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To the church family   (11/6/16)

Please include in your prayers the new as well as the continuing prayers below for healing, recovery and special requests. These are people who have specifically requested your prayers and/or for whom the congregation has committed to pray:


That Casmir’s great grandson, Apollo, is now in custody of his aunt, our granddaughter Dawn!!!

That Cliff is home from the hospital

That Paul Gunn passed his polygraph evaluation for a job with the county sheriff.  Continue praying that he pass the rest of the tests.


For our church family/small groups/teachers/college students/youth program/financial challenges for our church – blessings, protection, growth, strength and courage to evangelize and for each one of us to grow in spirit.

For the Haynies and Kleins for strength and protection in ministry

For a critical year for Vintage campus ministry, for tactics to build a new student core and for the ministry to continue even if no funds will be available next year.

For our country during our election process

Fred and Mina – Complete Recovery

Sarah’s girls – to take God into their hearts

Ruth -- Healing

Mark’s mother’s neighbor, Pat and family – dealing with a diagnoses of alzheimers  

Those taking care of Terry’s mother in November

Anne Frashier – donor for Vintage who had a stroke last week

Kathy Riall’s son-in-law, Andrew --  cancer

Karen’s friend, Brian Levine – deep depression and homeless

Wade and May Families – to find homes

Alan St. Germain – hand surgery in MO Nov 21

Travel:   Rene/grandson to Baltimore; Patty; visitors safe returns


Healthy pregnancy  -- St.Germain’s daughter – (due Dec 5); Aly Hunke (due May 6)

Fabian Roybol, Grace Vohs, and Collin Pratt – protection starting a new life as Christians

Fred – Recovery and relief from emphysema/loss of feeling in his legs

Paul, Casmir’s great grandson – unexplained loss of feeling in legs/out of work now

Karen’s friends -- Jeannie, brain tumor; Bob and Bill Parish and Kathy – cancer

Mark Haynie – continued recovery/making good decisions

Cliff  -- to know God and take the lead in their family and take part in the church/recovery and treatment for acute renal failure and a cyst on his pancreas  

Stallings – strength in caring for Deb’s father now living with them/for his health

Pat (Terry’s mom now in hospice care) in CA – encouragement and health and comfort

Kei-Amber – healing

Bud/ Tara and family – spiritual protection for their family and those they work with in their ministry in NM

Moses Nelson and Will’s brother  – protection in armed services

Laatz’s family Noelle – new job at Pro Life Center & to bring more clients/ depression and stress/Nate – pain relief/Dad and brother, David to accept Jesus

Doug –repentance and building faith while in prison in Buckeye

Jim Young and Don Toth -- friends of Brian V –cancer