Here's a list of few places where you can download Rainlendar skins:


Xml-format skins

This is the new skin format for Rainlendar2. The skin file has .r2skin extension.

The skin can be installed just by dropping the file over the calendar window and it will be copied automatically to Rainlendar's skins folder. You can also install the skin manually by copying the skin file to the skins folder under Rainlendar's program folder.

Note that you need to refresh or restart Rainlendar after the skin has been installed before it will be visible in the skin list.

Ini-format skins

This is the old skin format used by the previous version of Rainlendar. The skins come usually as .rar or .zip archives. The skin definition is in a .ini file.

The Ini-format skins must be installed manually by uncompressing the files from the .rar or .zip archive to Rainlendar's skins folder.