MunchTime Term of Service

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        Refund Policy

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  1. MunchTime.CA (“The Website”) is a service provided by the legal entity, Delsys Logistics Inc. which it’s officially registered address with the Corporation Canada is 13 - 84 Marshall Street, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2J 2T4.

  1. We provide a method of Delivery and/or pickup services between the end user (“the customer”) and our businesses (“the merchant”) through the website.

  1. By accessing the Website, The User (“the customer”) automatically agrees to our Term and Service, and must comply with all of its clauses. The usage of the Website must be stop immediately if the customer does not agree to any one clause of the Term of Service.

  1. The customer who places order on the website must be of legal contract age of 18 years and older.


  1. Any Orders, Voucher Codes, or payment methods can be cancelled at anytime for any reason under the sole discretion of The Website.

  1. The order will not be processed and / or refused , if there is any discrepancy, including but not limited to: missing/incorrect delivery address, phone number, menu items, invalid payment method or incorrect order information.
  1. The order will resume processing, once the customer is reached by our customer service representative and the incorrect information are corrected
  2. Once the order is processed and finalized:
  1. No refund will be provided if the order is cancelled
  2. No modification will be allowed
  1. The order may be refused on delivery if insufficient method of payment has not been agreed upon between MunchTime.CA and the customer.
  2. The order is considered finalized when:
  1. All the correct information are entered from MunchTime.CA, and the placed order button has been clicked, and/or the confirmation page has been displayed.


  1. The customer service representative has contacted the customer and corrected the incorrect information on the order

  1. All customers are responsible for providing all valid informations including but not limited to : addresses, phone number, payment type, and/or e-mail addresses. Customer must be available to be contacted for the order they have placed, once it is received by Munchtime.CA
  1. No refund will be given if the customer is unreachable through the provided telephone number or e-mail address
  2. Customer are responsible for staying at the provided addresses when the order is placed
  1. A redirection fee of no less than $2.99 will be charged if the addresses of the delivery is changed after the order has been processed
  1. Customer are responsible for being available to be contacted by the phone number provided until the order has been completely delivered to the provided addresses

  1. Expired voucher code cannot be used and cannot be redeem for a new replacement

  1. Payment methods includes Cash on delivery, Online Credit or Debit Card payment, and Email Transfer
  1. Cash on Delivery, must be given to the driver upon receiving the orders by the customer
  1. All orders must be paid not less than the total amount from the order receipt.
  1. Online Payment must be completed for the processing of the orders
  2. Email Transfer must be sent prior to the processing of the orders

  1. All orders through MunchTime.CA are guaranteed to be delivered within a certain time frame as settled by the restaurant on the website.

  1. If there is any time discrepancy between the placement time and the delivery time  of the order, a proper compensation may be given under the sole discretion of the website

  1. In order to claim any compensation, the Website must be contacted through our “Contact Us” section.

  1. Drivers may refuse the delivery of the orders until proper payment method is agreed upon between MunchTime.CA and the customer.

  1. When paying with online payment, the customer automatically agrees to all our third party online payment partners user agreement and term of services.

  1. When paying with Debit/Credit Machine at the door, a $1 processing fee will be applied to all orders.
  2. Payment online will all be charged a $1 processing fee.


  1. All Merchants are distinguished between two different status, the paying members of the restaurants (“ The Members”), and the non paying members of restaurants (“ Non Member”)
  1. The Members
  1. The Members are charged on either a commision base, or monthly fee
  2. The Members’ menu will be kept up to date as required by the Merchant and no extra service charge will be charged on top the menu price
  1. Non Members
  1. Non Members’ will have a service upcharge fee(10%+) included within the Taxes & Fees, this upcharge rate are under the sole discretion of MunchTime.CA, and will be marked with an asterisk on the Name of the restaurant on The Website.
  2. MunchTime.CA are solely responsible for the delivery of the food of Non-Member restaurants, and will not be held responsible for the quality of the food items delivered.
  1. All Members
  1. The commision or upcharge fees per restaurants, are required in order to maintain the payments for our couriers, dispatchers and customer service reps.
  2. A 5.65% administration fee will be charged on all orders, it is used for maintaining the payment processing fees, system and server maintenance, and other tech related expenses.

Refund Policy

  1. If an order was delivered over 1 hour, the delivery fee would be refunded through loyalty points.
  2. If an order was delivered over 1.5 hour, the total amount of order would be refunded through loyalty poitns
  3. The customer must contact MunchTime.CA Customer service directly, for the coupon code, this must be done within 24 hour of the delivery of the items. It is upto our sole discretion for refund if MunchTime.CA was contacted passed the 24 hour period.

Privacy Policy

  1. By registering an account with MunchTime.CA, you agree to allow us to send promotional information to your registered E-Mail address, to use it during the ordering process, to contact for any circumstances that may arise before, during and after visiting The Website.

  1. All information entered on MunchTime.CA may be used for other purposes including but not limited to: Advertising, Promoting, Contacting, Surveying, Recruiting and General Data collection for Record keeping purpose.


  1. All the mentioned clauses within this Term of Service are subject to change without notice. The most recent version will be kept up to date within the company, and it may differ to the published version on The Website until it is updated on The Website.