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  1. The first question probably will be on geography. It will probably be a North/South question, harbors in the northeast allow for shipping and the development of manufacturing.  The hot plantation friendly geography of the south leads to the use of slavery and a dependence on agriculture as the the backbone of the economy.  The Mississippi River is the only real river question, usually for trade/commerce.  Remember big water, Atlantic Ocean buffers us from Europe, isolationism would be the connection.  I have also seen the rare Gulf of Mexico question which at the mouth of the Mississippi will be access to trade.  Once I saw an Appalachian Mountain question which was the western border of the colonists.   A 

  1. The House of Burgesses and/or the Mayflower Compact question is a popular ugly cousin, shows up a lot to the Regents party.  They are early examples of self government.  The analogy we used was M and M's...once you have had the opportunity to "eat one" you will always crave it for yourself. self-gov THE MAGIC WORD IS REPRESENTATION   HOUSE OF BURGESSES VIDEO

  1. Mercantilism and/or triangular trade is another popular question in the first three up for bat.  See the triangle between Europe, Africa and America.  I will write this delicately.... Its a Tina and Ike analogy..... Europe is Ike and "using" Tina (America) for her, uhm..... lets just say womanly attributes (raw materials/resources)  The big idea being Europe is using the colonies for their stuff, saving the profitable business of manufacturing for England.  Africa of course is for the middle passage, the genocidal human trade of slavery being used to "rob" the colonists of their raw materials.  TRIANGULAR TRADE FOR DUMMIES

  1. "No taxation without Representation" was the battle cry of the colonists.  Showing us the issue is about the theory of gov., not taxes.  By not being "represented" through a vote, the people were being in a sense "owned" rather than "owning" their gov. (violating consent of the governed-chx-egg)    WATCH COLONIAL GREEN SCREEN LECTURE VIDEO

  1. The Declaration of Independence is the Dear John Dump Your English Butt Letter.  Influenced by John Locke, written by Thomas Jefferson, it is a grievance list of why we were leaving England.  "Dear King you suck, you violated our natural rights and we are leaving you.  (consent of the governed) and idea of the right of the people to revolt an unjust unelected gov)  An Idiot's Guide to the Declaration of Independence

  1. "Common Sense" (1775) was written by Thomas Paine and was used to persuade the colonists to support the revolution by using "common sense" arguments. Hence by nickname, the first book of DUH.  COMMON SENSE EXPLAINED

  1. The Revolution was won because of home field advantage and was in 1776.  Most importantly is the idea that from 1776-1787 we were governed under our FIRST CONSTITUTION, the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION.  

  1. The Articles of Confederation sucked/failed, b/c the Federal Gov. was too weak and the states had too much power.  It had only a legislative branch, each state had one vote and it required 9/13 to pass a law and all 13 to amend.  Its inflexibility spelled its doomed.  And check out the NO’s...NO TAXING NO ARMY NO MONEY SYSTEM NO PRESIDENT


  1. Shays Rebellion is the death blow to the articles.  After the powers of money saw how a bunch of poor farmers could threaten power, it was decided a stronger national government was necessary. SHAY REBELLION EXPLAINED

  1. FEDERALISM IS THE DIVISION OF POWER BETWEEN THE FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS.  I say this because its our form of gov and way important.  But I also say it to you see it as the basis for the Articles and our current Constitution.  Its the balance of power that changes.  Now go rip a paper and say the definition a thousand times.HUGE FEDERALISM LECTURE FOR AP KIDS BE sure to get the three major vocabulary words, DELEGATED POWER (Federal Power in the Constitution), RESERVED POWERS (10th Amendment, If it ain’t in the Constititution it goes to the state) and CONCURRENT POWER (shared power like transportation and taxes)

  1. One law passed under the Articles is important, its the "Uht oh mama got pregnant law"  More officially called the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.  It developed a process in which territories could enter the union.  So in a sense it allows us to expand the family of Federalism.  Can I drop some Manifest Destiny on you?  Bam.  I just did.

