What is Academic Advising?

Advising is a partnership in which an advisor helps a student learn how to make the most of their college experience. An Advisor’s job is to inform students of options, help them make decisions, and to help them to understand the consequences of different options. Advisors are here to help students navigate the complexity of the university and make the best decisions they can.  We advise, but you decide.

Who do I talk to? 

The Muir College Academic Advising office works with students who are undecided about their major; help students who are on academic probation;  and explain campus policies, deadlines, general education requirements, and campus degree requirements. We help students develop their own graduation plans based on the campus sample plans. But students also have specialists who work in their major, who help them with major-specific questions. This means that students will have at least two advising offices throughout their time at UC San Diego. You can always start at Muir Advising if you aren’t sure where to go first and we will make referrals to where the best answer can be found.  

Roles and Responsibilities

Muir Academic Advisors are expected to…

We believe that students are responsible for making their own decisions. As a result, Muir Academic Advisors expect students to….

Learning Goals from Advising

Advising In The First Year



  • In week 1: Students who have concerns about their Fall grades should talk to an advisor.
  • By the end of the quarter, see an advisor to declare or change a major.
  • Optional: Start working on a career roadmap with the Career Center.


  • Finalize your summer plans (Summer school? Internships? Work? Recharge?)
  • Optional: Visit the Career Center.

After the first year, we suggest that students come in to see us at least once a year to keep on track for graduation.

Talking to An Advisor

Resources, Deadlines, and Policies