized service by allowing website server to read such cookies saved on such hard-disc when User visits this website.

- Cookie will not automatically/actively collect identification information, User may refuse to save, or delete such cookies at any time.

B. Purpose of Use of Cookies

- User has options to install cookies. Therefore, User can allow all cookies, check whenever a cookie is saved, or refuse to save every cookie, by setting options on web-browser.

- However, User may have difficulties to using specific service requiring log-in when User refuses to save cookies.

- User can designate cookie installation(Internet Explorer) as follows.

① Select [Internet Option] on [Tool] menu.

② Click [Privacy Tab].

③ Set [Level of handling Information].


8. Measures for Technical/Managerial Protection of Personal Information 

STAYGE Labs is committed to seeking the following technical/managerial measures to secure safety not allowing personal information to be lost, stolen, leaked, changed or damaged in handling of such information.

A Encoding of Password

Password of ID is saved and managed by encryption so only User knows his/her password. Only User can check or change his/her password.

B. Measures against Hacking

STAYGE Labs makes an effort to prevent disclose or damage of personal information due to hacking or computer viruses.

We back-up related material at all times against loss or damage of personal information, prevent leaking or damaging personal information or material of Users by adopting up-to-date vaccine program, and allow personal information to transfer securely on network through encoding communication.

We are also committed to controlling external unauthorized access by using intrusion blockage system, and preparing all technical devices for security systematically as possible.

C. Minimization and Education of handling personnel

STAYGE Labs limits handling of personal information to responsible persons, and grants separate password therefor then renews periodically. STAYGE Labs emphasizes on compliance with Privacy Policy through regular training on responsible persons.

D. Operation of Personal Information Responsible Organization

We are committed to promptly correcting or recovering issue if such issue is found out by checking performance details specified in Privacy Policy and compliance status of responsible persons, through including but not limited to corporate personal information responsible structure.

However, STAYGE Labs shall not be liable to all or any damage not arising from any default by, or in connection with STAGE Labs including, but not limited to negligence of User, or incidents in area where STAYGE Labs does not control.


9. Contacts of Responsible Person for Personal Information
You can report all issues related personal information arising out of, or in connection with using our service to responsible persons or responsible department. STAYGE Labs will immediately and faithfully respond to all User’s reports.


Personal Information Responsible(Chief)

Personal Information Responsible

Name Myung-hyun Baeg

Position President

Tel. 02-324-5761


Name Hyun-woo Baek.

Position Team Leader

Tel. 02-324-5761



You can report or consult with respect to infringement of personal information to the following agencies.

KISA Report Center for Privacy Information ( / without tel. exchange no. 118 )

Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Investigation Department ( / without tel. exchange no. 1301 )

National Police Cyber Bureau ( / without tel. exchange no. 182 )


10. Duty to notify 

STAYGE Labs will notify of any supplement, addition, deletion or modification of the current Privacy Policy on ‘notice’ of the homepage at least 7 days before such change.

However, STAYGE Labs will notify of any material change such as collection or use, provision to any third parties at least 30 days before such change.

- Announcement Date : 17th May 2016

- Effective Date : 24th May 2016