  1. The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia in 1787, it originally was to alter the Articles, it became where they wrote our current Constitution.  The Constitutional Convention for Dummies

  1. One compromise at the convention was the GREAT COMPROMISE(video) (Connecticut Compromise)  It was between the large states and small states over how they would be represented in the newly created legislative branch.  The compromise was to create a two house Congress (bicameral legislature).  The House would be based on population (census and pro large states) and the Senate (every state got two pro small states)  To pass a law it would have to get approved by both houses.
  2. Because of the census (taken ever ten years, its in in the constitution) , the next compromise was over how to count slaves.  It was between the North and South, the 3/5ths Compromise(video)  is what they settled on, giving slavery and racism a place written into the constitution.  Be careful to know the compromise is not over slavery but the counting of slaves.

  1. The Federalist Papers were written by Federalists (like Hamilton) to persuade Americans to support the ratification of the new constitution.  I call it the second book of duh. They include sections on checks and balances, the need for central power, sep. of powers and need to avoid a pure democracy, a fear of “Factions”  A  THE FEDERALIST PAPERS FOR DUMMIES

  1. The last "compromise" is between the Federalists, who argued for a strong central gov. and the Anti Federalists (jefferson) who still feared a abusive Federal Gov.  In order to ratify the Constitution the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.  These first ten amendments protect citizens against Federal Gov. abuses.  A

  1. Here is a link to the WHOLE Constitution in video format.  Currently only missing a few amendments. Know the basic sections> Article I: Legislative Power, Article II: Executive Power, Article III Judicial Power, Article IV: State Obligations, Article V: Amendment Procedure, Article VI: Supremacy Clause

  1. Know the Bill of Rights which protects you from the Federal Gov.  1 (expressions) 2(bear arms)  4(warrants)  5(suspect/remain shhh)  6 (trial/speedy)  8(cruel/unusual) 10(reserved-kick a chair) WATCH BILL OF RIGHTS VIDEO LECTURE  WATCH IT IN 30 SECONDS   THE PLAYLIST OF THE AMENDMENTS 

  1. The House of Reps is the maddog analogy.The CONSTITUTION is Federalism.  Power in it is delegated to the Federal Gov.  Power not in it is reserved for states (10th amendment) and overlapping powers (like taxes) are called concurrent.  The one game changer is the SUPREMACY clause which states the Constitution is the law of the land, Feds trump states.  So whose your daddy? The interstate commerce clause also gives the feds an upper hand.


  1.   Lots of dogs, 435 of them.  Short leash (direct democracy) controls the rep who can impeach the prez (teeth) and starts revenue bills/tax (teeth) CONGRESS EXPLAINED VIDEO

  1. The Senate is the bowties.  Only a 100, check the President (appointments/court picks/treaties)  they also hold the impeachment trial.

  1. Together the CONGRESS has delegated powers such as war, interstate commerce, creating the court.  Its most expansive power comes from implied powers which are created through the elastic clause(VIDEO). Say it, Congress shall make all laws necessary and proper.  This conflicts is a sense with the tenth amendment and is important in explaining issues in Federalism.  

  1. Congress passes laws, can amend the constitution with 2/3rds (and 3/4 states) and can override a presidential veto with 2/3rds ARTICLE V FOR DUMMIES  A WATCH CONGRESS VIDEO LECTURE (1/2)  WATCH CONGRESS VIDEO LECTURE (2/)

  1. The executive branch consists of the prez., originally could serve as many terms as they could win (until 22nd).  Each term is four years. Commander n Chief, enforcer of the law.  Can suspend habeaus corpus in crisis. Can sign treaties. Can veto laws.  Is the "leader", can use "bully pulpit" to advocate for policies.  Think FDR. New Deal.  Picks Justices to the Federal Courts. WATCH EXECUTIVE VIDEO LECTURE 1/1        WATCH EXECUTIVE VIDEO LECTURE 2/2

