How to Broadcast with Google Hangouts

How to Create a Broadcast

How to Place the Links into the Event

How to Create a Broadcast

1. Follow the link and make sure you’re logged in on YouTube

2. Click New live event

3.  In Basic info

  • fill out the title (any you like)
  • set the time (if you are going to set the broadcast right before the meeting leave Now; if you plan it beforehand make sure the time zone and the time correspond the school meeting which is at 8:00 p.m. UTC+1)
  • choose Unlisted type
  • choose Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air)

4.  In Advanced settings

  • check “Allow embedding”
  • uncheck “Automatically make archive unlisted once the stream has ended”
  • uncheck DVR
  • choose Optimize for interaction

5. Press Go live now

6. Press OK here

7. There will appear a new window. Go to settings to make sure the camera and microphone are chosen right.

8. These are two buttons to turn on/off camera and microphone. When they’re red it means they’re off. So make sure the camera and mic are on when you’re live.

9. The most important thing then is to:

  • click Links
  • copy the first link

This is going to be Link1

10. To let people join you live click "invite people" in the top menu and copy the link.
This is going to be Link2

11. The last thing is to press Start broadcast. Until then you’re offline.

And now you’re online!

12. If you plan broadcasts in advance and not right before the event, you will able to find all your planned events here -

Click Start Hangout On Air and start streaming.

How to Place the Links into the Event

13.  To place the links to your Evening Meeting click PLACE THE LINKS in the chat room (it's on the left with other buttons), paste your links and save them. Refresh the page after that. 

Link 1 - Youtube (SWF)

Link 2 - URL for Hangouts/a broadcast or a playlist

14. To place the links to your Business Games Circles:

1 - click EVENT PAGE in the chat room of your group.

2 - click Business Games (in Group events block)

3 - get to the list of Business Games Circles with Edit button on them. You need to place a separate set of links in each Circle.

4 - Click on the title of the Circle and get right to the chat room. Use the button PLACE THE LINKS as shown above to place the links to the broadcast for the Circle.

Or Click Edit on each Circle one by one, open the Broadcast & Video tab, place the links as shown in the screenshot, and save the event.
After saving the event click
Go to the broadcasting room where you will meet the students of this Circle

Always make sure that Youtube/Hangouts is chosen in the field Broadcasting platform.

15. Students can join a broadcast by clicking To the Live Stream button in the chat room.