This schedule lists all of the assignments for English 10. Please note that all major assignments are also in Google Classroom. All assignments are due by the start of that day’s class period unless otherwise noted. Make sure to follow directions when submitting work as the location/purpose varies (hard copy / Google+ Community / Google Classroom). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Having trouble with any of the Google Apps for Education (GAFE)? Find resources here.




Updated Grading Policy    Late Work & Revision Form  ✿  Remind101  ✿  Writing & Style Guide

View this Assignment Calendar easily by visiting http://tinyurl.com/schoenbart10.

English 10 Final Exam

Argument essay in class on Wednesday 5/9 - Monday 5/15. 6/9 Today’s notes are here.

English 10 20Time 2015

All 20Time resources can be found at the link above.


TASK 9. Rubric & Reflections due by 7:30 AM on Friday, June 12.

TASK 8. Final product due by 7:30 AM June 5 (updated).


Slides Presentation  Study Guide Questions Background Storybook Project

LOCAL EXAM (CCSS PART 3) ON 5/27 & 5/28. Find the Midterm flipped instruction video here for review.

HOMEWORK DUE WEDNESDAY 5/20 IN CLASS. Read, reread, and close read through line 391. Then, answer questions 12-14 in your notebooks.

UPDATE: All English 10 classes are cancelled today and are assigned the HW above.

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY 5/18 IN CLASS. Read Creon’s decree in Antigone (lines 163-224). In your notes, answer questions 3 and 7-10 from the study guide questions.

DUE BY FRIDAY 5/8 CLASS.  Antigone Background Storybook Project.

Please follow the directions carefully to turn in your work successfully.

  1. Change the sharing rights of your presentation to “anyone with the link can view.”
  2. Publish your work (File → Publish to Web). Copy the published link.
  3. Each student should add this published link to the assignment in Google Classroom and turn it in.
  4. Each group should post the published link on the Community and tag all group members.
  5. Each group should fill out the submission form here.


Introduction to Argument

"The Lesson of the Moth" by Don Marquis Intro to Argument Slides Presentation CCSS Argument Essay Rubric & Samples ✿ CCSS Argument Essay Task ✿ How To Notes 


ARGUMENT ESSAYS EXTENDED. Due at the end of day on Monday.

FRIDAY 4/17. Class is cancelled today. Good luck on the SUNY 11 Placement Test if you’re taking it!

ARGUMENT VIDEO PEER EVALUATIONS DUE FRIDAY BY 11:59 PM. Find the form at http://goo.gl/NR46se. Make sure to read all of the directions on the assignment sheet.

DUE MONDAY 4/13 AT 7:30 AM. Extended to Tuesday at 7:30 AM. Argument Video Assignment

MONDAY 4/8. “The Lesson of the Moth” Debate--Who is right? The moth or the grasshopper?


SUBMISSIONS (WEDNESDAY 4/8.) Classes are cancelled today. Submit your book review by 2:30 PM by following these directions exactly:

  1. You must have a public link to your project that anyone can view. The project must be finished, published, and viewable from this link without having to log in or anything.
  2. Post this link on your class Community.
  3. Submit this link on Google Classroom for the Book Review Project assignment. Click Add → Link; then paste the same link and turn in.
  4. Complete the Book Review form at http://goo.gl/zqvwSR. When the form asks for a link to your work, use the same link above.

Book Review Project Info

Book Review Links & Resources

THURSDAY 3/26. Please bring your book for independent reading.


"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost  ✿  Fences: The Play Introduction  ✿   "Mending Wall" Literary Analysis Project   ✿  Fences Intro Packet  ✿  Fences Tree Map & Intro Slides Presentation  ✿   Act 1 Notes & Slides Presentation


UPDATED SCHEDULE: Your complete project is due on Tuesday 3/24.


HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY 3/5. Analyze Act 2 of Fences in a well developed paragraph.  Make a claim about Troy, the play, a symbol, or motif.  Consider how the characters change or what the end of the play means. What did the performances help you understand or reveal about the text? There are no wrong topics or ideas; Develop an argument about anything that interests you, support it with the text, and follow all standards of English 10 writing. Do not post or share this anywhere yet--just have it ready for the start of your class period.

WEDNESDAY 3/4. Class today is cancelled. For today’s class work, make a substantial post on the community making a connection between Fences and another text or event (literature/movies/history/etc.). Find a link to support your choice and post it on our Community along with a brief summary response. What is this resource about and how does it relate to Fences?

MONDAY 3/2. Meet in the auditorium today! Classwork and homework for our performances can be found here.

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY 3/2.  Meet in the auditorium to perform today! Actors, prepare and pre-read for 2.2-2.4. Everyone else, annotate the reading from 2.1.

CLASSWORK FOR THURSDAY 2/26. Choose one of the questions below and post a short paragraphs response on the Community. Make sure to use evidence from 1.4 in your response.

  1. Summarize Troy’s childhood and relationship with his father.
  2. How are Troy’s views on parenting informed by his own life experience?
  3. How is prison symbolic and important for Troy’s character?
  4. Did Troy treat his kids fairly in this scene? Why or why not?
  5. Explain the baseball metaphor at the end of the scene.

HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY 2/26. Find an article, video, or infographic about good parenting. Read the source and post the link on our Community by class time. With this post, write a short informal paragraph (5-7 sentences) developing a claim about Troy as a father and supporting it with examples and analysis and quotes from this source.

AND annotate today’s reading. Focus on Troy’s speeches; tomorrow we will discuss how Troy’s past influences his views on family/responsibility.


  1. Fences: Throughout Act One, Troy discusses his views on death. Make a claim about how how Troy views death. Complete this work in your notebooks; have a hard copy in class on Monday!
  1. Book Review Project: Post a selfie with your book on our Community.

Choose any work of fiction to read for a book review project, in which you will create a review of the book for your peers. Your selection can be any novel that has not been read or assigned before and is appropriate for your age-level. The rest of the project details will assigned after break but expect the full project to be due towards the end of March.

HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY 2/12. Read the NYT August Wilson obituary. Then, answer the questions in Classroom.

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY 2/9. Complete a full peer evaluation for each group in your class. Only evaluations that are complete and with detail will earn credit. Find the form here.

THURSDAY 2/5. Presentations will start tomorrow. All work must be published on the Community and placed in the English 10 Share Folder.

        Your Task:

TUESDAY 2/3. All English 10 classes are on today!

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY 2/2. Finish reading and annotating “Mending Wall.” Then, complete the questions in the packet.


Wiesel Speech - JFK Speech - "Harrison Bergeron"


English 10 classes will meet in the Library for BOCES presentations.

HW: Watch the flipped instruction video detailing your midterm exam here.


Find a current events news article about the topic of the bystander. The article can relate to issues of social justice, racism, injustice, or anything in Wiesel’s speech, but should have something to do with the concept of the witness or bystander. Read the article and post the link along with a brief summary (3-5 sentences) to our Community.


Please complete this  “Harrison Bergeron” Central Idea form here by 12 PM on Friday.


Find the “Harrison Bergeron” Central Idea form here. View the form results here.

Night and Maus II Assignments & Resources:

Unit Overview Packet  |  Google+ Discussion Guidelines  |  Night Presentation & Class Notes

Maus Presentations: Chapters 1-2 / Chapter 3 / Conclusion / MetaMaus /  Maus Writing Feedback


Essay Task - Rubric - Outlining & Organization Packet - Editing Packet

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY (BY CLASS) 12/15. Read Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Prize speech in the back of the memoir. On our Google+ Community, make a post addressing the following:

Your post does not need to be formal writing but should consist of at least 5-8 sentences with a direct quotes from the text. Feel free to write an original post or comment to/interact with your peers.

REMINDER: English 10 periods 6 & 8 are cancelled today.

