2019/2020 Collective Applications


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Year of study:

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APPLICATION DETAILS: Indicate the position you’re applying for. If you have a 2nd choice, type it in the box on page 2.

Senior Editorial

Editor in Chief

Advertising  Manager

Deputy Editor in Chief

Deputy Advertising  Manager

Operations  Manager

Copy Editor (Print)

News Editor

Online Editor

Deputy News Editor

Deputy Online Editor

Features Editor

Online Sport and Lifestyle Editor

Deputy Features Editor

Online News Editor

Sports Editor

Deputy Online News Editor

Deputy Sports Editor

Online Features Editor

Opinions Editor

Deputy Online Features Editor

Deputy Opinions Editor

Online Opinions Editor


Images Editor

Deputy Online Opinions Editor

Deputy Images Editor

Online Images Editor

Design Editor

Deputy Online Images Editor

Centerspread Editor

Web Editor

Staff Writers

Deputy Web Editor

New Reporters

Creative Director

Managing Editor

Deputy Social Media Manager

HR Manager

Social Media Correspondents

Deputy HR Manager

Live Tweeters

Finance  Manager

Marketing and Branding

Deputy Finance Manager

Deputy Marketing and Branding

If you have a 2nd choice of position, please state below.

Have you been involved in VARSITY before? If so, in what capacity?

Why would you like to be a part of the VARSITY Collective?

Motivate why you would be the best addition to our team. (10 lines)

centrespread editor/ images editor / online images editor / web editor/ deputy web editor /
design editor applicants
: Confirm that you have the experience required (see page 1) for the position by ticking the box below.

I confirm that I have some experience in photography / computer programming / Adobe InDesign
(as applicable) that will assist me in my potential position.

Attach a 2-page CV to this form to complete your application and a picture of yourself.

Completed application forms can be emailed to hr@varsitynewspaper.co.za.

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