  1. The judicial branch is chosen by the prez and confirmed by the senate.  They review the laws and after Marbury v Madison(VIDEO) they have the power to nullify federal law (declare it unconstitutional) which makes JUDICIAL REVIEW!!!! (SUPREME COURT CASES FOR DUMMIES!!!!!!!) Think referee of the rulebook (constitution).  Serve lifetime terms to shield them against public opinion, so they can follow the rules and not worry about getting elected. Think of Refs could be fired by fans. rofl rofl rofl  WATCH JUDICIAL REVIEW VIDEO LECTURE  

  1.          The constitution is flexible because it can be changed (ba ba ba ba ba (2/3rds of both houses, 3/4ths of the states) FEDERALISM!)  These are the amendments on the test most often. WATCH CONSTITUTIONAL FLEXIBILITY VIDEO LECTURE There are 27, 17 minus the Bill of Rights.  13,14,15 Say them together. FREE CITIZENS VOTE.  16(Happy Birthday) graduated income tax.  17 (SEventeen = SEnate dog leash. elected direct now)  18/21 drinking ages.  19 (1919 womyn suffrage) 22 (no 2 terms)  26 (2+6=EIGHTeen vote)   WATCH AMENDMENTS VIDEO LECTURE

  1. UNWRITTEN CONSTITUTION(VIDEO) is also flexibility b/c custom allows to bend to need.  Answers include prez cabinet, 2 party system, judicial review, filibuster and no two terms up to the 22nd amend.

  1. The electoral college is how we elect the prez.  Its state by state. So you run 50 elections.  If you win the state you win the electoral # based on the states population.  The lowest is 3 the highest is Cali (55)  There are 538 electoral votes, win 270 you win.  Noone gets 270 it goes to the house.  You can win the popular vote across the nation and still lose. (Al Gore 2000, Bush v Gore, the S.Court stopped the FL counting making Bush Prez)   WATCH ELECTORAL VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Limitations are built into the constitution to counter flexibility.  Think checks and balances, sep. of powers, the length lawmaking process, the tenth amendment to limit the fed power to delegated.  (forget about elastic for a second)  A short video explaining how to bang out a thematic essay on checks.     WATCH CHECKS AND BALANCES COMPLETE VIDEO REVIEW        

  1. Washington, Hamilton and John Marshall are early FEDERALISTS.  Middle name is Schwartzanagagger   
  2. Northerners were generally Federalists and supported big gov. to protect their banks and industries , Southerns were generally Democratic Republicans and did not trust the Federal Government, they argued more for states rights. As we move to the civil war they will test this hatred by nullifying Federal laws they do not like. (alien sedition act with the Kentucky VA resolutions) later they will try to leave (1860) WATCH EARLY FEDERAL ERA VIDEO LECTURE

  1. A TARIFF is a tax on an import. (french underwear) It was supported by Federalists as a way to support US Manufacturers and Big Business. It taxes foreign imports which makes buying American cheaper.  Northerners loved it, Southerns hated it because it rose prices. THE TARIFF VIDEO

  1. Washington is strong b/c he enforced power in the Whiskey Rebellion.  Hamilton (HAMILTON VIDEO)for his economic power and the national bank and John Marshall for his s.court decisions. (Marbury v Madison, McCulloch v Maryland (N.Bank, S. Clause, E.Clause) and Gibbons v Ogden (Interstate Commerce. S.Clause)

  1. Washington's Farewell, on the test a lot.  Stay the heck away from Europe and point as you stand on the radiator (isolationism), watch out for (pointing at his sides) the TWO PARTY system and final show two fingers and shake your head no and say no two terms (at least to the 22nd) WATCH WASHINGTON VIDEO LECTURE

  1. After Adams signs the Alien Sedition Act, it is Jefferson who develops the concept of nullification in the KY-VA Resolutions. The conception of the Civil War it says states have the right to void Federal law. In a sense allowing the kids of the Family of the US to tell the parent to screw off. Here is a video called I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL NAKED, OR NULLIFICATION FOR DUMMIES

  1. Jefferson is the first Dem-Rep President.  He is most on the test for Louisiana Purchase.  This is manifest destiny and addition of the Mississippi. But the question might ask about his changing in how he reads the constitution. He does the treaty w/out the Senate (going strict anti fed. to a looser federalist view of the constitution.  Drop the baby baby. A WATCH JEFFERSON VIDEO

