For any problem with publishing content:

First go to http://tickets.datafactory.la and create a ticket detailing the problem as clearly as possible, selecting the support ("soporte") option in the type of help menu ("tema de ayuda"). Please include the link of the page where the content should be corrected. It is important that the ticket indicates the priority assigned to the problem.

As an alternative communication channel, can write to support@datafactory.la, but the use of this, does not permit a quality control timing and quality of responses.

If no answer, and depending on the urgency, you can contact us by phone at

(5411) 6841-2096/2097 in Argentina, or (5255) 50184888 in México, or (5511) 31278308 in Brazil,

or 1 212 3891051 in United States.

If other person of your team will be working in support, please do not hesitate to share with us the new contact data to add it to our list.

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