• Hampton Booster Club


Article I:  General

1.1        This organization for the purpose set forth in its Articles of Incorporation shall be known

as the Hampton Booster Club, Inc. hereafter referred to as the Booster Club.

1.2        The Booster Club is established to promote and support the students, staff, and activities

of the Hampton Public School .  This organization is organized exclusively for educational support purposes under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Article II:  Membership

2.1        Membership in the Booster Club shall be open to anyone without regard to race, creed,

sex, national origin, or political persuasion.

2.2        Membership is granted to anyone and they will not be charged annual dues to hold


Article III:  Elected Officials & School Representative

3.1         The following officers shall be elected by the membership of the Booster Club for a

period of two consecutive years, and shall be known as the Board of Directors (hereby

referred to as The Board.)





Promotional Representative

School District Representative (non-elected official)

3.2         The majority of those present and voting at a Booster Club meeting shall be required to

take action to elect the officers.

3.3        There shall be elected a President who shall run the daily operation of the Booster Club.  

The President shall serve as the Chairman of the Board, as well as, the presiding officer

at all general membership meetings.  The President shall, with the advice and consent of The Board appoint such committees and committee chairs as may be necessary to carry on the functions of the Booster Club.  The President or his/her designee shall be the official spokesperson for all outside agency contact with the Booster Club including but not limited to the Hampton Booster Club members, the media and any other outside agency that may do business with the Booster Club.

3.4        There shall be elected a Vice-President who shall assist the President in the operation of

the Booster Club, and in the absence of the President shall assume all of the duties of

the President as outlined in Section 3.3 of the by-laws.

3.5         There shall be a Treasurer who shall be the keeper of all monies, and shall be

responsible for all the monies collected and spent by the Booster Club, as well as, all reports and filings required with reference to those monies.  The Treasurer shall report to the Board and the General Membership at such meetings as may occur the financial standing of the Booster Club.  Such reports shall be available to the President before each General Membership meeting as needed.  The ledgers of the Treasurer shall be open for the review of the Board at any time.

3.6        The Secretary is responsible for the recording and safekeeping of all Booster Club

minutes, and meeting notes.  The secretary shall work with the Board to present meeting

agendas to the General Membership prior to those meetings.

3.7        The Promotional Representative is responsible for the general notification of Booster

Club meetings, promotion of all Booster Club events & fundraisers, as well as, school

happenings  This may include but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

3.8        Any Board member who misses three consecutive meetings, without due cause, can be

recommended for removal from the Board by of the General Membership.

3.9        A School Representative will be designated by the Hampton Public School.  The School

District Representative is not an elected position.  This position shall be filled by a member of the administration and may include the superintendent, principal, or other staff member designated by the school district.  The District Representative will serve as the liaison between the Hampton Booster Club and the Hampton Public School.  

Article IV:  Meetings

4.1        The Booster Club shall conduct general membership meetings, as they may be required

to conduct the business of the Booster Club.  The Booster Club shall hold no less than

six (6) general membership meetings per year.  There shall be a general membership meeting to elect new officers during the September meeting based upon an elected official(s) expiration of term.

4.2        The Booster Club may call special meetings at the discretion of the Board.

4.3        Notice of all meetings of the General Membership shall be provided to each member by

means of the school newsletters, Facebook, etc.  General members can give their e-mail

address to the Board to be notified of meetings and to be sent an agenda.

Article V:  Finances

5.1          The funds collected or accumulated by the Booster Club may only be spent to promote

the purpose of the Booster Club as stated in these by-laws, all other expenditures must be approved by the Board prior to encumbrance.

5.2        The funds of the Booster Club shall be deposited into an FDIC or FSLIC insured bank or

trust company and checks drawn against such funds must be signed by the Treasurer or by another Board member with approval of The Board and Treasurer.  At least two Board members will be listed on those accounts including the Treasurer and the President.

Article VI:  Nominations & Elections

6.1         Election of new officers will be held every year in September.  The President

and the Secretary shall be elected on even years and the Vice President, Treasurer, and Promotional Representative shall be elected on odd years.

6.2        Any person serving on the Board of Directors shall be permitted to run for re-election.

6.3        A ballot of all nominees shall be presented at the August general membership meeting of

election years.  Any member may make nominations from the floor at the August general membership meeting.  At this point the nominations are deemed closed and no nominations will be entertained on the night of the elections unless there is a vacancy for a position.  Write in candidates will be accepted.

6.4         Any person serving on the Board shall be permitted to run for re-election.  

6.5        The Board shall make such arrangements to insure that every eligible member present

has a ballot, and that all ballots are secured and counted by the Board only.  Voting shall be by secret ballot only.  

6.6        All ballots will be secured and safeguarded by the Board for a period of not less than 30

days, for examination by any member of the Booster Club.

