NOTE: This is a contact flag league (within the tackle box), therefore players are to protect themselves at all times. Any contact made below the waist is considered illegal and will result in a penalty. (Please refer to the USFTL rule book for penalty yardage.)

Offense:  Offenses must have three (3) down linemen at all times. The center and two (2) linemen, one on each side of him are considered ineligible and cannot carry or catch the ball. There must be at least four (4) players on the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. All eligible offensive players must have two (2) flags on prior to receiving the ball. The quarterback can run with the ball at any time. A play is considered over upon the whistle of the referee after a player’s flag has been pulled, a fumbled snap, a ball carrier fumbles during play or the ball carrier steps out of bounds. Offensive players must make an offensive move around the defender and cannot lower the shoulder into a defender.

When engaging in a block, linemen may execute 2 on 1 blocking, however, there will be no high/low blocking allowed. Players may not leave their feet at any time to execute a block, NO CLIPPING, TRIPPING, CRACKBACK, CROSS BODY BLOCKS or ROLLING BLOCKS. Blockers may not drive defenders more than three (3) yards down.  Any offensive ball carrier that does not have flags (if they have fallen off) will be considered down once he has been touched by one hand of an opposing player. Offensive players may not execute down field blocking, shield blocking is NOT allowed.

Defense: Defenses must have at least two (2) down linemen at all times. Teams are allowed to blitz at any time. Defender must pull the flag of the offensive player in order for that player to be considered down. Any offensive ball carrier that does not have flags (if they have fallen off) will be considered down once touched by any defender with one (1) hand. TACKLING IS PROHIBITED! However, it is the responsibility of the offensive player to make a football move around the defender. However an offensive player  cannot lower the shoulder into a defender NOR can the offensive player leave his/ her feet.  All defenders must make every effort not to tackle an offensive player in pursuit of the flag. A defender may not hold on to the clothing or the flag belt of an offensive player in an attempt to de-flag. Nor may an offensive player guard the flags to prevent them from being pulled. Defenders must allow the center to lift his head and set in blocking position before engaging.

Special Teams: Teams start from the 20 yard to begin each game, after each touchdown and to begin the second half of each game. There will be no kicking of field goals or kicking for extra points. Teams must declare whether they are going for one (1) or two (2) before running an extra point play after a touchdown. For the extra point play, the ball will be placed at the 5 yard line for a team going for a one point conversion and the 10 yard line for a team going for a two point conversion.  If a team executing an extra point play does not declare their intention, it will result in one (1) point if successful.

Punting - If a team decides to punt the ball, the receiving team will be given the ball 25 yards from the place of the opposing team's last position but this cannot result in the team receiving the ball inside of their own 20 yard line.

Overtime (Playoffs): (There is NO Overtime during the regular season) Teams will begin the overtime with the coin toss to determine possession. The offense will have 1st and goal from the 20 yard line. If the offense scores a touchdown then an extra point will be attempted. The opponent will then have an equal opportunity to score. If the first (1st) offensive team does not score and the opposing team does, the game is over. If the first (1st) offensive team does score and the opposing team does not, the game is over. If both teams score, there will be another coin toss and the first team to score wins. At conclusion of two overtime attempts a sudden death overtime will begin.  In  the sudden death O.T. the ball will be placed at the 10 yard line and the offense will have 1st and goal. If the offense scores the game is over. If the defense holds the offense out of the end zone, the game is over (A point will be awarded to the defense for the sake of declaring a winner.)

Game Rules

All additional game rules not covered above will follow United States Flag and Touch Football League (USFTL) rules. Rule books can be bought via the link below.


Uniform and Required Equipment

Each individual team must wear same color top (jersey, t-shirt, Under Armour, etc.). Bottoms may vary however; a team's bottoms must be a different color than the flags they are wearing. All teams must use the "sonic flag-a-flag" style flags and belt. No Velcro or break away belts allowed. All players must have a mouthpiece while participating in the game.  Every player is required to wear cleats. No exceptions. No padded clothing is allowed. The player’s shorts and pants CANNOT have pockets. No jewelry or watches are allowed to be worn by players during the game.

* These rules and guidelines are subject to change. Any changes to these rules and guideline must be given to all participating clubs/organizations before the start.View on Mobile