DUE TUESDAY 12/9. Complete your Stylistic Analysis presentation and publish to the Community by the end of the day

MAUS II WRITING ASSIGNMENT DUE WEDNESDAY 12/3. Find the assignment here. Submit this writing to Classroom by 11:59 PM.


HOMEWORK DUE TUESDAY 12/2. Watch this Flipped Instruction Video. Then, review your returned work for 09 Wiesel Stylistic Analysis. Do not resolve or change anything on this assignment.

HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY 12/1. Read and annotate pages 65-77 of Night. How is Elie changing?

MAUS II ASSIGNMENT 3 DUE TUESDAY 11/25. Finish reading the graphic novel. Post on our Community a total of three times, including original posts and/or comments/replies. Your posts should discuss and respond to the text as a whole. Consider any and all of the following questions:

NIGHT STYLE ANALYSIS DUE THURSDAY 11/20. Complete the style analysis paragraph on Google Classroom by the end of the day on Thursday. Find the assignment here.

HOMEWORK DUE WEDNESDAY 11/19. Read and annotate pages 35-39 of Night. On the Community, post a SEE stylistic analysis of any part of this section of reading. Reply to my post with your writing.

MAUS II ASSIGNMENT 2 DUE TUESDAY 11/18. Read chapter 3 of Maus II and make three discussion posts. Your posts can be about anything but here are some guiding questions. Make sure to discuss: post, reply, and interact!

HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY 11/13: Learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by watching the flipped instruction video here. Then, watch the flipped inReread pages 15-17 of Night. How does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs help understand the text so far? Make at least one annotation in the text for class on Thursday.

MAUS ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE WEDNESDAY 11/12. Read chapters 1-2 of Maus II and complete the assignments by class.

FRIDAY 11/7 CLASS WORK: Mr. Schoenbart will be out sick on Friday. Please read and annotate pages 1-11 of Night. In your notes, describe Elie’s character with three character traits and a supporting quote for each.

Google+ Community Discussion Guidelines:

  1. Students are encouraged to create new discussion topics and/or to respond to one another.
  2. All posts must add meaningful discussion and show a real interaction with the texts and each other’s ideas. Referencing quotes and Community posts is important.
  3. Contribute positively and respectfully to the classroom Community.
  4. Know your audience. This is not formal writing, but it should should evidence of clear thought, proofreading, and complete sentences.
  5. Interact and share. Tag each other in comments when you reply. Add hashtags,  +1, videos, images, or links to support your ideas.


  1. Complete your Holocaust Project note taking by class time today. Find the Project Groups and Note Taking Packet here.

  1. Comics & Graphic Novels: An Introduction to Maus

This homework assignment will flip instruction so that you will learn all about the text Maus II and Art Spiegelman by completing the activities below. This work replaces our in class instruction since I will be out of the building on Monday and we have no classes on Tuesday. Your work and knowledge will be assessed in class on Wednesday. Find Monday’s lessons here.


By class time on 10/30: The Holocaust Research project is due by class time on Thursday. Students will present in class without the aid of technology. As an expert on your topic, be prepared to share what you have learned and teach your group.

By class time on 10/31:

  1. All work must be published on our community. Make sure to change the share settings so that “Anyone at Ossining UFSD can view.” For clarification, check this resource
  2. Submit your work to Google Classroom as assignment 08.  Please  turn in your published link only; do not add your Slides file or share link.
  3. Complete the Peer and Self Evaluations here.



President Obama’s speech and the assignment task can be found here. Submit your work on Google Classroom by the end of the day. Make sure to carefully review the task, rubric, and your MLK Writing comments before you begin. Writing that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

Review the improving writing presentation to prepare for this assignment here.


“The Censors” Literary Analysis

  1. Character Traits and Quotes: Juan’s Dynamic Characterization
  2. Setting Analysis: Google+ Comment
  3. What was in with Juan’s letter? After a close reading of the text, make an argument using SEE and ICE on our Google+ Community.


Submit your final draft of the MLK writing to Classroom by the end of the day. Revise your draft and resolve any comments your peer editor or teacher suggested. The final copy must follow all of the writing guidelines for this course.