6.7        The nominee receiving the highest number of votes cast for each elected office shall be

elected to the designated office.

6.8        All newly elected officers shall take office immediately following the September election


Article VII:  Vacancies & Offices

7.1        Any member of The Board wishing to resign his or her elected/appointed position shall

address The Board.

7.2        A vacancy in the office of the President shall immediately be filled for the unexpired term

by the Vice-President.

7.3        Should the Treasurer desire to resign, all financial records will be surrendered

with the resignation is submitted.  The Treasurer’s resignation will not be accepted until such time as this financial records have been examined and found to be correct.

7.4        If a vacancy shall occur, The Board has the following options:  1)  Remain a sound board

without re-election on the vacant office.  2)  Use regular nomination regulations as stated in Article 6.3 to fill the open vacancy.  Such determination shall be made by the majority of The Board.

7.5        Board members who resign without a due cause cannot again be elected for a minimum

of 2 years without an override vote of The Board.

Article VIII:  Committees & Subcommittees

8.1        Membership on all committees will be open to the general membership.  Committees

shall remain for one (1) year or until such time the committee has completed their project(s) or the Board removes a committee or the committee is disbanded.

8.2        Sub-committees will be formed as needs arise.

Article VIIII:  Profits

9.1          The club is organized for not-for-profit and no part of the earning shall inure to the benefit

of any member.

9.2         Any profits derived from the operation of the club are to be used for the promotion of the

objectives or may be donated.

9.3        No member shall have an ownership interest in all of the assets of the corporation and

under no circumstances shall a member be entitled to a distributive share of the assets

of the corporation upon dissolution of the corporation.

9.4        No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any officer,

director or member of the corporation the assets hereof shall, after all of its liabilities and

obligations have been discharged or adequate provision made thereof, be distributed to any association or associations organized for purposes similar to those set forth in the by-laws of the corporation.

Article X:  Amendment

10.1         The by-laws may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by a two-thirds

(⅔) majority vote of the membership in attendance at any regular meeting where such actions have been announced in the call and notice of such meetings.

Article XI:  Dissolution

11.1        The club may be dissolved at any time with the written consent of not less than

three-quarters (¾) of its members present.

Article XII:  Code of Conduct

12.1        All members and officers will be subject to the rules, regulations, and guidelines as

presented in these by-laws.

12.2        In order to maintain membership all property of the Booster Club must be returned and

surrendered to the President or his/her designee upon request.  Any member not in

compliance shall be summarily dismissed.

12.3         The Board is empowered to take appropriate action to censure, suspend, or expel any

member who while engaged in Booster Club activities exceeds the bounds or propriety, or who in any way causes embarrassment to the Booster Club.

12.4         Disciplinary action may be brought to the Board for discussion and/or approval.  Action

will be taken upon a majority vote of Board Members.

Article XIII:  Grant Requests

13.1        A written request must be submitted to the Booster Club utilizing the approved grant

request form.

13.2        All grant requests must directly correlate with the Booster Club mission statement.  

13.3        All grant requests made on behalf of the Hampton Public School must be approved for

submission by the administration prior to submitting them to the Booster Club for


13.3        Grant requests may not be submitted for an individual.

13.4        All grants requests accepted by the Booster Club must be approved by the Board prior

to any purchase(s).  Grant request for items that have already been purchased will not

be accepted.

13.5        Grant requests must be submitted at a regularly scheduled Booster Club meeting.

Applicants will then be given the opportunity to present the grant request to the Booster Club.  Failure to be present may result in tabling the decision to accept the grant until the next booster club meeting in order for the applicant to answer questions.  Grant requests accepted for consideration will be documented in the agenda & minutes for the meeting in which it is accepted.  Upon acceptance the grant will be submitted to the Board for approval.         

13.5        All grant requests must be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors.

13.6        All grant requests approved by the Board will be for a specific amount based

upon the bids received for the purchase(s) outlined in the grant request.

13.7        Applicants will be notified in writing of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the grant.

For grants accepted, the specified amount of the grant will be included.  

13.8        Receipts for any purchase(s) made after the approval of the grant must be submitted to

the Treasurer prior to any disbursement of funds unless otherwise specified by the


Article XIV:  Tax Exemption Number (501c3)

14.1        The use of the Hampton Booster Club 501c3 number may only be used for funds to promote

and support the students, staff, and activities of the Hampton Public School.

14.2        Use of the 501c3 number for Booster Club purposes must be approved by a majority of the

Board of Directors at a regular booster club meeting.

Article XV:  Standing Obligations

15.1        As outlined in the standing obligations document

15.2        Any additions or deletions from the current standing obligation documents needs to be reviewed

and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors at a regular booster club meeting.