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this is a faq page i saved from seichiinara's site when it was still up. it's no longer on the web, but it's worth looking at if you want to know more about mogeko's characters.)


Answers received from Mogeko through email (currently still looking for my saved copies of the translated answers, not all info is up right now). I'm too lazy to edit the formatting errors anymore so if you see white spots just highlight with your cursor and the words should become visible.



Shinigami Personality unclear

All questions that pertained to characters are under this cut.


Magician Gentle personality


Refer to Wadanohara (game)




Shinigami Crazy


Angel The type to hold grudges

Adauchi (Vendetto), Laurentia, Ver Million

Refer to Wadanohara (game)


A silkmoth (bombyx mori) Ladylike

Rbona Cara

Angel Innocent


??? Ruthless


Squirrel-bear hybrid Personality unclear


Vampire-demon hybrid Unlucky


Human with eternal youth Cooking as bad as shit


Ruler of Hell's youkais Can't say anything

ヴィクター・フランケンシュタイン/Victor Frankenstein

 Human Mad scientist Dead


 Fumus is a nickname Tends to sulk


 Dai Majo's underling Clumsy

ロディセ・ネピア/Rodise Neppie

Normal demon


 Demon Terrible personality Tends to say outrageous lies


 Satanick's lawfully-wedded wife A bitch who loves to play and loves men Often goes out somewhere


 Oneesan of the Orcas

イダテ(子供の頃)/Idate (child)

 I wonder?

Blue Sea versions of Red Sea characters

 Will upload sometime soon, please wait


 Angel Model student

深骨姫(過去)/Mikotsuhime (past)

 A kind child


Chlomaki's familar Strong


Chlomaki's familar Very composed

Bloody Mary

Witch of Gore Goes overboard

Fungus Crocodile



Chlomaki's familar Goddamned dog


Queen of the Underworld Likes dogs




Refer to Wadanohara (game)


Youkai Now King Artamos' entourage Composed

Lost (The Gray Garden)

Doesn't talk much


Expression on his face caused people to call him Evil but he's actually quite gentle


 Former delinquent Now a wonderful papa


 Vampire Loves sweet things


 Fumus' underling Mercilessly kills demons

片桐 みかり/Mikari Katagiri

 Cannibal JK Bookworm


 Satanick's son Went down the wrong path


 Curses a lot


 Heavy smoker bloody penguin Weak in the flank


Hentai ojisan Screams dirty talk


 Pitiful shrimp


 Angel Brat


 People call him a Devil, but His existence is somewhat more special than that

黒川ナタカ/Nataka Kurokawa

 Female high school student plagued by nightmares Weak stomach


 White bear Terror Power


 Used to be an egoistic little brat but became more mature after the events of WatGBS

 But her violent side still shows sometimes


 GriRea's entourage Cold


Boss of Sullivan's workplace Smokes cigars


Hanten's younger brother Allergic to humans Always bullied by his sister so he's mentally & physically weak


 Chishibuki's younger brother 「Ahaha!」is his catchphrase


 He already appeared in the game, there's no point!!


Same as above


 Male Male Male Discarded Ivlis


Banshee-like girl Always crying




Angel Taffy's subordinate


Refer to Wadanohara (game)




Daughter of crows A child


 Feudal lord of a world Loves human meat Selfish


 Tetzusora's close friend A familiar


 Her cooking becomes poison


 Swore eternal fealty to his King (Kcalb) Has cold eyes


 Even the inside of her head is A garden


 Dullahan-like boy Likes Nad


 Drunkard Drinks from dawn to dusk


Rosaliya Phantomrose: 160

Satanick: 190





Liliya is male.


If Emalf and Adauchi are friends, do they karaoke together?

 They used to go together a lot

    Are Sherbet and Yosaflame lovers?


 Justim's eye colour?

 Eyes exactly the same shade of gold as Vicers'

 What kind of creature is Miyura?

 Good question... Something like a fish, something like that.

 Does Idate play with his food before eating?

