Trans* siblings and our allies !

We are a Brooklyn based anti Zionist Israeli Trans Woman and an Oakland based Jewish American trans man working on the intersection of Trans and Palestinian liberation. We met via the internet as we were both facing a similar problem across genders and coasts - we recently started our medical transition and were both shocked to find out that our hormones are produced by the Israeli company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Our pharmacies don’t offer any alternative manufacturers.

After further research we realized that this is not a coincidence: Israeli laws and regulations have enabled Teva to exponentially grow monopolizing the generic manufacturing sector while suppressing the Palestinian pharmaceutical industry and Palestinians access to health care and medication. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries can thus buy its competitors and currently stands as the main distributor of cross gender hormones in the US, a fact that is not stated in any of Teva's promotional material. Teva disregards mention that these hormones are used by trans people.

Teva (A word meaning nature in Hebrew) has bought and made business deals with more than 30 other companies who manufacture these hormones. Other companies we know are owned/do business with Teva include:

Gecko Health Innovations


Actavis Generics

Auspex Pharmaceuticals

Labrys Biologics

NuPathe afer


Taiyo Pharmaceutical Industry

Arana Therapeutics

ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals


Barr Pharmaceuticals

IVAX Corporations




Solomon, Levin and Elstein Ltd.




Margarine Uni

Allen and Hanburys

As members of Jewish Voice for Peace and Trans people trying to live our lives, we were devastated to find that trans folks who medically transition in the US are many times forced to choose between our life affirming transitions and our solidarity with our Palestinian siblings and their call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as the non violent tactic that will set them free.

That is why we need your help ! We are currently in a research phase and trying to gather as much information as possible about the different pharmaceutical companies producing cross gender hormones in the US. This is in order to build a clear online resource that can offer facts and alternatives to Teva’s monopoly while still prioritizing the low cost, high demand needs of our trans siblings who seek to medically transition.

If you are a medicalized trans person, or a cis person who takes or blocks testosterone and/or takes estrogen, please take a moment to reach out to and tell us if your hormone manufacturer is not one of the companies mentioned above.

If you are an ally who knows of a trans person who has medically transitioned, please send this link their way and help us spread the word!

Feel free to also reach out with any questions, media inquiries and additional useful information !

With love and solidarity,
Daryn & Ita