  1. With the elimination of property requirements, the South was able to elect the first Democratic President, Andrew Jackson not so like Native Americans (refuses to enforce Worchester v Georgia and pushes Indian Removal Act anyway) father of the spoils system (to winner goes jobs) and veto king. He also hates and vetoes the national bank.  He was a southerner after all. WATCH JACKSON VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Manifest Destiny is the expansion (through divine inspiration) from coast to coast.  Mexican War is a big addition (the SW), L. Purchase and the building of the transcontinental rr and the relocation of N. Americans onto reservation (Dawes Act) WATCH MANIFEST DESTINY VIDEO LECTURE

  1. The Trail of Tears is the term used for the death that occurred with the forcible removal of  native Americans to west of the Mississippi.  50 years later the US will forcibly move native Americans again onto reservations with the passage of the Dawes act to "Assimilate" them into America.

  1. The Homestead act (the video explanation) is an example of economic nationalism and a subsidy by giving free land to settlers who committed to working farms in the frontier.

  1. Manifest Destiny causes sectionalism. SECTIONALISM EXPLAINED VIDEO  As we expand the nation has to solve the problem of what to do with slavery in new states.  This causes temporary compromises (Missouri Compromise-invisible line), (Compromise of 1850 - Cali/Fugitive Slave Act) Kansas/Nebraska Act (popular sovereignty-j.Brown, Bloody Kansas)  None of this works and in 1860 when Abe is elected, the South secede from the union and the civil war is on. 

  1. The Dred Scott Decision is right before the Civil War.  By declaring slaves were property it made compromising over slavery impossible and caused abolitionists to be angry.  It pushed the two sides farther apart. It is the match which lights the fuse. This combined with the hanging of John Brown, set the stage for the Civil War. Lincoln’s Election will be the final straw.

  1. The North wins the Civil War because of it mo mo mo mo ($, men, resources, transportation)

  1. Lincoln suspended ha beaus corpus in the border states to keep them in the union.  When he issued the Emancipation proclamation, it did not free border state slaves.  LINCOLN FOUGHT THE CIVIL WAR TO SAVE THE UNION. Go save that a thousand times. WATCH CIVIL WAR VIDEO LECTURE     CRISIS THESIS VIDEO

  1. Reconstruction.  Lincolns and Johnson are huggers.  They want to go easy on the south. Radical Republicans are sluggers, they want to punish the south. Johnson was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act, hews found not guilty, one vote kept him in office. The Johnson Impeachment Video

  1. Reconstruction in ten years. 1867-1877. Blacks votes and got elected. Military occupies the south to keep order. The south tries to pass black codes and were stopped by Feds.  We got the 13,14,15th amendment.  14 is biggest. NO STATE shall deny its citizen equal protection under the law or due process.......  Daddy got a way to make the states behave. A(GREAT QUESTION) You also have Freedman's bureau and vocab like carpetbaggers and scalawags.

  1. Reconstruction is replaced by 70 years of Jim Crow.  In 1877, the troops left (Compromise of 1877) and in 1896 the 14th amendment was thrashed in Plessey v Ferguson when they upheld the constitutionality of the Separate Car Act by stating Separate is Equal. Jim Crow = kkk, lynching, literacy tests, poll taxes, grandfather clauses and sep. of the races as well as degrading social customs.

  1. The two early civil rights leaders on the test are Booker T Washington (overalls) who thought hard work and vocational education was the path to civil rights and WEB Dubois (bow tie) who was  Harvard educated lawyer who started the Niagara Movement (later NAACP) and did not want to wait for civil rights but to fight for them in court NOW.

  1. Following and During (and before a little) the US enters INDUSTRIALIZATION.  This is when immigrants and rural people moved to cities to work in factories.  This increased production, consumer goods and over the long run created a middle class and improved our way of life.  The bad news is that b/c we were LAISSEZ FAIRRE, there was no protection from the gov. for consumers and workers. WATCH INDUSTRIAL AGE LECTURE ONE        WATCH INDUSTRIAL AGE VIDEO TWO

  1. During industrialization businesses grew and consolidates to form monopolies and trusts who killed competition and then rose prices. On the bright side they also were philanthropists, who gave much away to charity.

