1. To place the academic interests of the student body above all else.
  2. To ensure that efficient communication takes place between the administration and the student body.
  3. To especially focus on the issues faced in core courses, encourage student to reach out to class representatives and ensure class representatives take these issues forward to the student senate, faculty or authorities as required.


  1. 1 CSE, 1 ECE, 1 CSAM (if applicable) student each from second, third and fourth year B.Tech.
  2. 3 students (any branch) from first year B.Tech.
  3. 1 M-Tech student each from second year.
  4. 3 students (one from each branch) from first year M.Tech.

Note:  Elections are conducted in April (or the end of March) every year for new members. However, for the incoming batch (BTech and MTech), the SS is required to ensure that members are elected, latest, within two months of the commencement of the Academic Year and that every B-Tech batch has adequate representation.

Positions of Responsibility:

  1. Coordinator
  2. Secretary
  3. Webmaster

Members are chosen for these positions based on internal elections.

Note:  It is recommended that the positions of Coordinator and Secretary are given to senior students as it involves additional responsibilities, demands on time and interaction with many faculty members/administrative staff which may be easier for students in the elective years.


  1. SS meetings are held once every week for about 30-60 minutes depending on the agenda items to be discussed.
  2. The Secretary must send a mail regarding the agenda of the meeting to be discussed to the official student senate email id every week before the meeting.
  3. It is essential that the minutes of the meetings are recorded properly and uploaded to the public folder accessible via the student senate website. Attendance of members is also taken but need not be shared in the public folder.
  4. Any member who is absent for 3 consecutive meetings without providing sufficient reason beforehand is liable for expulsion from the SS- based on vote from other members.

Additional Responsibilities and Miscellaneous:

  1. The Coordinator is also a member of the Institute Senate. It is required of the Coordinator to attend all meetings of the institute senate and provide a student’s perspective to the proceedings where applicable.
  2. The Coordinator and the Secretary are both also part of the UGC and are required to attend the periodic UGC meeting as invited.
  3. It is strictly essential that only policies that have been certified and implemented on a final level by the Director/Institute Senate be disclosed to the student body by the SS.
  4. The Webmaster is responsible for maintenance of the official website and ensuring that all minutes of the meeting are available of the website for perusal by the student body.  
  5. Members of the SS must respond to mails from the Director, DOAA, UGC Chair or Academic Staff within 48 hours. If the mail demands work to be done that requires greater than 48 hours to conclude, an acknowledgement mail must be sent.
  6. It is desirable that the SS conduct monthly meetings with first year students in order to take direct feedback regarding courses, tutorials, TAs, etc.
  7. The Coordinator and Secretary of the SS receive mailing rights to all student mailing lists (not including course mailing lists).

Currently other members do not receive any such mailing rights. However, if needed, other batch members can receive mailing rights for their own batches.