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September 8, 2017

Approval Process for 

Event Sponsorships

*Any event recommended for approval by DOC must support the mission and vision of MassCUE and be open to all.


1. Notification of the Masscue Sponsorships will be sent out in April for the following fiscal year(July to July)

2. The request will be made to the Chairs of the DOC Committee(Online Application) by May 15th. We will accept rolling applications after May 15th but are limited to our budgeted amount.

3. The person making the request for Sponsorship of their event must be a MassCUE Member

4. The written request should address the criteria below.

5. The request will be presented to the DOC Committee Members for discussion.

6. A rubric will be used to score each application and the final decision will be determined by DOC Committee.

7. In the case that there are more eligible proposals than we can sponsor, preference will be given to those who we have never sponsored as long as they meet the criteria.

8. DOC Committee members will notify applicants after June 15th who receive Sponsorship by July 1st.

9. Any rolling application will be notified within 30 days of the date of submission.

The Event should align with at least one of our Goals:

Goal 1: To educate, connect and inspire the educational community across Massachusetts​

Goal 2: To increase and diversify programs and services​

Goal 3: To improve mutually beneficial partnerships​

Goal 4: To improve operations and governance of MassCUE

In order for MassCue to Sponsor an Event the following criteria will be reviewed:

The event to be sponsored:

During the event the member facilitating the event will acknowledge the sponsorship from MassCUE.

Within thirty days after the event, the member facilitating the event will write and submit an article, including 3 photos, about the event for MassCUE’s online newsletter OnCUE.  The article should be submitted via email to:

Board Members eligibility

*If a Board member is part of the planning group for an event, there should be no penalty against the group of educators and the proposal for sponsorship must be allowed. Board members who apply for this sponsorship, may not participate in scoring of applications.