Q. Can I play in two different leagues and multiple sports?

A: Yes, you can play in multiple different sports. However, you cannot play for two different teams within the same league. 

Q. If I am signing up two different players for one league, can I do that all at once?

A: No. You will have to register each player individually. 

Q. Can I sign up with a friend?

A: Yes. There are two ways to sign up with a friend. If you are signing up with a team, you will be given a Player Registration Code from your team captain. Use this code when you register with Join A Team to play with your teammates. If you are registering as a Free Agent, you are not associated with a team, however when you register, you have the option to request that you play with a specific person. HCI cannot guarantee that we can meet every request, however we will try our best to do so. 

Q. What does a Free Agent mean?

A: A Free Agent is someone who is signing up as an individual without any affiliation with a team. If you sign up as a Free Agent, Hill Country Indoor will do its very best to add you to a roster, however HCI cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up as a Free Agent will be placed on a team.  

Q. How do I join an already existing team?

A: The Team Captain, or Team Contact, will receive a Player Registration Code sent in a confirmation attachment in an email after the team has successfully been registered. Enter the Player Registration Code after you click Join A Team, then verify that you are registering for the correct team - the Team’s name and contact will display after the Code is entered. Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation email with a note attached that will display the team’s name. 

Q. Is there post-season/playoff play?

A: Yes, in almost all of our leagues there will be a playoff of some sort. The format of the playoff may differ from league to league, however. 

Q. How many games will be guaranteed?

A: Our leagues run 8 weeks at a time, which gives each team the opportunity to pay up to 8 games. The amount of games a team will play is contingent on how many teams sign up and whether teams advance in playoffs. 

Q. Will there be practices?

A: There will be practices held either during the week or before the game. Most of our leagues will run practices for 30 minutes prior to playing a game so athletes can implement the new skills they have learned immediately. 

Q. Do private members get a discount?

A: Private members will receive a discounts between 10%-20% depending on the league and program. Discounts apply to all sports programs with the exception of Elite Select Teams

Q. Who is my coach?

A: Your coach has been hand selected and vetted for their position. We do not take this responsibility lightly. HCI wants to provide the community with quality instruction from trusted sources. Parents can finally focus on just enjoying the game!

Q. How do I join HCI if I am not a private member yet?

A: If you are not a private member but would like to become one, you can join by contacting our Membership Advisors and they will help you find the perfect option!

Q. What happens if I miss the online registration deadline?

A: If you miss online registration, you can still register in-house if roster sports are still available. A late fee may be applied.  

Q. What are the different adult league divisions?

A: Our adult league divisions will vary based on skill level – Pro, Rec, Advanced, etc – and age. 

Q. Will uniforms be included?

A: Youth Leagues will be provided jerseys or a uniform package when they sign up to play. Indicate what size uniform you will need when you register.  

Adult league participants will receive a T-shirt when they sign up. 

Q. Is there individualized training available?

A: Yes! Many of our coaches are available for sport-specific private instruction by the hour. Additionally, our Performance Department provides a wide variety of Athletic Performance Training options including complete athletic development and academy programs.

Q. Why HCI sports?

A: Our facility is postured as a new and unique commodity for the community. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality standard across the board. Coaches and referees are selected based on experience. Fields and courts have been designed with care and attention to detail. Equipment is maintained for safety and performance. Once you step through our doors, you’ll understand!