6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

Please purchase all of the items for all of the teachers on your class schedule for the first week of school.  Thanks!

Science- Mrs. Piggott                                        Social Studies- Mrs. Catanzaro

Plastic safety glasses                                         Sturdy folder with pockets 

Colored pencils (used often)                                1 square 3X3 pad sticky notes (any color)

3-ring binder/or sturdy folder with pockets        

Spiral notebook (100 pgs or less) Not a composition notebook        

Glue and scissors    

Language Arts- Mrs. Gibson          OR        Language Arts- Mrs. Myers

3-subject spiral notebook        3-ring binder/or sturdy folder with pockets

Highlighters        Highlighters        

Sturdy folder with pockets                

Design & Modeling-Mrs. Sopher                        Math- Mrs. Strader

3-ring binder (with pockets)                                Colored pencils

Highlighters                                                        Sturdy folder with pockets

Composition notebook

Pack of dry erase markers

General Supplies- ALL students NEED to purchase these for their own use:
Earbuds or Headphones
 (to use at school)

Pencils & Erasers (several packs)
Lined Notebook Paper

Kleenex (2 boxes- turn in to 1st period teacher)

Optional- students may want these also:

Wireless mouse (highly recommended)

Hand sanitizer

Scissors (Used in Science quite a bit)

Computer sleeve/bag/backpack

*All 6th grade students will need a set of gym clothes (shorts/t-shirt/socks to keep at school in locker, plus deodorant- tennis shoes can be kept at school or worn all day).

Any teacher not listed will explain supply needs the first day of class.