Wanna help support Black Philadelphians during the Philly Uprisings?

Are you a Black Philadephian looking for support?

Check out the resources below and spread the word!

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Tips for Uprisings: Stay hydrated, stay in contact, don't talk to cops, and look out for one another!

This resource overview was created by members of the Black trans* & queer community on the ground in Philly.

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Black Trans COVID Supplies & Donation Funds

Safety Net(work): A Mutual Aid for Black Women & Femmes

Womanist Working Collective 

#JawnAid Bill Assistance for Black Philadephians

Venmo @Jawn215_

Sankofa House Community Members Icon Ebony Fierce and Li Johnson

Venmo @iconebonyfierce (use black & white photo please)

CashApp $iconebonyfierce


Philly Trans March

Voix Noire

Black Queer Woman Led Orginization Voix Noire redristributes reparations to Black and/or Indigenous people. Has raised over $26,000 in Covid-19 relief funds since March 29th, 2020.

Cashapp: $CreightonLeigh


Website: for information about how to get help.

E-mail: or


West  |  North  |  South  |  Uptown  |  Center City


Malcolm X Park, 10-2pm, Every Day

Food Not Bombs Solidarity

Venmo @FNBSolidarity

CashApp $FNBSolidarty


Malcolm X Park @ 51st & Osage Saturdays 2-3pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYOB Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup

Cedar Park @ 50th & Baltimore Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYO Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup

42nd & Lancaster 6/13 1pm

Contact on Instagram for questions

Meyers Rec Center 5803 Kingsessing 6/12 2pm

Contact on Instagram for more info


Broad & Allegheny 6/14 1:30pm

Contact on Instagram for questions

Girard Dream Garden @ 31st & Girard Ave Saturdays 3-4pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYOB Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup

Mariana Bracetti Academy @ Hunting Park & Frankford Tuesdays 4-5pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYOB Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup

Franny Lou’s Porch @ York & Coral Tuesdays 12-3pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYOB Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup

North Philly Peace Park @ 2200 W Jefferson St 6/28 1pm-3pm

Cashapp: $NorthPhillyPeacePark

IG: @northphillypeacepark

FB: North Philly Peace Park


Rowhouse Grocery @ 17th & Mckean Saturdays 12-2pm

DM, Call or Text 215-203-6364




BYOB Masks & Gloves for contactless pickup


Germantown Supply Hub Mutual Aid & Protest Support @ 5424 Lena St (off of Church St) 6/12 12pm until gone | 6/13 10am until gone

Come by and pick up needed supplies & goods!

Subscribe to the Telegram channel for more updates here:

Ourchive The People’s Food Bank @ 5424 Lena St 19144 Every Friday 12pm-9pm

“Fill out our form on our Instagram @Ourchive215 or call 267-399-3719 for pickup or delivery



Black Trans COVID FUND

#JawnAid Bill Assistance

Financial aid to pay gas, water, electric, & WiFi bills


Before you go out:

  • Find a buddy or small trusted group and agree on level of risk together
  • Agree on risk of covid exposure as well as risk of arrest; affinity groups commonly use a red/yellow/green system
  • Make aftercare plans for moderate or high risk activity regardless; police and uprising spaces are unpredictable
  • Tell someone you’re going out & make a plan to check in regularly
  • Make additional plans to check in afterwards, doesn’t have to be the same person
  • Give this form to a trust friend who won’t be on the frontlines
  • For larger groups or organizations, collect forms prior to attendance and destroy afterwards every time (builds habit/protects information)
  • YT allies: Email to
  • In permanent marker, write the Jail Support # 484-758-0388 on your body!
  • Write it somewhere it can’t be easily wiped off (ie thigh or stomach)
  • Eat a meal & hydrate
  • Drink a little more water. Dehydration will stop revolution in its tracks.
  • Take care of your body
  • Take your meds, put on sunscreen
  • Wear comfy clothes & shoes
  • Do NOT wear synthetics or polyester, they can melt to your skin of they get too hot
  • Choose a meeting place in case you get separated from your group

When you go out remember:

  • A buddy! -- Never go out alone
  • A mask
  • Safety goggles
  • A helmet (bike helmets work!)
  • Snacks
  • Water -- Pack twice as much as you think you’ll need or have a plan to refill
  • Squirt top water bottle for eye flushes
  • Umbrella for protection from rain & pepper spray
  • Portable charger & phone cord

When you get home:

  • Rest!


Oh Shit, We're Gonna Get Sprayed!

Herbal First Aid Aftercare for All Who Have Experienced Police Violence


Black Sacred Movement Space for Black Queer & Trans People @ Zoom Sundays 4pm-6pm


Registration Link In Bio

Cashapp: $shaneledwardsart


Yoga With Sarah Craig

Offering private/small group yoga sessions. Sarah is working on a new online class schedule, but can send pre-recorded videos to folx in the meantime.

Instagram: @yogawithsarahcraig

Facebook: Yoga With Sarah Craig

Venmo: @craigasaurous

Cashapp: $craigasaurousrex


The Attic LGBTQ Youth Center

Offering regularly scheduled weekly virtual support primarily serving lgbtq+ Black and brown youth including grief support, relationship group, and drop in.

  • This 06/11 @ 3 pm: conversation and vigil for Black trans people who have been murdered and assaulted
  • Tuesday, 06/16 @ 3pm: Youth-only virtual group space for processing recent murders and the Philadelphia uprising

Insta: @atticyouthcenter

Care Kits for BIPOC Protestors and Black Folks in the Philly Area

Organized by Black Queer Writer Tiffany Curits

Insta: @sometlc

Cashapp: $TLC336

Venmo: @tiffany_curtis_29

Free Virtual Group Therapy for Young Black Womxn & Gender-Expansive People

Insta: @theunplugcollective

Free Weighted Blankets for Black Folks

Insta: @michaeldonte_

Venmo: @michael-donte

Healing through yoga, meditation, arts - for Black front liners and community

June 14 - 19: Week of healing in historically important locations, ending with celebration on Juneteenth in Malcom X Park.


Insta: @SpiritsUp215

Free Online Mental Health Screenings by Mazzoni Center 6/12 & 6/15 12pm-4pm

@mazzonicenter on Instagram

Herbal Care Packages for Black Philly

Organized by a group of Black & NBPOC herbal medicine makers & plant workers crafting & distributing herbal care kits to Black people in Philly

Insta: @shareherbs


Venmo: mininoam


White Baths: Fighting Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD with African Traditional Medicine (For Black Folks Only):

Pay As You Wish Integrative Healing Meditation/Reiki Sessions for BIPoC With Charlyn

Contact @_oroori_ on Instagram for more information.



This resource overview was created by members of the Black trans* & queer community on the ground in Philly including:

  • Felicia, $FeliciaTeter / @FeliciaTeter
  • Breighton, @afroenbybri215 / $afroenbybri215
  • Gem Aziza, $gemthajawn / @gemthajawn
  • Li Johnson, @li-johnson
  • Phoebe, $PhoebeOya
  • Thunder, @thunder-willow / $thundermoon