  1. Organize your Google Drive and share your MLK writing to our Community. Directions can be found here.
  2. Participate in Peer Revision following the directions in the presentation above.

Students who do not post a link to writing on the Community within the first few minutes of class will not earn credit for the first revision. Students who come unprepared should use this class time to complete the original assignment.


Rewrite your MLK Writing. In a well-developed, text-based paragraph, identify the central claim of the text (Dr. King’s speech) and analyze how the author’s use of one writing strategy (literary element or literary technique or rhetorical device) develops this central idea. Use strong and thorough evidence from the text to support your analysis. Do not simply summarize the text.

This work must be typed and completed on Google Drive in a Google Doc. Follow all of the writing guidelines for this course; model your work off of the writing sample in your Writing Style Guide packet.  Use a complete heading, outline your writing, and double space. This work is due at the start of the period on Tuesday.


Read and annotate the CCSS Part 3 Rubric. Your goal is to understand the requirements of this task. Then, review your MLK writing for this task. FIll out the rubric on the back of your annotations to justify the score on your paper. Be specific and thorough in your comments and circle the appropriate information on your rubrics.


Make corrections to your Literary Element Quiz, which can be found here. Check your OHS GMail for your scores and incorrect answers. For each incorrect answer:

  1. Identify the correct answer.
  2. Provide a literary example of the correct answer.
  3. If the question is from part 2 of the quiz, explain why it is the right answer.

Write your corrections in a Google Doc and submit on Classroom by Friday 10/11.

THURSDAY 10/10: English 10 periods 6 and 8 are cancelled today. Work on your homework as listed above.


Post your SEE response to our Community by the end of the class period on Wednesday. Then, comment on two other students’ work with specific constructive criticism. Explain why a classmate’s work is strong or give a suggestion for improvement. To earn credit, your comments must be constructive, meaningful, and specific.

WRITING NOTES - Week of 10/6


Answer the following two questions in complete sentences. For each question, write 3-5 sentences and use direct textual evidence to support your claim. This work will be checked and used in class but not collected. You must have a hard copy of this work on Monday--this cannot be submitted online.

  1. What is Dr. King’s tone in his speech?
  2. How does figurative language develop Dr. King’s claim?


Part 1: Match literary element to definition

Part 2: Apply literary elements to literary examples


In a well-developed, text-based response identify the central claim of the text (your song choice) and analyze how the author’s use of one writing strategy (literary element or literary technique or rhetorical device) develops this central idea. Use strong and thorough evidence from the text to support your analysis. Do not simply summarize the text.

Your work must be submitted on Classroom or in hard copy by the start of class on Monday. Make sure to double space typed work, to always provide a full heading, and to write neatly and clearly.


What is Chekhov’s claim in the story? Identify his central argument in “The Bet.” Develop your writing in a well-organized and developed paragraph with direct evidence from the text.  Post your work on Classroom or submit it in hard copy on Tuesday.


English 10 is cancelled today for English 10 periods 6 and 8 only. Double check that you completed the homework due today completely.  Who won the bet? Write a paragraph post on our Google+ Community arguing an answer to this question. Make sure to use direct evidence from the story in your response.


Define conflict and list the types of conflict in your notes.

Find at least three examples of conflict from the story. Identify the type of conflict and provide a quote to support your example.


Complete the questions at the end of “The Bet” packet.


Take on the Lawyer’s role at the end of part 1 of “The Bet.”  Write a letter from the Lawyer’s point of view that shows his characterization or conflict. What would he say to the Banker? The world? Himself? Keep your ideas limited to 140 characters; choose every word carefully. Post to our Community to share with the class. Tweet @MrSchoenbart to share with the world. Your work be hashtagged #schoenbart10.

“The Bet” Short Story Resources

English 10 Vocabulary Assignment

Due Friday, September 12 for periods 4 and 6

Due Monday, September 16 for period 8

English 10 Summer Assignment

Due Monday, September 8