The Crowdsourced List of Gynaecologists We Trust In India

This is an attempt to crowdsource a directory of trustworthy gynaecologists. Finding doctors who are on our side is hard enough, and when it comes to something as intimate as our internal plumbing, it's even more difficult.

We need gynaes who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make.

We need doctors who know that not all people want their uterus, and that not all people with uteri are women.

We need medical expertise devoid of moral judgements regarding how we use our bodies.

And we need compassionate care that we can rely on when we are scared, in pain and sick, without any shaming for being promiscuous, queer, single, trans, abused, kinky, disabled, fat, childless, or any other aspect of our social identity that should have no relevance to the quality of medical care we deserve.

The folks who’ve spent time and energy filling out the survey to help crowdsource this list have our gratitude! The survey remains open, and if you have a positive experience with a gynaecologist whom you’d like to see included on this list, please do fill out the form yourself to share their info  -

(Fair warning: It can take me months to update the spreadsheet since it’s a manual task, so don’t worry if the information you’ve submitted doesn’t show up right away.)

If you have questions or feedback about this project, you can get in touch with me via email ( or twitter (@AmbaAzaad). This project is currently handled by Amba Azaad. Previous brainstorming and collaboration partners were - @Pavithra420, @jimanish and @hirishitalkies.

Find a recommended gynaecologist in your city!

IMPORTANT: I have no way of verifying any information in this list!

Please do your own research before choosing a doctor, especially regarding timings and prices.

Because some of these pages are data-heavy, they can take a while to load, and often are hard to open and/or read on mobile phones. If you are having problems, try to open the link on a laptop or desktop computer. (Sorry!)



























Navi Mumbai















Last updated: 31st August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is the survey so looooong?!

Answer 1: We were going for a comprehensive questionnaire that covered anything every kind of potential client would like to know. We know it is time-consuming, but we urge you to think about the value the questions have for others in need of good medical care.

Question 2: The doctor I was going to recommend is already listed on it, so should I bother filling in the form?

Answer 2: Yes, please still go ahead and fill it out. The more recs, the merrier, and the nicer it is for people looking for reassurance that more than one person is happy with the gynaecologist. Also, your experience isn’t the same as the other person’s so we’d like to hear from you.

Question 3: Who are you guys?

Answer 3: Just a bunch of twitter friends. Amba floated the idea, and roped in Pavithra, Manish and Richa to help with the initial editing and brainstorming.

Question 4: What made you decide to do something like this?

Answer 4: We’d been saying we wanted to for a while, and then a recent Ladies Finger article gave us a kick in the pants. Also, this expose. (Content note: obstetric violence)

Question 5: Why isn’t there a list for bad doctors to avoid?

Answer 5: Because we’re not ready for the enormous wanky drama that is going to cause. (Yet.)

Question 6: Why isn’t there a page for my town?

Answer 6: No one recommended someone from there yet. You add ‘em, we page ‘em, baby!

Question 7: How can I help besides submitting information on doctors I’ve visited?

Answer 7: Spread the word about this project to as diverse a bunch of gynaec-users as you can? Track down missing info like phone numbers and office hours? Volunteer to translate the survey and responses into another language?

Question 8: I’m a doctor and I don’t like the reviews I’ve got. How can I get you to change what my reviews say?

Answer 8: Well, the hard way is to get a million Australian $$ in unmarked bills, climb up Vaishno Devi, and send us a carrier pigeon telling us you’ve left the money with the chaiwalla in the red jacket.

The easy way is by being a good doctor, meeting the criterion on this list, and having clients who want to recommend you. (Boring, we know.)

Question 9: What if doctors game this and recommend themselves and rope their whole families in to do so?

Answer 9: See, the extreme length of this survey is our secret deterrent to such shenanigans.

Actually, we don’t have any defences. However, if you see a rec for a doctor you know doesn’t deserve it, go ahead and fill out the form with your opinion of them, and we’ll see what we can do.

Question 10: Why are these spreadsheets so ugly and difficult to read?

Answer 10: Because we all have day-jobs that do not involve spreadsheeting or coding skill-sets, and we wanted to get this out there to you as fast as we possibly could. If we have the energy, the time, and the support, we’ll try to aim for a version 2.0 that has dancing fonts and ceiling cat gifs.

Question 11: Why isn’t the rec I submitted via the form showing up in the spreadsheet?

Answer 11: Because it doesn’t happen automatically. We have to edit the raw data and manually add it to the appropriate page, and unfortunately, it can take months for us to check in with the spreadsheet and update it. Sorry! It will happen, promise…. Just eventually and not right away.

Question 12: I like this idea and want to set up something similar for my city/country - can I? How?

Answer 12: You absolutely may, we’d love to see it replicated across places outside our scope. Feel free to use our form and spreadsheet landing page as templates to make your own. All our text is licenced under a creative commons license so as long as you’re not using it for commercial use, and you’re crediting us with a link back, you’re good.  

Question 13: How do I get in touch with you?

Answer 13: As we said above: send us an email, or talk to us on Twitter.

Press coverage of this project: The Hindu (9/6/15), The Ladies Finger (10/6/15), The Deccan Chronicle (11/6/15), The Daily Pao (15/6/15), Feminism in India (20/6/15), The Hindustan Times (11/10/15), The Guardian (3/2/16), The Better India (3/3/17), Homegrown (25/5/17),  Scoopwhoop (31/5/17), Youth Ki Awaaz (11/10/17)

The Crowdsourced List of Gynaecologists We Trust In India by Amba Azaad is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Crowdsourced List of Gynaecologists We Trust by Amba Azaad is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.