Food Coverage for K-12 Students

(During COVID-19 School Closures)

*Updated 3/27/2020 at 10:00am CDT


Bessemer City Schools - Breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday (March 16- April 3, 2020)

Birmingham City Schools - Lunch at all school sites except Carver High School (March 19-27, 2020)

Fairfield City Schools - Pick up at C.J. Donaldson Elementary, Glen Oaks Elementary, & Robinson Elementary (March 17-April 3, 2020)

Jefferson County Schools - March 24th, 26th, & 30th; April 1st and April 3rd

Midfield City Schools - Grab and go meals at 3 sites (March 17-April 3, 2020)

Tarrant City Schools - Lunch & next day breakfast provided at 4 sites (March 18-April 3, 2020)

District of Columbia

Washington, DC - Meals will be available for all students every weekday from Monday, (March 16-31, 2020)  


Bay Area Schools - See this comprehensive map of food coverage for kids across the Bay

Colton, CA - All persons under 18 may have a meal free of charge (March 18-Apri 3, 2020)

Elk Grove Unified School District - Drive through and pick up meals for the children in their family (starts March 16, 2020)

Garden Grove, CA - Drive-through and walk-up meals for children under 18 (starts March 16)

Long Beach, CA - LBUSD will free breakfast and lunch to children 1 to 18 (starts March 16)

Los Angeles, CA - Meals at family resource centers in LA Unified (starts March 18, 2020)

Oakland Unified School District - Grab and go breakfast and lunch

Sacramento City Unified - Will provide pick up meals for the children at a number of school sites (starts March, 16, 2020)

San Francisco Unified School District - SFUSD will provide free breakfast and lunch to all children 18 and younger (starting March 17, 2020).


Denver, CO - DPS will offer free meals to students at 11 locations throughout the city (March 16-April 3, 2020)


Appoquinimink School District - Daily grab-and-go lunch AND breakfast (March 17, 2020)

Wilmington, DE - 900 meals will be available each day at 12 locations around (starts March 17)


*Florida also has a statewide map and dial-in number for free meals for kids*

Broward County Public Schools - Grab-and-go meal service to schools throughout Broward County (March 30-April 15, 2020)

Duval County Public Schools - Lunch service continues each weekday, at district school between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. (starts March 17, 2020)

Hillsborough County Schools - 23 locations provide breakfast and lunch free for children under 18 (March 23-April 15, 2020)

Lee County Schools - Breakfast and lunch will be served together in a “Grab & Go” bag (March 23-27, 2020)

Manatee County Link - Free meals for teens and kids under 18 (March 23-27, 2020)

Palm Beach County Schools - 'Grab and Go' meals will be offered at school locations (March 23-27, 2020)

Pinellas County Link - Grab-and-Go feeding sites at nine Pinellas County Schools (March 23-27, 2020)

Polk County Link - Monday-Friday, at specific sites (March 23-27, 2020)

Seminole County Public Schools - FREE Breakfast and Lunch meals for students under 18 (March 23-April 14, 2020)

Tallahassee, FL - Free Food for Kids offered by local restaurants.


Atlanta, GA - APS will offer students daily free meals at five sites (March 16-31, 2020)

DeKalb County Schools - Providing daily meal service for students (starts March 16, 2020)


Champaign, IL - Every kid can receive a free sack lunch at McAlister's Deli (starts March 16)

Chicago, IL - Free food boxes will contain three days of breakfast and lunches for every student in the household (starts March 17)


East Baton Rouge Schools - Free breakfast and lunch at seven school sites (starts March 18, 2020)

New Orleans, LA - Every Monday families can pick up meals for 2 days and every Wednesday meals for 3 days (starts March 18, 2020)


Anne Arundel County, MD - Curbside pickup of hot meals along with a snack for students at 31 school sites (starts March 16)

Baltimore, MD - Grab-and-go free breakfast and lunch meals for students (March 16-20, 2020)

Charles County Public Schools - CCPS is offering free breakfast and lunch for all children under 18 (March 16-27, 2020)

