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Pokémon Games + Scavengers Move Animation Trivia
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Pokémon Games + Scavengers

Move Animation Trivia!

Event Date: January 3rd, 2021 @ 3:00PM EST

The Pokémon Games and Scavengers rooms are joining together to hold a Move Animation Trivia event! Test your knowledge of moves from across the main series by scoring as many points as you can in this two-part event!

Part 1: Pokémon Games Guess-The-Move

In the first part of the event, staff will use the !show command in the Pokémon Games room to display a move animation. The first participant to correctly guess the English move name will earn 2 points.

Part 2: Scavengers Point Rally

The second part of the event is a Point Rally in the Scavengers room. Participants will be given a move animation, and will then be asked a question about the move. The first participant to finish all 21 questions in this part will receive 25 points, and each participant after that will receive 3 less points (22, then 19, then 16 and so on).

The participant with the most points after the event is the winner!