Ukrainian charities: a guide for international supporters

Ukrainian civil society primarily counters Russian aggression via donation to charities, some of which support the Ukrainian Army directly, and some of which provide help in other areas of civil society. If you, as a non-Ukrainian, wish to help us defend the borders of Europe, your help is always appreciated!

The charities listed below are divided into three categories: those which support field medics and combat medicine, those which support the army with supplies, including weapons, and all-purpose charities/charities where helping the army is only one area. If you are against supporting any army on principle, please consider donating to the last category.

NOTE: unfortunately, the non-military charities are also the charities mostly targeted at Ukrainian society locally rather than the Diaspora and therefore usually have no international payment details. I will be asking them for international payment details and update this document accordingly. Two present exceptions are the last charities on the list, EverybodyCan and OpenEyes, so if you want to help non-military charities - skip there.

Latest update goes on top now.

Update 7: There are now fake donation pages trying to skim off the funds of the biggest charity. THESE ARE THE ONLY REAL PAGES: and

Update 6: List at the end of this document has been updated with medications required by civilians in ANY quantities. Go to your local pharmacy, buy them, send them to Pol-Cel.

Update 5: There is now a warehouse where you can send packages at the Polish border.

Address: Pol-Cel

Rampa Brzeska 63, 22-100 Chełm, Poland

PL +48 82 565 01 55

Details at:

Update 4: The present problem for Ukrainian charities isn’t money - although financial contributions are being put to good use, so if you have no time or other resources, please continue to donate!
The much bigger problem is that the most urgent supplies needed in Ukraine have already been distributed and can no longer be bought in Ukraine. This is first and foremost first aid supplies such as military-grade tourniquets, decompression needles and first aid packs (LIST IN ENGLISH CAN BE FOUND AT END OF DOCUMENT). Also needed is actual medication - will try to get a list translated asap.
If you want to help substantially, here is how you do it.

  1. Buy medical supplies/find the people who collect money to buy medical supplies in bulk.
  2. Find your local Ukrainian support groups - the Diaspora has mobilized, there are aid groups in nearly all major cities globally.
  3. Add your contribution to their shipment.

Thank you for your support! We stand against totalitarianism together.

Update: Adding proxy charities as a category - large-scale UN relief programs that work with Ukrainian charities.

Update 2: The Ukrainian National Bank now has an official account to help the army.

Update 3: As I am doing my own collecting for materiel, I can’t update this list in real time. However, three other lists are being passed around where I know most of the charitable foundations:

1)  - legit charities all. Best of all, many civilian charities.

2) - smaller but legit list, easier to repost.

3) - another good list.

When in doubt, send to charities which repeat on multiple lists.

If you can’t send to charities, pressure your government to close the Ukrainian sky. This is the single biggest thing non-Ukrainian militaries can do to help. We will handle things on the ground.

Some answers to recent questions:

  1. Are all accounts with Paypal fake?
  1. Not necessarily. In some cases, Diaspora volunteers receive stuff via Paypal and pass it on. But these should be vetted more closely. Things change too quickly to monitor in real time.
  1. Can we get more details on the Ukrainian National Bank accounts?
  1. I’ve copied the stuff on our national website exactly. This is so you can double-check against them, but if their numbers don’t work, there’s not much I can do:

                UPDATE: I’ve had reports that things might not sometimes go through on the first attempt (Bank of London specifically). The account details are correct, but there seems to be an anti-fraud system in place flagging unusual transactions. Some banks it lets through; others it doesn’t. Please, contact your bank!

Ukrainian National Bank - Official Account For Army Support

Official payment details: UA843000010000000047330992708

In hrn:

Банк: Національний банк України

МФО 300001

Рахунок № UA843000010000000047330992708

код ЄДРПОУ 00032106

Отримувач: Національний банк України





Account: 400807238

383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179, USA

Account: UA843000010000000047330992708



Bank of England, London


Account: 40000982

Threadneedle Street, London  EC2R 8AH, UK

Account: UA843000010000000047330992708





Account: 5040040066

IBAN DE05504000005040040066

Wilhelm-Epsteinn-Strabe  14, 60431   Frankfurt Am Main,Germany

Account: UA843000010000000047330992708

Field medics/Combat medicine charities

The Hospitaliers


Purpose: volunteer field medics battalion, training, supplies

Open financial records: no, but regular photo updates. Probably the most popular charity for direct help to combat medics, well-known and trustworthy.

Payment details in English: yes

The Volunteer Hundred


Purpose: rehab of soldiers in hospitals, help to those returning to war

Open financial records: no, but regular individual reports by members on their own pages. Long-standing group, trustworthy.

Payment details in English: none, please write to their Facebook account for current details

Iryna Guk and Oleksiy Sikharulidze


Purpose: private individuals providing medical materiel, well-known and trustworthy.

Open financial records: no, but regular reports.