Frederick County Public Schools - FCPS will be serving FREE breakfast and lunch to all children under 18 (March 16-27, 2020)

Howard County Public Schools- HCPSS will provide free “Grab-N-Go” meals to anyone under 18 (March 16-27, 2020)

Montgomery County Public Schools - MCPS will have grab-and-go meals for kids up to 18 (Mar 16-27, 2020)

Prince George’s County Schools - PGCPS will provide “grab and go” lunches at regional locations (March 16-27, 2020)


Boston, MA - Free breakfast and lunch meals are grab-n-go (starts March 17, 2020)


Detroit, MI - DPSCD will offer grab-and-go free breakfast and lunch (March 16-20, 2020)

Holland, MI - Meals will be made available Mondays and Wednesday 9-11am (starts March 16, 2020)

Muskegon, MI - District will provide breakfasts and lunches on a daily basis (March 16-April 5, 2020)

Muskegon Heights, MI - Bus meal deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (March 16-30, 2020)


St. Louis, MO - Saint Louis Schools will serve free meals Mon-Fri for children under 18 and local business and food banks will also serve free meals

North Carolina

Charlotte, NC - Meals will be distributed Monday-Friday (starts March 17, 2020)

Durham, NC - DPS daily feeding program for Durham County children (starts March 23, 2020)


*Ohio also has a statewide map for free meals for kids*

Cleveland, OH - CMSD has meals for all children in the city (March 16-April 3, 2020) and local restaurants, food banks, etc.

Columbus, OH - CCS will offer meals for ALL children age 18 and under (March 16-April 3, 2020)

Middletown, OH - Bagged food (breakfast and lunch) at each school building (March 16-April 3, 2020).


Beaverton School District, OR - Free breakfast & lunch for all students and children ages one (1) and up (March 16-20, 2020, March 30, and March 31)

Portland, OR - Breakfast and lunch for children ages 1-18 (March 17-20, 2020, March 30, and March 31)

South Carolina

Berkeley County School District - Lunch and snack AT NO COST to children under 18 (March 17-27, 2020)

Charleston County School District - “Grab & Go” Breakfast and Lunch for students at 17 sites (starts March 16, 2020)

Dorchester School District Two - Students under 18 receive grab and go lunch and breakfast (March 18, 2020).

Rock Hill, SC - Offering free “grab and go” breakfast and lunch services at five locations (March 16, 2020)

York County School District - From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM we will have a drive-through meal pickup (starts March 16, 2020)


Memphis, TN - Shelby County Schools will provide meals at 20 sites across the city (March 23-27, 2020)


Austin, TX - Curbside lunch meals will be provided for each child in the car (starts March 23)

Houston, TX - Daily food distribution at five area high schools (March 14-20)


Alexandria City Public Schools - Individual Meals To Go and Family Meal Packs.

Arlington, VA - APS will provide free grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches at two school sites (starts March 16)

Chesterfield County Public Schools - Free meals to students available for pickup at a Food Services kiosk (starts March 17, 2020)

Fairfax County, VA - Meals served at 5 school sites (March 13-April 10, 2020)

Henrico County Public Schools - We are planning to provide “grab and go” food service soon 

Loudoun County Public Schools - Free meal service in our school communities (March 16-17, 2020)

Newport News, VA - The meals-to-go will include a lunch and a breakfast snack for the next day (March 17, 2020)

Norfolk, VA - NPS had identified 12 schools as meal distribution sites (March 17-27, 2020)

Prince William County, VA - Free to-go meals will be provided to all children under 18 (starts March 16, 2020).

Richmond, VA - RPS will distribute meals at 20 school sites throughout the city (starts March 16)

Virginia Beach, VA - Beginning Tuesday, March 17, meals will be offered to all students without charge

Williamsburg James City County - “Grab and Go” meals will be available to families in need of assistance (March 16, 27, 2020)


Highline Public Schools - Meals are free to every Highline student (March 16-20, 2020)

Tacoma, WA - Breakfast and lunch, drive-through style (starts March 16, 2020)Minnesot