Queenie Award 2019

The Drag Race -

Awarded to the best drag performance

1st Pl.

2nd Pl.


The Rainbow Award -

Awarded to the group with the best use of color. Work those outfits, banners and vehicles,boys and girls!

The Screaming Queens Award -

Awarded to the group with the best sound—Be it chanting, singing, a band, live or pre-recorded, make noise!

The Toast of Queens Award -

Awarded to the Bar, Club, or business with the best representation!

The Simply the Best Award -

REALLY! Must this be explained?


H.I.M. Empress XXX Sugar B. Real

The Timeless Black Diamond & Pearl Empress

A Stonewall Monarch

H.I.M. Emperor XIV & XVIII & XXIII

Tony Monteleone

The AAA Diamond Emperor of Allegria, Amore and Abbondanza

H.I.M. Empress XIII & XXIII Anne Tique The Ageless

The Golden Gotham Glamazon Empress of Grace and Gratitude

H.I.M. Emperor XV Fantasia

The Celtic Emperor of Famiglia, Fantasy and Fun