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In-Person COVID-19 Expectations
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Returning to In-Person Activities

Sunday Assembly Atlanta

The world is experiencing a pandemic of COVID-19 (and its variants) that creates challenges to in-person community gatherings. SAA values evidence-based decision-making wherein we balance health risks with the need for connection that Zoom video calls can’t provide. The SAA board, following CDC guidance (here and here), understands we can meet in-person with mitigation strategies. These are our guidelines for how event hosts and attendees should behave during this time.

In-Person Expectations

Vaccination or Recent Negative Test

SAA strongly encourages all who can to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

SAA leadership and event hosts may require proof of vaccination status or recent negative test (within 72 hours prior to the event) as a condition of being a part of any in-person event. These requirements will be stated in event descriptions.

SAA will track COVID-19 vaccination status of consenting members in a secure location only accessible by its leadership and event hosts. This will create a smoother experience for known community members to participate in events.

See You Soon

If you’re ready to attend in-person events, RSVP to one on Meetup and agree to the expectations. We’ll see you there.

Current In-Person Events and Future Reopening

As the risk of the pandemic evolves, SAA expects to allow or disallow events in the order below (this may change at any time). Event types on the top, bold and green, are currently allowed. Event types on the bottom, red, are not allowed. A “small group event” has fewer than 15 people.


Everyone, especially those unvaccinated, must consider event size, the venue, and their own risk tolerance before attending an in-person event. SAA is confident that much of our community is fully vaccinated. While SAA is acting in an abundance of caution to minimize risk, neither SAA nor event hosts can be held responsible if an attendee contracts COVID-19 while at one of our events.

If you didn’t feel safe at one of our events or have concerns about the community’s health, use this event comment form to share behavior you experienced or your thoughts.

In-Person Event Host Expectations

We acknowledge the reality that enforcing prevention measures like proper mask-wearing, physical distance, or scrutinizing vaccine cards isn’t easy. If it isn’t available to you to fully enforce these requirements, see Concerns.

If you’re ready to host an in-person event, email or contact an organizer you know to commit to upholding the expectations and to get your event ready.

If you’d like to modify the expectations for your event, contact us using the methods below, and let’s talk about it. We also recognize that child-centric events deserve special consideration and discussion.