Pre-Health Virtual Shadowing Program

Welcome to the Pre-Health Virtual Shadowing Program, hosted by Dr. Raymond Fowler, Dr. Brandon Morshedi, Dr. Elaine Reno, and Dr. Gilberto Salazar! Our docs are emergency medicine physicians who currently work at Parkland Hospital and are active members of the UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty.

We created this virtual shadowing program because we realized how crucial it is to obtain shadowing hours, despite the challenges we’re currently facing. This program is free of charge and touches on many different subjects such as, the medical school application process, why one should seek a career in medicine, current events (COVID-19...), various medical specialties, real case studies, and patient examination techniques.

Each week you can obtain credit for 2 hours of experience after passing a short assessment.

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Slack Group: You must read our Community Guidelines before joining the chat.

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Please see the next few pages for Frequently Asked Questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Zoom sessions and how can I join? What about YouTube Live?

Zoom sessions are held on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm Central Standard Time. Links to the Zoom meetings will be sent via email on Wednesdays and Sundays. Due to capacity limitations on zoom, we also provide an unlisted Youtube live link  to each session. Both links are sent out in our weekly emails.

You can be added to our mailing list and receive access to weekly session links by filling out the sign up form: Here

You will automatically be notified of each session through the mailing list. You DO NOT need to sign up multiple times.

Are these Zoom meetings one-on-one sessions with medical professionals? How are the Zoom meetings structured? How long are sessions?

The sessions are not one-on-one, as 1,000+ students typically tune into our weekly meetings. Meetings are 1.5-2 hours in length and consist of a presentation conducted by a guest speaker with two Q&A panels. Presentations will go over a “day in the life”, case studies, different medical topics, etc. Students may pose questions in the chat for the presenter or other physician coordinators. Students will be muted upon entry.

We ask that all participants in the chat are respectful, professional, and keep the conversation relevant to what the providers are presenting. Please view the Zoom Chat Conduct Policy before joining our sessions.

Can I share the Zoom links with others?

Please DO NOT share our Zoom links with others. We want to ensure that everyone who joins the Zoom is a member of the program and abides by our Zoom Chat Conduct Policy.

What if I can't get into the meeting or I miss it due to a schedule conflict? Will I still get credit for the week?

 You can view a recording of our sessions on our YouTube channel

Credit can still be earned by watching the recording as long as you take the associated assessment before the deadline (Tuesdays at 6:59 PM CST).

Can this count as shadowing or healthcare experience on my application?

We recommend reaching out to the specific institutions/ programs you are applying to in order to see if they will consider them as shadowing! From what we have heard, many are willing to accept them! You can also put these sessions under the "healthcare activities/experiences" for  applications and in your CV! As this is a brand-new program, some institutions may not count these hours as legitimate "shadowing,” but you can still call it virtual shadowing hours and place it under the healthcare experience section.

Who can I put for a contact when putting this on my application?  

Contact: Dr. Raymond Fowler


Phone: 214-648-2896

Location/address: 5200 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas Texas, 75235

Company: Virtual Shadowing Program

(We are NOT affiliated with any school)

How do I document these hours on my applications?

Depending on the application, you can put Virtual Shadowing hours in a few different locations! For example, you could put it under “healthcare activities” or extracurricular activities.”  Most application services will request the total number of hours you participated in and a brief description of the activity. Take a look back at the certificates you downloaded from Questbase and count the total number of sessions. Each session counts for 2 hours! So, if you attended and passed an assessment for 4 sessions, you would have 8 hours of shadowing from our program! Please note that, our program ONLY provides shadowing hours and not volunteer hours. For the brief description, you can write something along the lines of…” I participated in an online virtual shadowing program that allowed me to take a look into the “day in the life” of various medical providers from different specialties. In the sessions, we were able to ask questions and follow along with case studies to learn a bit more about the specific field.” Make it your own and add in some things that you learned to make it personal!

To keep track of your hours, we recommend you have a separate folder with all the certificates. If you need extra help, a wonderful student made a Google Sheet in our shared Google Drive you can  download to keep track of your overall hours and which sessions you attended.

What are assessments like?

Assessments consist of 10 multiple choice questions based on the topics that are discussed during the session. They are not timed. The assessment will serve as documentation that you  attended the session. With a score of 70% or greater you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

How do I access the assessment? What is the passing score? When are they due?

