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‘Preparing each child for their future in an ever-changing world’


NEWSLETTER 32                                                                19th June 2017

Things to look forward to this week and next week

Friday 23rd June pm

Wizard of Oz panto.

Monday 26th June

 Chinese dance day.

Tuesday 27th June

E Safety Evening 7pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 28th June

School Values Celebration 2pm - Year 5 will be leading this with Father Jason. 2.30 tea/ coffee/ biscuits

From the Headteacher

Dates for Year 6.

Wednesday 19th July - Leavers’ lunch with parents and Leavers’ service in church - more details to follow and sign up sheet for lunch.  Lunch will be at 12.00 pm followed by a service at 1.30pm then back to school for tea/ biscuits /tears.

Friday 14th July - Talent show for parents followed by sleepover at school (not for parents!). Exact timings to follow.

Four Legged Fiends and Fruit...

It transpires the Pied Piper of Hagbourne has left behind a few real ‘furry four legged fiends’.  I, unfortunately, can’t play the pipe or recorder for that matter so we will have to take a different approach to get rid of them.

We have had to introduce a "No Food Outside of the Classroom/School Hall Policy”.  We have had advice from an expert who says that all the crumbs and food dropped outside means that they won’t want to leave.

This has meant that we need to now eat in the classrooms before playtime.  In order to make sure that this does not impact on lessons we have discussed the best ways to achieve this.  From next week we will no longer provide the Tuck Shop for the older children.  Instead we will be providing free fruit for the whole school.  Fruit can be handed out in class and the waste easily collected and recycled in school.

The government already provide a free fruit scheme for Reception and Key Stage One children and we have decided for the rest of this term and until December we will provide free fruit and vegetables for the rest of the school.  We will then review the situation.

Buy providing fruit or vegetables at school this will also ensure we are following the healthy eating guidelines and teaching the children the importance of eating ‘5 a day’. This also helps me address the problem of the lack of fruit that children have in their lunchboxes.  

Children will still be allowed to bring in one snack from home and this should still be fruit (dried or fresh).  I am sure that you will all be able to see the long term benefits to this as we all want to encourage our children to be healthy and to eat a balanced diet  There are huge benefits to eating ‘5 a day’ and I have put two links here for you if you would like to read more.

Five a Day - What Counts?     Five reasons to eat five portions of fruit and veg.

Can you help us by also following this Policy and keeping the snacks at home time and the leftovers of lunch boxes until you get home.

You may have already noticed we have collected in all but one rubbish bin.  Please DO NOT use this bin for food of any description.  The fiends cannot see very well but have an excellent sense of smell.  We need to eliminate these from our school quickly and efficiently and by taking away their food supply once and for all.

Many thanks for your help.

Mosaic and Sponsored Walk

The sponsored walk has raised an amazing £1454.08 to date.  Thank you so much.

The children have been working with David Bowers the artists to create the values mosaic.  These have mainly been worked on by the older children.   Because of the generous amount of money raised and because of the amazing work being produced we have booked him to come back in September to work on a set of season mosaics with the younger classes.

Thank you for making this possible.


It has been a year since we made the move to become a Google School, and parents can find out more information on what this means in the video presentation Going Google at Hagbourne https://youtu.be/HuMY6vjcBMk.

In light of these changes and that the children are using Chromebooks several times a week, ESafety is evermore important. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of parents being up-to-speed with how to keep their children safe online, and how to minimise the risks of serious issues occurring.

In order to support you and your families, we have invited Matt Lovegrove from Engage ESafety to provide an interactive and engaging ESafety workshop for ALL parents on Tuesday June 27th, 7pm - 8.30pm. Please make every effort to attend. There will be tea, coffee and cake!

Please look out for flyers being given out after school next week.

Introducing Parent Pages!

Parent Pages is now accessible through the parents tab of the school website or can be previewed here.

The aim of Parent Pages is to provide you, as parents, with an insight into your child's learning experience at Hagbourne. We aim to provide details of what makes us unique as a school: the initiatives we follow, the developments we make and the way we work day-to-day in order to drive standards in our school to guarantee the best outcomes for our pupils.

Parent Pages is about what goes on 'behind the scenes' - the pedagogical approaches we employ to underpin the learning and opportunities your child experiences every day with us at school. It is in its early stages, so please bear with us, and do not hesitate to let us know if there is something you feel should be featured.

Your help and support on your child's learning journey is invaluable; research suggests that at age 5, parental involvement in learning is 5 x more important than that of school, whilst at age 11 it is broadly similar. This means we need to work together to make our pupils learning a success!

