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Parent Tech Support
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Parent Technology Support

Throughout Wachusett Regional School District, many different computer and mobile applications are used to aid in the process of teaching and learning. Some of those applications are represented here with quick help/videos/tutorials in their use.

G Suite (all the Google Applications used in Educational settings)

Google Basics Training for G Suite Applications

  • Google Suite Basics Training- this is a series of videos allowing you to start using G Suite (all the Google Applications your student will be using). The videos are not long and can be done at your pace- all at once or over time. The videos build on each other allowing the user to increase their skills in using the applications.,2938454,-- 
  • Teach From Home For Families: This website gives families links to many different videos and documents on using different aspects of Google Applications and links to other resources as well. Click on the FOR FAMILIES button for the appropriate content:

Google Classroom (from the Parent Use perspective)

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Calendar

Google Chat

Google Meet

Google Translate


Google Chrome (internet browser)

Advanced Google/Other Application Features:





Delta Math

Actively Learn

Keyboard Shortcuts



Clicker 7

Clicker Sentences