To access the assessment, students should go to and fill out the pin (with dashes) and password that was provided during the session. The QR code to the assessment will be shown at the end of the Zoom session, after the last Q & A. The link to the assessment will also be posted on our website, Instagram (on the Quiz highlight), and sent out in the weekly emails. 70% and above will earn you a certificate every week. Assessments will be due on TUESDAYS AT 6:59 PM CST (right before the next session). You will ONLY get credit for that week’s 2 hours of shadowing if you do the assessment.

How do I get my certificate every week? How do I document my hours?

Certificates are only awarded once the weekly assessment has been passed. Once you have passed  your exam, the results page will provide you a link to your certificate. Please download this certificate IMMEDIATELY and keep it for your records, it WILL NOT be emailed to you. You WILL NOT be able to obtain your certificate after navigating from the quiz. If you are having an issue accessing the assessment, please email us ASAP. We cannot do anything once the assessment closes.

Certificates are for you to keep track of your hours in the program when applying to schools!

Each certificate you download indicates you did 2 hours of “shadowing” with us. Should programs want to verify your hours in our program, we have records to do so in addition to downloaded certificates by the student. If you need help keeping track of your hours in addition to the certificates, one of our students made a lovely Google sheet you can download to help you record what you learned/ who you shadowed. That sheet is found in our shared Google Drive.

Is there a minimum number of sessions I need to attend to get a certificate?

Nope! Certificates are given after each assessment you complete. There is no overall certificate of credit or milestone credit certificate in our program.

Can I watch the old shadowing sessions on YouTube and earn shadowing hours?

Unfortunately, we will only verify hours for sessions you have completed and passed an assessment for.  Assessments (quizzes) are only available up to a week after the live session date. After that timeframe, we are unable to administer the assessment. You are welcome to watch our old shadowing sessions and include what you have learned in any application essays or interviews! We believe all of our sessions have great content to learn from.

Can I make up an assessment and receive certificates from previous sessions if I join the program late or miss the deadline to complete it?

Assessments are only available during the week that the session is held and there are no make ups. Assessments are optional and there are no penalties for not taking them, as some students chose to just listen to our providers. If you would like shadowing credit, you must complete and pass the assessment.  

Are you associated with any medical school/program? Will there be a signature on the certificates?

Our program is not affiliated with any school. Due to this, no signature will be provided upon the certificates.

What is the best way to contact your team for questions?

Email or Instagram! Our Instagram is @virtualshadowing and our Email is 

How long will this program last? 

This program is going to be long term as long as there is interest. We’ve planned out sessions until June 2021.

Can I talk and connect with other pre-meds in the program?

Yes! We have a Slack if you want to connect with others; however, you MUST read the community guidelines before joining. 

If you are having difficulty joining the Slack, please email us at 

How can I contribute?

If you know anyone who is in the medical field (ie. in OB/GYN, Sports Medicine, etc.) that would like to talk to pre-health candidates about their field, have them email us!

We also have a GoFundMe Page to help manage the costs that have arisen from the immense growth of the program. The funds will be used to maintain the Zoom, our email server, and the website.

I just signed up and can’t find the Virtual Shadowing emails in my inbox?

New students will be emailed within 48 hours of signing up. Weekly emails for members are sent out on Wednesdays and Sundays. Both emails will include the Zoom/ Youtube live link for the session that week. Wednesday's email will include assessment information.

Please check your spam/junk folder or the Promotions tab on Gmail for emails from us. We also recommend you DIRECTLY search for “Virtual Shadowing” or “Session # ___ ” in your email search bar.

If you cannot find our email, feel free to contact us:

Is there a way for me to develop a relationship with the MDs/DOs/PAs in the program? Could I get a letter of recommendation from them?

Since there are thousands of students in our program, it is impossible for our providers to develop a relationship with each student.

We will NOT write letters of recommendations for anyone in the program. We recommend you ask a teacher, mentor, club advisor, or volunteer coordinator who you have a strong relationship with to write a letter on your behalf.

Can we see any dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary related shadowing in Virtual Shadowing?

At the moment, we do not have plans to involve dentists, pharmacists, or veterinarians in our program.

Can we shadow PAs? Are PAs going to be involved in the sessions?

We are actively seeking PAs to be involved in our program! If you know any PAs that could help our program and be a guest speaker, please have them email

Are there any in-person shadowing opportunities available?

Due to COVID-19, not at the moment.

Does this program cost any money? Can high school or international students join?

Nope, this program is completely free! And yes, high school and international students can definitely join!