Diversifying Art History: A Collective Bibliography


This bibliography started as a collaboration between colleagues in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. We acknowledge that this is necessarily a flawed document, and don’t pretend it is exhaustive. There is (inevitably) more to add – and, possibly, some things we could take away. The dividing of texts/short films into headed sections is intended to be heuristic and helpful rather than an indication of where the text “sits” intellectually; categorisations are always problematic, and there to be questioned.

If you wish to add texts to this list, you are absolutely encouraged to do so - just ask for edit permission. Try to keep the bibliography you add in manageable chunks. If you wish to add headings to go the side, the “big” headings are “Heading 3”, the subheadings are “Heading 5”. I’ll check periodically to keep things usable, and fiddle about with formatting where necessary (and when my workload allows me the time….).

Thank you! Jill



Foundational texts. 1

Surveys/Readers. 2

Institutional critique – Universities, Museums, Galleries. 3

The Premodern World  (before c. 1500) 4

Early Modern, 1500-1900. 5

Twentieth-century and Contemporary. 7

Where are we now?. 10

Where next?. 10



Foundational texts

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        Vol 1: From the Demonic Threat to the Incarnation of Sainthood
        Vol 2: From the Early Christian Era to the ‘Age of Discovery’, Part 1: From the Demonic Threat to the Incarnation of Sainthood; Part 2: Africans in the Christian Ordinance of the World
        Vol 3: From the ‘Age of Discovery’ to the ‘Age of Abolition’. Part 1: Artists of the Renaissance and Baroque; Part 2: Europe and the World Beyond; Part 3: The Eighteenth Century.
        Vol.4: From the American Revolution to World War I, Part 1: Slaves and Liberators; Part 2: Black Models and White Myths
Vol.5: The Twentieth Century, Part 1: The Impact of Africa; Part 2: The Rise of Black Artists

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Institutional critique – Universities, Museums, Galleries

Art History/History as a Discipline

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The Premodern World  (before c. 1500) 

The Middle Ages Now

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   The Medieval World

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Early Modern, c. 1500-1850

Europe and a New World Order, 1500-1700

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Twentieth-century and Contemporary

Art and Ecology

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Art in Africa and the Diaspora (20th century/contemporary)

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