There are quite a few details to be worked out, so we may not have an answer to all your questions yet.

What is the target location of the GA area?

Section 252 rows G-V 101-109 and Section 253 rows G-V Seats 1-9 as the Southsiders Core General Admission Area a.k.a Private GA. For easy reference and visual: the area currently has the drums in bottom corner and the Pigeon loft(tm) in the top corner. This is a total of 185 seats. (row G is the "BC Lions" railing, row V is the entrance, see illustration attached)

I already have tickets in this area what do I do?

If you want to be part of the Southsiders Private GA, please fill out the registration form here

If you do not wish to participate in GA, you might need to relocate either within the section or to seats closeby. Some supporters moving into this area are leaving you some primo seats for you.

How do I pay for our tickets?

There are three options:

(A) personal cheque payable to "Vancouver Southsiders" for the half amount ($234.65 - two hundred thirty four dollars and sixty five cents PER seat) / The second half payment will be due in February.

(B)  personal cheque payable to "Vancouver Southsiders" for the full amount ($469.30 - four hundred sixty nine dollars and thirty cents PER seat)

(C) monthly payments of $41 through your membership account (each month is an “away ticket”) - collecting money online comes at a price (2.9% + $0.30 CAD per transaction), which is the only reason you need to pay $41/seat per month (instead of $39.13/seat).