  1. Immigration is open during industrialization.  Cheap labor.  The backlash example is the CHINESE exclusion act (1883) after the RR built which is an example of NATIVISM and XENOPHOBIA. IMMIGRATION VIDEO LECTURE

  1. During Laissez Faire (Industrialization) UNIONS do not do go.  By not interfering the fed. gov. supported big business.  Knights of Labor (unskilled) AFL (Skilled)  Unions want collective bargaining rights. WATCH THE PULLMAN STRIKE VIDEO

  1. Economic Nationalism is when the US acts to help the economy expand.  Tariffs is one example but subsides is better, a government handout, the one on the regents is frequently free land and money to the RR companies to complete the Transcontinental Railroad.

  1. Social Darwinism was adopted as a belief of the rich in the industrial age.  It taught that those with riches were deserving because they were born that way..... that your DNA determines your success.  It defended the extreme gap between the Rich and poor. This picture reminds me of the concept.

  1. US F. POLICY THESIS-- SELF INTEREST.  Until INDUSTRIALIZATION the US Foreign Policy was set by George Washington. (stay away from Europe (isolationism)) The AMAZING FOREIGN POLICY DANCE VIDEO

  1. THE MONROE DOCTRINE.  Dog pee pee in the hood.  This early 1823 policy is kinda of a stepping stone from isolationism.  It warned Europe that Latin America was our hood but at the same time we will still away from them. Yes, there is a dog piss video.

  1. B/C of the demand for raw materials and new markets the US adopted imperialism (BELLY RUBBIN)  This led to Hawaii, Alaska,  As well as the OPEN DOOR POLICY with China-Trade.  WATCH IMPERIALISM VIDEO ONE   WATCH IMPERIALISM VIDEO TWO

  1. 1899. Spanish American War (imperialism) in Cuba.  Yellow Journalism (stretching truth to sell and make war) and the sinking of the USS Maine is used to invade Cuba to kick out the Spanish. (Teller Amend) The US then controls Cuba (Platt amendment) Us also gets control over P.Rico and the Philippines. Watch the video!

  1. Roosevelt Corollary(VIDEO)  is part of Imperialism in Latin America.  Monroe with a gun.  Panama Canal, Spanish American War. We can now protect our interests in L. America... protect our hood.

  1. Laissez Faire begin to change at the turn of the century b/c of third parties and Populism. (populists, Grange, Progressive Party, Socialist Party) Third parties never win but their ideas and issues get taken care of) This is for World but may help

  1. The Grange(VIDEO) question can be handled. Sing home on the range.  See a farmer who hates gold, banks and railroads.  The answer will relate. WATCH POPULISM GREEN SCREEN VIDEO LECTURE   A   B

  1. Progressive Era (1900-1915) The first hands down president is a Republican (and the last Republican hands down) and that is TEDDY ROOSEVELT. He pushed through the SQUARE DEAL.  Used the baseball bat--> Sherman Anti Trust (and ICC) to break up monopolies and trust to increase competition.  Also signed meat inspection act, Hepburn act (regulates $ on rr) but was a conservationists who saved much of our national parks. SQUARE DEAL LECTURE WATCH PROGRESSIVE ERA VIDEO LECTURE

  1. (Muckraking VIDEO) also contributed to Progressivism by making people away for problems.  On the test most often in Upton Sinclair's "the Jungle" which led the to FDA and the Meat Inspection Act, watch out for Jacob Riis' "How the Other Half Lives" and "The Octopus" by Frank Norris about the railroads.

