Summer School on Social Networks 2017 

(May 29, 2017 - June 2, 2017)

IIT Ropar

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IIT Ropar will be conducting a 5 days workshop covering the essentials of social network analysis. The workshop is particularly useful for researchers and prospective PhD candidates who are interested in learning about theories, methods and applications of analyzing social networks, which includes overview and history of networks science, centrality measures, community structure, information diffusion, as well as cross disciplinary areas.

About Social Networks:
Taking its birth as graph theory in the classical solution of the konigsberg bridge problem, the science of graphs has taken a finer direction after the availability of real world graphs. The modern society is being increasingly connected with the help of Social Networks with people modelled as nodes and relationship between them as edges. The web and the Internet are growing rapidly, enabling news and information to spread with surprising speed and intensity. The society has emerged as a super-organism comprising of millions of small organisms (people) connecting with each other (with the help of social networks). The interactions which occur at the level of these smaller organisms ultimately decide the properties of the super-organism, i.e. our world. Hence, it is important to understand the interactions occurring within us and the ways they shape our behaviors and actions. This emerging field of study draws ideas from mathematics, economics, sociology and computational sciences.

The workshop will cover a state of the art overview of progress in network analysis. In addition, the workshop will conduct hands on sessions for the analysis of the networks’ data using python’s packages like networkx, igraph and Gephi. There will be specialised parallel tracks on the last two days where a small bunch of students will form a team and work on a novel research problem.  

In addition, there will be rump sessions every evening. During these sessions, the participants will be encouraged to talk about random scientific topics diretly or indirectly related to networks.

There are Absolutely no prerequisites for attending the summer school.

30% of the seats will be reserved for institutes which come under the council of educational associates.


  1. Amit Verma (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
  2. Akrati Saxena (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
  3. Anamika Chhabra (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
  4. Mallikarjuna Rao (IIT Bombay)
  5. Rishi Ranjan Singh (IIIT Allahabad)
  6. Sudarshan Iyengar (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
  7. Varsha Bhat (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
  8. Yayati Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)


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How to Apply

Interested candidates can fill in the following registration form. The last day for applying is May 10, 2017.

 Registration form

Candidates will be shortlisted based on resume, area of interest and motivation to attend the workshop. 

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation and food will be provided at a subsidised price by IIT Ropar. You will be given a shared hostel accommodation. It will cost you Rs. 200/- per day for hostel charges and Rs. 100/- for food expenses per day.



For any queries, please email or call us on +918217779127 (Swetha)