Thanks for your support.

From the PTA

Dear Parents/Carers,


The Hagbourne CE Primary School Parent Teacher Association will hold its Annual General Meeting on Friday July 7th at 7.30pm at school. As members of the PTA, all parents and carers are invited to attend.

The AGM will include a brief review of the previous year’s events, the Treasurer’s report for the year, and the election of PTA Committee members for the  forthcoming academic year.

Nominations should be sent in advance of the AGM, for existing committee members willing to stand for re-election and for anyone wishing to stand for the first time. If you are interested in joining the Committee or would like any further information about what is involved in being a Committee Member, please speak to Aliki Pantos or email pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk.

This year we also intend to vote on amending the PTA constitution which was last updated in 1971. A draft of the proposed new constitution can be found here. If anyone has any comments or queries about this please contact Aliki Pantos or any member of the PTA.

The AGM is not expected to last more than about twenty minutes. It will be followed by the last PTA meeting of the year at which we will be discussing plans for events in the next school year.

Best wishes

The PTA Committee


Lunch Menu

The current lunch menu can be found on the school website here

Notices and Letters

Water Bottles and Sun Cream

Now that the weather has warmed up, please ensure that your child comes to school with a filled, named water bottle - just water please, no squash etc. as this attracts flies & wasps.

These can, and will, be refilled during the day as required, so don’t worry if your child comes home with a full bottle as it will have recently been topped up!

Your child should also have a named sun hat with a brim and please also apply a 12 hour sun cream at home. If you wish for your child to reapply suncream before lunch they will need to do this themselves and you should send in a named bottle of cream to be kept in your child’s school bag. Staff are not allowed to apply suncream to pupils.



School Library

We always welcome donations of books for our library, so if you are planning a clear out please think of the school.
Books should be in nearly-new condition and can be handed to the School Office. It's always lovely to have books in our library that other children have enjoyed.

National Book Tokens Competition - WIN £5,000 OF BOOKS FOR THE LIBRARY!

National Book Tokens are the perfect way to encourage literacy and inspire a love of books.

They are giving away the ultimate prize to one lucky school - £5,000 of National Book Tokens. All school staff and parents can enter - follow this link...

Public Health England have updated their poster regarding infection control in schools and other childcare locations, it contains lots of handy information regarding the appropriate amount of time to be off school with a variety of complaints and therefore is a useful reference tool.

The poster can be found here...


Just to let you know that we have a suspected case of Chickenpox in school - NHS Choices can provide more information if required:



We have had a case of Threadworm reported to us -  please see here for more information.


We have also had a case of Headlice reported to us please see NHS Choices leaflet here for more information on how to treat them if your child does have them.

Aureus School - Open Days for Year 5

Please see below some dates for your diaries and an opportunity for you to let us know if are keen to find out more about Aureus as a school of choice for your child's secondary education from September 2018.

·       Year 6 Open Evening – Tuesday 3rd October 2017

·       Year 6 Open Mornings – Monday 9th October through to Friday 13th October

Please register your interest in your Year 5 child joining us in 2018 here...

Whole School Arts and Crafts Day - Can you help?

Are you able to help or share an arty skill or craft?, it can be anything from knitting to cake decorating for our Arts & Craft day in July (date tba).

Please contact Mrs Surtell or the School Office.

Community News/Activities

 Abingdon Vale Swimming Club Academy

Are on the lookout for enthusiastic and able swimmers, aged 6-8 years, to join our competitive swim academy.

They are looking for swimmers who have passed stage 5 of NTPS who have 3 good strokes and a competent 4th and who can sustain them over 25m repeats.

Joining Abingdon Vale Competitive Swim Academy offers a whole range of benefits, click here for more details



A fun evening for all the family. Music, Song and Laughter with Didcot Divas, Nightingales, Warble and Plonkit and hand bell ringers.  Plus Pimms and cake in the interval.  All proceeds to:

 Sobell House & St Andrews Church

Tickets only £10.00 to include Pimms and cake

Available from:  Didcot Civic Hall,

Hagbourne Post Office (Open 9 -5.30  Mon and Thurs 9 – 12.30 Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat)

Or  Tel: 01235 798387 (leave message)

 or email: ajgarraway@hotmail.co.uk

Dates for your Diary 

Sports Afternoon

Tuesday 11th July 1-3pm

End of Term

Friday 21st July


Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September

First Day of Term

Wednesday 6th September