  1. Woodrow Wilson is our first Democratic Progressive President.  He supported the progressive income tax (16th) and signed the Federal Reserve Act which regulates the money supply.  He is also our WWI prez and adopted neutrality as the war broke out. After Zimmerman Note, Lusitania and unrestricted submarine warfare the US went in and help defeat Germany. (Turtle comes out after knocks)WATCH WWI VIDEO LECTURE

  1. WWI and WWII domestic ideas (1916-1917 and 1941-1945)  Womyn Diesel (work factories/rosie riveter for wwii), Great Migrations (Af. Americans move north for jobs, causing Harlem Renaissance), people buy liberty/war bonds to raise capital for the war and gov. controls the economy (price controls and rationing)

  1. Kumbaya.  Wilson sings it trying to get a peace treaty. 14 points VIDEO (of peace) and a League of Nations.  The Treaty of Versailles only included the League of Nations.  The US Senate checks treaties and rejects the Treaty of Versailles and the US goes back into the shell of isolationism.

  1. Schenck vs US. (Schenck Video!!!! NEW)   Schenck is protester, socialist, advocates violating draft.  WWI free speech case. Limits first amendment.  Declares speech which creates clear and present danger to be illegal. Uses fire in theater analogy. (Crisis Thesis..during it , limit rights for certain groups) (THE CRISIS THESIS VIDEO FOR DUMMIES)  A  B

  1. After WWI womyn demand the right to vote, 19th amendment.  After first demanding it at SENECA FALLS, THE VIDEO LECTURE 1848.  Later during the 1960's womyn will fight for more laws like the equal pay act and for an equal rights amendment (never won). Feminism is the fight for equality with men (pay, sexism, equality, treatment, opportunity)

  1. The 1920 is isolationism, nativistic, laissez faire and for most economically roaring.  Its also the time of prohibition even though everyone ignored the law.  Scopes Monkey Trial (science vs religion). Sacco Vanzaetti (example of nativism) National Origins Act (limit red immigration)  Red Scare. WATCH 1920's VIDEO LECTURE

  1. 1929. Stock Market crashes.  Hoover, what the hell?  He is laissez fairre during the depression.  Hoovervilles, bonus army. (BONUS ARMY VIDEO)

  1. Causes of g.depression (credit, OVERPRODUCTION, margin buying, overspending) And throw is a Dust Bowl. Mix it with 25% unemployment and you got yourself a problem. WATCH GREAT DEPRESSION VIDEO LECTURE

  1. FDR is hands down. New Deal. Expand Gov. Expand Prez Power.  Alphabet Soup.    Social Security. TVA/CCC/FDIC/NRA/WPA NEW DEAL EXPLAINED IN FULL        WATCH NEW DEAL VIDEO LECTURE IN 10 MIN

  1. Following the AAA and NRA being declared unconstitutional, FDR proposed Congress increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court, this is called COURT PACKING and was ultimately rejected by the American public. While legal it smacked of violating checks and balances. Watch the COURT PACKING FOR DUMMIES VIDEO. This is always on the test.

  1. Unions are now legal after New Deal.  Wagner Act guaranteed collective bargaining rights. NEW DEAL LECTURE
  2. 1930's = neutrality (in the shell) until first Lend n Lease Act (support allies with money/weapons) and then after Pearl Harbor we go to WWII.  WATCH WWII VIDEO LECTURE

  1. WWII Foreign... DDAY invasion of Europe by Allies and Why Truman Dropped ABomb VIDEO (to save american lives and end the war quickly)

  1. Korematsu v US.  Limit court case. Ha beaus Corpus is denied to Japanese Americans on west coast as they are detained in "relocation internment camps" b/c of the fear they may be spies.  CRISIS THESIS.

  1. The Cold War starts as WWII end. Our WWII ALLY is now our mortal enemy for control fo the world.  Map of Europe is split at YALTA creating the COLD WAR.  OUR POLICY IS CONTAINMENT.  WATCH COLD WAR ONE  COLD 2        COLD 3   COLD 4

  1. Examples of Containment include on the test (Marshall Plan (VIDEO)) -momo-, Truman Doctrine, Berlin Airlift (VIDEO), Korean War, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis VIDEO, Vietnam War EXPLAINED (GULF OF TONKIN VIDEO)

  1. As part of the COLD WAR the US formed NATO to combat the influence the Warsaw Pact (Crypts and Bloods)  This form of collective security along with Brinkmanship and MAD kept both sides from starting WWIII.

