Add Google Calendar events into Rainlendar

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If you want to show multiple Google Calendars in Rainlendar you can add a new Google Calendar (v3) and select another calendar from your Google account.

Add events from Rainlendar into Google Calendar

Rainlendar keeps the calendars separate so your events in the local calendar are not automatically copied to your Google Calendar after you have set it up. If you edit an event which originates from your Google Calendar the changes are uploaded to the Google's server immediately. When you create a new event you need to choose where it will be stored.

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Any of your active calendars can be selected from the bottom left corner of the event editor. If you choose your Google Calendar as target the new event will be uploaded to Google's server instead stored locally. You can also change the calendar for existing events if you want to move the events from one calendar to another. However, easier way to do this can be found from the Manager which allows you to copy or move multiple events at once between calendars.