 He's rather violent with them (and sometimes violates them) before eating

 Has Idate ever overeaten?


     Does Siralos have any angels?

 The golden angel I've recently drawn

 The name is イグルス・アンス(Igls unth)

     Why is Satanick's blood purple?

 It used to be red At some point in time it became purple

Does Mikotsuhime's fish have a name?


Will you draw more of Kic?

 She'll appear soon in Obsolete Dream, please look forward to it

 Are these guys Chlomaki's familiars: Fungas Crocodile, Shizk, Mikazki, Silone


Was Reficul an angel in the past?


 Is Liliya the God of Wadanohara's world?

Completely wrong Completely unrelated

 What kind of bird is Greif?

 A gryphon "gryphon" is pronounced as "greif" in German

 When Tomoshibi opens her eyes, what kind of person is she?

 Unlike what you're thinking Normal

 Is Taffy's sword based off the Javanese kris?

 YES( ^) y・~~

 Will Dai Majo appear in other series?

 Of course

 Is Old's wife Meikai (`ω´)


Who is the Sea King?

 The name is 「滄海原」 Alternatively, 滄海帝

 He'll appear soon

(Notes: Not sure how to romanise it. Sounohara? Soukaihara? Soukaitei? Kaitei Shuujin?)

Who is Nagi's father? (And Idate's parents?)

 Idate's elder brother Idate's parents are currently in a town full of orcas

In the picture with Satanick and the globes, do the globes represent worlds?

 Fufufu, I wonder ( ^) y・~~

Adauchi's real name?


Chlomaki's past


Why does Rock choose to be a penguin though he can become human?

 He likes being a penguin more pyonpyonpyon

Was Ivlis always an idiot, or was it only after The Gray Garden (game)?

 He's actually a very serious person but his immense stupidity and clumsiness made him like that Naaaaaaaah Poor guy

Why does Nad cry tears of blood?

 Because that's her body・・・

Where did Greif come from? Why won't she go back?


What does Grora usually do?

 Sometimes he sexually harasses Wodahsso he's already been buried

 Often chats with Yosafireand Etihwon XXX topics

What is Wodahs' best dish?

 「It's salmon ochazuke I add pickled plums」

Does Bloody Mary like alcohol?

 I wonder

What story will Botan and Snowf appear in?


Why did MadHata become monochrome?

 I decided to change his design

Did it take a long time to draw Lil's dress?

 Comparatively, not really

Can Idate get drunk? What happens then?

 He's strong to alcohol but it's possible

 Playing darts in his normal state would result in a 100% perfect score, but when drunk he's completely incapable of even hitting the board

 Becomes noisy and annoying

Yuhringo's eye colour

 Deep pure red

How does GriRea usually attack?




What kind of relationship?:

神様達と魔王達 / The 6 Gods and 6 Devils

 Uーn I won't say anything

反転と逆転と暗転 / Hanten & Gyakuten & Anten


ロク・非情式とロブコ / Roc Hijohshiki & Lobco

 Roc is a real sadist The poor shrimp lives a pitiful life

サタニックとクカルブ / Satanick & Kcalb

Kcalb quickly evades him and becomes mute

伶奈とヘラー / Reina & Heller


ルゼットモルズ / Lzet & Mors

 Mors silently bullies Lzet

鬼紅とグラッセス / Kic & Glasses

 Glasses is a shit virgin and hence feels troubled but

 They're an unrivalled best couple

クロエとキリサキ / Chloe & Killisaki

 Master and servant but he's always bullied by her

鬼紅と鬼碧と鬼黄 / Kic & Kiheki & Kiki

 Close siblings

鉄空とアルタモス / Tetsuzora & Artamos


エマルフと仇討 / Emalf & Adauchi

 Close friends

仇討とイヴリス / Adauchi & Ivlis

 On very bad terms HAHAHA

 ロウリーとグライフ / Lowrie & Grief

 Greif pushes him around so Lowrie's probably pretty irritated

オデアとツムリ / Odea & Tsumuri

Odea's always a victim of Tsumuri's violence and gets half-killed every time

He put a parasite (horsehair worm) in Odea's stomach

ベルミリオンとロザリヤファントムローズ / Ver Million & Rosaliya Phantomrose


 ウォーダーズとクカルブ / Wodahs & Kcalb


 シヅクと黒巻 / Shizk & Chlomaki

 Witch & Familiar

 フームスとサタニック / Fumus & Satanick

 How to put it Strictly speaking Their relationship is not really Bad

 エイミンとスイミン / Eimin & Suimin

 Elder brother & younger sister

夜木とエイミン / Yagi & Eimin


クレアフランケンシュタインとヴィクターフランケンシュタイン / Crea Flankenstein & Victor Flankenstein

 Father and daughter Scientist and creation

 クレアフランケンシュタインとサタニック / Crea Flankenstein & Satanick

Ojisan & little girl

Satanick happily anticipates her maturing

モルズとリフィカル / Mors & Reficul

 He has two mothers so he calls Reficul 「Devil-sama」

 モルズとシン / Mors & Shin

Close mother and son

  イコとツムリ / Ico & Tsumuri


The 6 Devils 


日丸と月光 / Hinomaru & Tsukimitsu


 ナギとイダテ / Nagi & Idate

 Idate sees Nagi as a mere child

 Nagi fervently loves Idate

 ナギとロクマ / Nagi & Rocma

Nagi sees Rocma as her enemy

 Rocma has no idea Nagi exists.

サタニックとグラッセス / Satanick & Glasses

Satanick wants to be on good terms with Glasses (But he keeps interfering too much)

Glasses' catchphrase 「Die, you fucking dad」

クロカワと黒川ナタカ / Kurokawa & Nataka Kurokawa


 リフィカルとご家族 / Reficul & Family

 On good relations

黒巻とエルヴィーネラザファム / Chlomaki & Elwine & Lasafam


シャルロッテとラザファムとエルヴィーネとエグモントとローズマリィ / Charlotte and company

 Good relations!!

 エルヴィーネと黒巻 / Elwine & Chlomaki


 サリヴァンと夜木 / Sullivan & Yagi

 Boss and favourite subordinate (who can't reject Yagi's orders)

 イダテとロクマ / Idate & Rocma

 Rocma's sick of Idate's unrequited actions

 ウォーダーズとアレラ=グロラ / Wodahs & Grora


 メットと反転 / Met & Hanten

 Demon & Minion

 しゃけさんと大海原 / Syakesan & Wadanohara

 Syakesan's unrequited love

 鮫吉と大海原 / Samekichi & Wadanohara


エダバネとジグザグ /Edabane & Zigzag

 Husband and wife

ノイルとクロカワ / Noir & Kurokawa


ラヴィンラックとエクレア / Lavinrac & Eclair

 Master & Servant

ギモネとリネット / Gimone & Rinet


ナディーネエルヴィーネ / Nadine & Elwine


メリス・ブラッドレスとキリス・ブラッドレス / Malice Bloodless & Killice Bloodless

 Split personalities

紅鶴と朱鶴 / Benizuru & Akezuru

 Split personalities

メドゥコとサタニック / Medouco & Satanick

 Good interactions (In various ways)

黒巻と大魔女 / Chlomaki & Dai Majo

 Old acquaintances・・・?