  1. Harry Truman dropped the ABomb, fired MacArthur and desegregated the army in 1948. The ATOMIC BOMB VIDEO

  1. Following WWII, the US passed the GI BILL (for vets to go to school) and experiences a BABY BOOM (effects education spending and today Social Security and Medicare)

  1. The Red Scare rears its ugly head after WWII. Loyalty Boards and Oaths, McCarthyism (WITCH!), real spies, Rosenberg Execution. WATCH RED SCARE VIDEO LECTURE   HUAC!!!!!! HOUSE ON UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE

  1. Sputnik was a soviet satellite, the first ever launched.  It spooked us and pushed into forming NASA, putting a man on the moon, doing the space race and investing in math and science education. THE SPACE RACE LECTURE

  1. The 1950's is characterized by economic growth, suburbia, conformity, the red scare and lots of family secrets. (i joke)

  1. Civil Rights is framed by civil disobedience. (stink thesis) Rosa Parks and MLK follow the Brown v Board of Ed. decision. Separate is NOT equal. That led to the little rock nine (LITTLE ROCK 9 FOR DUMMIES) and the use of federal troops to desegregate (whose your daddy)  other non violent vocab; sit ins, core, freedom rides, march on Washington, selma march. All of this leads to two laws, 1964 civil rights act and the 1965 voting rights act.  WATCH CIVIL RIGHTS VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Other leaders include Malcolm X and later in the 70's a rise in black nationalism, black panthers, and a rejection of turning the other check, more self reliance and fight to protect yourself.

  1. The Korean War was a United Nations effort (so is Persian Gulf War) and led to successful asian containment. KOREA FOR DUMMIES

  1. The Vietnam War (Domino theory) expanded after the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin (resolution giving LBJ power) resulted in home protests and ended with failed Vietnamization (nixon detente) in 1974 Congress took back some its war power with the WAR POWERS ACT which gives them the power to bring troops home after 60 days if there is no war declaration. WATCH VIETNAM VIDEO LECTURE

  1. JFK created the PEACE CORPS (to aid in the development of developing nations in order to help them (and contain communism by making up the ones who helped).

  1.  JFK Blockaded CUBA in response to the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS, when the SOviets were putting nukes on the ISLAND.  It was resolved through negotiotation and the nukes were removed. A win for JFK. We also agreed never to invade. Here is the superific video, CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS FOR DUMMIES

  1. The Warren Court of the 1960's is an activist supreme court which expands the constitution and individual rights. Big cases include; Mapp v Ohio(exclusionary rule/dirty ole lady) (MAPP VIDEO) , Miranda v Arizona (rights read), Gideon v Wainwrights (cant afford one?), Escobedo v Illinois (ask for a lwayer, ?'s stop) and Tinker v Des Moines(symbolic armbands school) but don’t forget NJ TLO       A WATCH WARREN COURT VIDEO LECTURE          

  1. LBJ's Great Society/War on Poverty sought to expand on the New Deal to create a larger safety net and help the poor get opportunity.  Medicare (elderly) Medicaid (poor) Welfare, Public Housing, Food Stamps, Head Start..... Expands role of Federal Gov. Criticisms include too big, too costly, creates dependency.  WATCH GREAT SOCIETY VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Roe v Wade VIDEO legalized abortion.

  1. Detente is the cooling off of the cold war. Nixon led it, visits china, signs salt nuclear limits and ends Vietnam (unsuccessfully)

  1. Affirmative Action is an idea of colleges and gov. using race as a factor to award jobs, entry, awards.  This was to fight the effects of racism/poverty/history.  Critics claim its reverse racism *14th amendment.  In Bakke Decision the court said it could not be used as a quota system but race could be a consideration (one factor of many). Still issue.

