Police:    19
Ambulance:   999

Medical Help

  1. Pikin Bizness
    Offers medical aid and assistance for women who have survived violence.
    Address: 62 Wilkinson Rd, P.O.Box 552 Freetown Sierra Leone
    Phone: +232 22 234434 / +232 76 601176 / +232 33 601176

Education and Employment

  1. Swawou School Foundation
    Provides free quality primary education for women and girls, and offers assistance for them in the form of vocational and skills training.
    Address: Kenema, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone
  2. HOPE for Sierra Leone
    Offers assistance for women in Sierra Leone in the form of skills education, tools and capacity-building programs.  
    Address: 51 Robert Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Phone: (030) 201479