Payment details in English: yes - as these are private individuals, one can use a service such as TransferWise for private transactions to the following cards:
Oleksiy Sikharulidze, 5457082237766501 (NOTE: presently blocked due to too many contributions! Good indication of them working well XD)

Oleksiy Sikharulidze, 4731185611071785

Army materiel support


Purpose: provide the army with necessary materiel, large-scale

Open financial records: yes

Payment details in English: yes

Army SOS


Purpose: Materiel support, primarily tech (radios, drones, datapads, whatnot)

Open financial records: yes, in Ukrainian

Payment details in English: yes

Diana Makarova’s FOND


Purpose: small-scale army materiel support, covering what is needed right now but is difficult for larger charities to handle. Based in Central Ukraine.

Open financial reports: not to the best of my knowledge, but regular updates to activities on Facebook. Have been active since 2014, trustworthy

Payment details in English: yes

Roman Donik’s Volunteer Group


Purpose: small-scale materiel support, another long-standing small volunteer group. Based in Eastern Ukraine.

Open financial records: not to the best of my knowledge, but regular updates to activities on their websites. Have been active since very early in the war, trustworthy

Payment details in English: yes, partially. First SWIFT account is dollars, second is Euro.

Charities not linked/partially linked to the war effort

Humanitarian mission “Proliska”


Purpose: evacuation and support of civilians from war zone, especially of people in government institutions e.g. orphanages, hospitals, housing for internally-displaced refugees

Open financial records: no, but regular reports on Facebook page/website, well-known and trustworthy

Payment details in English: not presently, write for international transfer details

Ukrainian Women’s Guard


Purpose: Preparing women for extreme situations, especially under conditions of war, training, rehabilitation of veterans, legal aid

Open financial records: not to the best of my knowledge, regular reports on Facebook/webpage. Well-known, trustworthy.

Payment details in English: No, ask for international transfer details



Purpose: CoVid and other medical aid, esp. buying oxygen and palliative care.

Open financial records: Not to the best of my knowledge, but regular reports on their website and on the page of the organizer, Lesya Litvinova ( Well-known and trustworthy.

Payment details in English: No, ask Lesya Litvinova for international transfer details

The Kyiv Independent


Purpose: Not a charity, but a revival of the Kyiv Post after new owners decided to turn the previous best Ukrainian English-language newsletter into something unrecognizable. The entire newsroom left and started their own paper, sponsored by readers. The Kyiv Independent is an outstanding source of news on Ukraine with high standards of journalism, and supporting them is an excellent way to support Ukrainian civil society.

Payment details in English: yes, via Patreon and GoFundMe.

Everybody Can


Purpose: medical and social help for disabled children, internally-displaced elderly persons

Open financial records: not that I can presently see, but regular reports on website/Facebook. Well-known, long-standing, trustworthy.

Payment details in English: yes, in description on Facebook sidebar (unroll to find)



Purpose: many different projects, including education, health, and so on. OpenEyes also collects financing for military projects, but supporters can choose a particular project and donate to that project alone. Many successfully funded projects.

Open financial records: None that I can see at present - possibly?
Payment details in English: on the website of each project page separately.

Proxy charities:

The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund


Purpose: UN financing instrument - humanitarian assistance to civilians, sending funds to local charities, including Proliska.

Open financial records: yes

Payment details in English: yes, bottom of page - look for the link for individual donors.

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)


Purpose: Non-directed relief for refugees, but finance some Ukrainian charities.

Open financial records: yes
Payment details in English: yes.


1) Find suppliers. If you can - find suppliers willing to send in bulk and coordinate in groups for maximum value.

2) Buy and send to local Ukrainian volunteer groups.


1. Tourniquets (turnstiles) for critical bleeding (SICH or CAT type)

2. Turnstiles for pelvic injuries with inflatable cuffs (like SAM Junctional Tourniquet)

3. Israeli Emergency Bandages 4", 6", 12"

4. Hemostatic gauze (with X-ray indicator, like Combat Gauze QuikClot)…

5. Hemostatic sponges

6. Occlusive dressings

7. Anti-burn dressings of different sizes, including for face and torso (like Burnshield)



1. Medical splint for arms and legs (Sam Splint type)

2. For intravenous infusion: Sodium chloride (NaCl), Ringer solution, hydroxyethyl starch solution - all in SOFT container for medical rucksacks + infusion system + Peripheral venous catheter (G18 size or near)

3. Intrabone catheters (for chest - priority, FAST type)

4. IGel, size - 4, 5, 6 (for adults)…

5. Nasopharyngeal tubes (for adults of average or large build)

6. Cricothyrotomy Kits (like CricKey)…

7. Eye shields

8. Needle Decompression Kits

9. Tranexamic acid

10. Chlorhexidine (CHX)…

Medical equipment:

1. Defibrillator…

2. Patient monitor (for ambulance cars)

List of meds that are needed in huge quantities (mostly civilian):

Pack these, send them to the Polish warehouse!


hydrogen peroxide (medical solutions)

any other antiseptics

nimesil (or any other anti-inflammatory painkillers)

Captopres, captopril

barboval (or any other light sedatives)

acetylsalicylic acid (

any antispasmodic and pain-relieving medicines


medical cotton (could be non-sterile)

blood pressure monitors