Building Planning Council

November 2, 2017 Minutes


Barbara Ulm, Michael Plotkin, Alison Romm, Jackie Johnson, Karen Frazier, Leah Aizen, Michael Ranis, Kayla Morales, John Sarcone

  • Follow-up to last year’s topic: Jackie shared her students’ work reflecting on their summer reading books. She feels that the reading of mature topics was successful.
  • MIchael shared his presentation about trends in data at PVC.
  • Achieve 3000 is a great resource for data on reading comprehension. Teachers are able to assign articles to all of the students, but students will receive their text at the level appropriate for them. Teachers confer with students to reflect on their growth in reading comprehension and set goals for the future.
  • GIves parents a full picture of student progress.
  • Student grades being to transition from standards based to letter grades in 8th grade.
  • Behaviors that Promote Learning is also a very valuable component of the report card to reflect day to day behaviors.
  • Data will be collected through a survey about drug and alcohol use outside of school.
  • Next time we will look at the list of topics for the year.
  • Kayle reminded us that on Election Day there will be a mock student bedroom at the high school so that parents can try to find all of the hidden drug references.
  • The vaping event was very successful.