 ヴァイサーズとジャスティム / Vicers & Justim

 Cannot get along But cannot exist without each other That kind of feeling

 ヨザフレムとシャルベット / Yosaflame & Sherbet

 s u p e r  e n e m i e s

 ロクマとマフユ / Rocma & Mafuyu

 Guardian & Child

 リフィカルとルゼット /Reficul & Mors


プリムとイダテ / Purim & Idate

 No relations

シラロスとサタニック / Siralos & Satanick

 Satanick wrote Siralos a love letter, and Siralos was very happy

 After that they tried going on a date

 リリヤとロザリヤファントムローズ / Liliya & Rosaliya Phantomrose

 A certain fucking lover boy named Liliya caused Rosaliya to become hurt

 And then all his subordinates left him

 ロクマとシロガネ / Rocma & Shirogane

 Scary bear and crybaby wolf

 エルクスとリフィカル / Elux & Reficul

 Enemies Obsessed with each other

 ペラコとシロガネ / Perco & Shirogane

 Good friends

 シンとリフィカル / Shin & Reficul

 Married couple who swore eternal love

 ロストとシェル / Lost & Ciel


グロラとアルバス / Grora & Arbus

 Nothing notable

グリレアとシブナ / GriRea & Sibuna

 Sibuna is GriRea's loyal subordinate But GriRea really wishes that Sibuna wouldn't be an idiot

グリレアとビス / GriRea & Bis


グリレアとグラッセス / GriRea & Glasses

 No relations

エティーウとサタニック /Etihw & Satanick

 No relations

ブラッディ=マリーモリツグ / Bloody Mary & Moritsugu

 Witch & Familiar Moritsugu listens to even her most selfish requests

Any relations at all?:

That white-haired girl with black diamonds & Etihw & Kcalb


Kcalb & Sullivan & Kurotsuno


Lil & Rosaliya Phantomrose


Mercury & Company & Angel Reficul


Satanick & GriRea

 Satanick's one-sided affection

Sinow Utsuda & MadHata


How did they meet?:

Satanick & Heller

 Satanick and Heller's father share affinity・・・

Rocma & Mafuyu


 Wadanohara & Ver Million


Noir & Kurokawa



Is Rosaliya Ver Million's mother?

 Ver is Rosaliya's subordinate

Did Tatsumiya love Meikai?

 She respected him

Are Etihw & Grora close?


 How's Reficul and Sin's married life?

 A marriage full of unrivalled love and happiness

Are Rock and Peraco friends?


Does Glasses have a mother?

 That bitch Lil

Do Satanick and Fumus get along well?


Do the other Gods and Devils have a relation similar to Etihw and Kcalb's?

 None of them are on the same level as those two but It varies

What does Sin think about Reficul having other lovers?

 She understands perfectly that one can love multiple people

Etihw and Kcalb's age difference?


Do Alibe and Chocolaty have a owner and livestock relationship?


Do Tsuribari & company and Syakesan have a senior and surbordinate relationship?

 They're comrades of the Sea of Death

Arrangement of the 6 Devils in terms of strength?

 They have different types of abilities so I won't say anything but

 Ivlis was definitely stronger before the events of The Gray Garden

Is Satanick Glasses' father?


Poemi loves Ivlis, but what about Adauchi?

 She really loves both of them

Did Satanick and Ivlis really try to make children (´?ω?`)

 I wonder? (^^)

 Ahh but One of them was dug into

What's the name of the pink-haired girl with Sirius? Their relationship?

Sirius is a vampire

The girl's name is「Kurumi」

Something I drew for an anthology back then

Does  Idate go to Maekami's bar to get wasted?

Don't think he goes there~Maybe・・・

Does Hanten like or dislike Met? 

Met is Hanten's servant


*I feel like I got misunderstood.

(Mogeko Castle)

Did Yonaka really love Shinya?

 Please wait for the Gaiden!

    Is Mogeko Castle in Satanick's world?


(The Gray Garden)

Will other worlds appear in The Gray Garden series?*


Will other Gods and Devils appear in The Gray Garden series?*

 That world only has the two of them

Are Kcalb and Wodahs really related by blood?


Why doesn't Etihw know about Raspbel's insanity?

 She always knew

If it's hard to kill Devils, why did Kcalb die in the Normal End?

 Ivlis was really strong at that point in time

 So it was easy to break Kcalb's soul

Where're Yosafire and company's parents?


Why is there a tree with a sword in it in the Gray Garden?

 It's a reflection of something remaining in the corners of Etihw's mind

What kind of room does Etihw have?

 I didn't make it for the game but I intend to draw it, please wait

Who stays in Blancblack Castle?

 Many different people stay there And go there to play