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VAKTivities for Motor Practice

VAKTivity:  A Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and/or Tactile Activity.

These activities act as supplements to spelling to communicate, to help build your purposeful motor capacity!  Use your senses to explore, learn and have fun with these activities!  Some VAKTivities result in accomplishing something (with PRIDE) or just simply DOING something, rather than doing nothing.


How will you challenge your motor next?  There are activities here for Littles through to Adult spellers.   

Make a paper plane that's fly!

Make a protective face mask from an old t-shirt!  Brought to you by a lovely & talented S2C supermom, Mindy Ulrich Chiou!

Auditory Sensory Learning Activities

Make a Rain Stick

Guess the sounds (remember to hide the computer monitor from the person guessing!):

10 Free Art Podcasts

Music for Productivity!  (does it work?)

Visual Sensory Activities

Drop & watch bouncy balls in a closed space - but don’t move!

Watch Table Tennis human v robot (this gets intense but there are lots of breaks - turn off music if it’s overstimulating)

Ocular Motor Exercise (Tip, best done on largest screen, keeping head still.  This can be very fatiguing - start with very short viewing intervals.)

Oral Motor Activities

Blow on these: feathers, sequins, glitter (the mess is the motivator!)

Kinesthetic Activities

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach:

Simple 15 Minute Workout

Learn a new Yoga pose (or two!)

Sensory Motor Circuits

Make Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

Making Science Make Sense  Cool science experiments!

Tactile Activities

Tin Foil Sculpting

Make your own soap!

Ingredients listed on youtube page; remember: fun objects to be dropped into the soap don’t have to be children’s toys (why not a Led Zeppelin sticker?)


And More….

Fine Motor Tweezer games: Move items into different pots, Pick items out of slime

Pick items out of water, Put items into a pattern, Put beads into a bottle

Creative Drawing Hacks for Kids - Ideal for Fine Motor/Planning difficulties

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Netflix with Friends

Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use - inspect the works for  recurring objects or themes (i.e. look for fruit, a flag...)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems New episodes posted each weekday at 1:00 p.m. ET and then remain online to be streamed afterwards.

Learn how to use a GPS and
Go Geocaching in your 'hood! (take gloves if you worry about contact!)


Guided Meditation for High Schoolers

Science Project: How Sailboats Stay Upright

Color on black velvet

SOLO cup building

Make some butter beer

Q-Tip Painting

Postcrossing - Send a postcard around the world

Grow a tiny garden 

Explore new audible books

Digital art apps:   Silk (also available for iOS) and Psykopaint 

Create a digital scrapbook

Free coloring books from 113 museums

Physics-Explore Wave Machines.-Easy to recreate at home with some tape, pencils, and counterweight items. A How-to Link

Here are some more VAKTivities to work on with a communication and/or regulation partner at home 

Think of a good theme and create your own word search for friends to try.


Learn to sew by hand

Scavenger hunts (do a hunt designed for you or create one for your family!)

Listen to podcasts

Grooming your Pet: brushing/washing

Design and/or complete obstacle courses made of stuff in your house

Start a gratitude journal

Join a PenPal Club ($10 “one time only” fee)

Crank the tunes and have a dance party

Compose and mail letters or postcards

Research your next holiday!

Nature walks - document your finds on film

Learn something new from YouTube (i.e. check out videos about automobile operations by Automotive Basic Knowledge)

Research something that has always interested you.  

Want to be even more productive at home?  Here’s more useful VAKT-ivities to tackle with a trusted partner!

Collaborate in making your daily schedule for each week that you are home.

Learn to set clocks and timers for your personal scheduling reminders (typers can use their own voice commands for Siri with text-to-speech)

Mending clothes (even cooler - use patches!)

Make up a bed (or just learn a step at a time: changing pillow cases;straightening out a bedspread)

Clean a spill

Sort laundry (by colour)

Compose an old-fashioned letter to someone who really needs it right now (not fluent? a family member can write the letter), then practice folding a letter in thirds & insert into an envelope

Trace letters or designs

Purge/Pack small-fitting clothing and shoes to donate

Separate recycling from organic & garbage

Shaving.  This might be “handy” to use with electric shavers.  

Wash your sneakers

Create a weekly meal plan

Review your meal plan and make a shopping list

Pack your own snack box for each day (caution: if you eat everything at once, you’ll have none left!)

Follow a recipe to bake or cook

Unplug and clean the toaster (did you know there’s a crumb tray?)

Pay a bill online

Count money in your savings jar/piggy bank, then...

Take some of those savings and order something online!

Make a budget

Open a bank account online

Check oil, washer fluid in car

Reading labels for cleaning care (laundry)

Mat and frame a piece of your art (and hanging it if that’s an option!)

Learn to use household tools (corkscrew, screwdriver, level, plunger, can opener, shoe horn)

Pick a closet or room in the house with a lot of your old stuff in it and de-clutter!


See more valuable info from I-ASC