Big thanks to Massive for putting out a proper set of patch notes:

You can view their OFFICIAL patch notes here

I hope our rough breakdown on data numbers has generated some inspiration :)

Dataminers patch notes - The Division Public Test Server

Created by /u/spydr101 (reddit) and /u/unwind (reddit) for the division discord:

Discord usernames: spydr101#5067 and Total#3514

If users experience data that does not match what we have written below, please send us a message on reddit (or discord) and let us know.  Things like skill interaction and some other items are not able to be discovered through our means of data-mining, and need to be manually tested.


These notes are based on files datamined on 2016-09-22, the PTS release date.  We do not have PTS access, but from user feedback it appears that the data we have presented here is indeed the live data used currently on the PTS.  This may not include all the changes that are present in this beta.  When we receive PTS access on Monday (9/26), we will verify any outstanding data and update this sheet as required.

If Massive has a chance to read this, please reach out to us as we can provide valuable feedback as we are the few people who have spent more time looking at the games formulas than actually playing.  We have a clear understanding of the game mechanics, and a more open conversation with dataminers can lead to better balancing of the game in the future.

For data on the current patch, the following data sheets were created for reference:

Skill Calculator - PTS Calculator is currently a WIP

The Division 1.3 Gearing Cheat Sheet

The following data are the changes to the PTS as compared to the live game.


Weapon Changes

        Weapon Scaling Changes:

        Weapon Talents:

The following weapon talents have been changed to be a flat value at all items levels:

The following talents have not been modified:

Attribute requirements for weapon talents have changed at the following levels:



        Armor mitigation

Ammo capacities have been increased for players at level 30:

        Gear Attributes:

Gear Set Updates

Gear Talents

The following gear talents have been changed to be flat at all item levels:

The following gear talents have not been modified:




Dark Zone:

World Changes:


UI Changes: