Improve your eCommerce Website Performance with 03 actionable marketing automation tactics

Marketing automation, if done correctly, can be a great tool for eCommerce stores to efficiently and effectively acquire and nurture customers. With the big steps of big data and machine learning, it is never easier than before to give your customers an outstanding personalized experience, drive their actions, make them buy your products and win the long-term engagement with them.

In fact, businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience as high as a 451% increase in qualified leads. In turn, nurtured prospects make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured ones.

This article will detail the main tactics enabled by marketing automation for an effective lead management and prospect nurturing strategy for eCommerce stores.

#1. Automate email marketing to nurture your leads through the entire buying process

Email marketing - the oldest form of digital marketing, is also the biggest area of marketing automation. When combined with the advanced segmentation feature, email marketing can deliver highly-targeted, personalized messages to your customers at the best moment to get results.

Here are 4 most important automated email campaigns that you can kickstart your company’s customer nurturing flows immediately.

Welcome email

According to
Entrepreneur, welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than promotional emails with an 86% lift in the unique open rate, a  196% lift in the unique click rate and a 336% lift in transaction rate.

Welcome email is the first step - the digital handshake to form the relationships between you and your customers.


Tool: Happy Email

Some tips for crafting a strong welcome email campaign:

Make sure that your email is timely, actionable and engaging so that you can get the best out of the welcome emails sent out.

Cart abandonment email series

Cart abandonment rate represents the lost opportunity of eCommerce stores, which also mean another chance of sales. 70% of customers are abandoning their shopping cart without actually making a purchase and 63% of that is actually recoverable. They added something to cart meaning that they confirmed their interest in the products. Cart abandonment email is the most popular tactic to remind your customers what they’ve left behind and guide them back to your store to complete the purchase.

Cart Abandonmant.png

Tool: MailBot

You should be sensitive about the timing and frequency of these emails. Automated abandonment emails are the best solution because you can trigger them by customer's action and schedule the follow-up emails accordingly.

Some important things to take note:

Sales nurturing email series:

This kind of email helps you win customer engagement and the relevance plays a significant role in the succeed of the campaign. Thanks to customer segmentation, which might be the best feature of automation marketing tools, you can easily divide into groups of individuals which have similarity in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as loyal customers/ new customers/ customers who bought a specific product …


Tool: MailBot

Below are some campaigns you can consider:

#2. Automate Social Media Presence Without Killing Engagement

Social media is one of the best marketplaces for your business, an essential part for business owners to stay connected with customers, influencers, reach new leads and develop brand loyalty.

Rich and varied social media content ideas are a necessity, however, it can be extremely time-consuming. In order to reduce your working time and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, check out the social media automation strategy below:


With these tools, you can schedule your social media posts to multiple channels at the best times of day for maximum engagement.

However, remember to strike the right balance between automation and engagement. Do not just simply share links without context. Add personality, add your thoughts and comment to your automated posts and manually handle the interactions with your followers.


No customers want to have a conversation or to interact with a bot. The involvement of human in social media is still essential for all businesses to remain relevant. Keep this in mind so you can reap tremendous results with social media marketing.

#3. Dynamically personalize product recommendations to boost up average order value.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” - Steve Jobs’ immortal words.

Product recommendation is another great aspect of marketing automation when combined with big data and machine learning. Big names like Amazon or Netflix are the live evidences of this tactic:

Nowadays, most automated product recommendation tools understand a visitor’s preferences based on a their past behavior and preferences of similar customers. With the recommendation algorithms, these tools can generate highly relevant recommendations to help the customers discover the products that might match their interest.

There are plenty of places to display recommendations on your eCommerce websites, for example:

Personalized Recommendation - Personalized Recommendation 2017-06-15 03-57-09.png

Tool: Personalized Recommendation


Tool: Boost Sales

Personalized recommendation generated by marketing automation tools is a great way to do show customers items they will like, but are unlikely to discover by themselves. They improve a visitor’s experience by offering relevant items at just the right time. And indeed, statistics shows that 86% of consumers indicate their purchasing decisions are influenced significantly by personalization.

Customer will be more enjoyable while doing shopping on your site due to the personalized experience. For you – the store owners, it triggers sales, boosts up average order value and helps win customer loyalty. Personalization helps you stand out today and this is how you stay close to your prospects and customers and turn them into frequent buyers.


Use automation marketing tools responsibly, do not just set and forget. Those tools are made for you to efficiently execute your campaigns, your strategy with less effort. Remember that content is still the most important part of any marketing plan and no tool can automatically generate this better than marketers, who have the real human empathy with customers. The key point to achieve effective marketing automation is to create content that doesn’t sound automated, make your messages as natural and mindful as possible. By doing this, you are completely able to drive sales at scale with marketing automation.