  1. Nixon resigns after Watergate. Used executive privilege to try and ignore a congressional investigation. US v Nixon (no one is above the law, turn tapes over) WATCH WATERGATE VIDEO LECTURE

  1. NY Times v US is a court case which expanded press rights over prior restraint, this allowed the NY Times to publish the Pentagon Papers, which helped take down Nixon.

  1. Jimmy Carter, Camp David accords, peace in the middle east between Egypt and Israel.  WATCH 1970's VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Iran Hostage Crisis. Iran takes US hostages as it creates an Islamic Nation.  Carter can not rescue, helps him lose.  Reagan wins and hostages released. THE IRAN-HOSTAGE CRISIS FOR DUMMIES Later Reagan is in scandal which involves selling arms to Iran so he can give it to the anti communist Contras in Nicaragua. (Iran-Contra) The IRAN CONTRA FOR DUMMIES LECTURE

  1. Ronald Reagan is a laissez faiire, hands up prez.  He used trickle down economics (supply side) which is tax cuts for the rich to create jobs for the poor (ice cream cone idea)

  1. Reagan heated up the Cold War with increased defense spending and an attempt to build start wars (SDI) to change the threat of a nuclear attack.  WATCH REAGAN VIDEO LECTURE

  1. The Soviet Union broke up in 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  One reason was the M and M idea as the last leader Gorbachev instituted reforms such as glasnost and perestroika.

  1. The 1990s Foreign Policy is the NEW WORLD ORDER. With the US as the only superpower I think of it as a superman or nice cop.  We take actions to stop crisis and genocide (sometimes) Persian Gulf War (PERSIAN GULF WAR FOR DUMMIES), The US through UN saves Kuwait from Iraq and Saadam Hussein.  We go to Bosnia/Serbia to stop civil war genocide.  WATCH 1990's VIDEO LECTURE

  1. In the 1980’s and 90's our relationship to Japan and China is characterized by a trade imbalance meaning we sell lots of their stuff not so much the other way around.

  1. Clinton was a Democratic President from 1992-2000. He balanced the budget and was impeached for lying about sex under oath.  He was found not guilt by the Senate. EWE THERE IS A VIDEO: CLINTON IMPEACHMENT FOR DUMMIES

  1. Current immigration. Mexican illegal immigration.  Increase in Nativism.  People still come for jobs and economic opportunity.  

  1. 9/11 changed foreign policy.  Bush adopted preemptive strike.  After attacking Afghanistan he attacked Iraq which had never attacked us.

  1. 9/11 limits freedoms in order to make us safer. Patriot Act allows for warrantless searches if related to terrorism... during times of crisis.........  WATCH 9/11 VIDEO LECTURE ONE           WATCH 9/11 VIDEO LECTURE TWO

  1. Current events--->corporations seeking greater profits have moved their factories to other countries for cheap labor causing a decline in manufacturing jobs in the US.

  1. Current Events---> Lobbying is the practice of forming organizations of like minded peoples and use your power to advocate for laws and change.  The negative is money talks and some see it as a form of bribery and why the interests of the rich are taken more seriously.

  1. HANDS UP PRESIDENTS -->  ANYONE in the 1800's, HOOVER AND REAGAN (and Bush Jr.)

  1. HANDS DOWN----> TEDDY, FDR, LBJ  (and Obama)

  1. IMMIGRATION OPEN ----> ANYTIME in the 1800's and early 1900's.  1960's.  IMMIGRATION CLOSE---->  CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, 1920's.   IMMIGRATION VIDEO LECTURE

  1. Current Trend.  People are moving to the Southwest and the South.  Because of the current census those states will be gaining electoral votes while NY will be losing electoral votes.



  1. The French and Indian War  was around 15 years before the Revolutionary War. The main idea is the British helped repel the French and defeated the Native Americans on the western frontier (Ohio/PA). The result was the British raised taxes to pay for the war (No taxation w/out rep) and they declared the “Proclamation Line of 1763” which was designed to keep the colonists in the East by banning further westward expansion, so the British could avoid more Indian Wars. This just pissed off the colonists.
  2. During the French and Indian War there was something called the ALBANY PLAN OF UNION, ALBANY PLAN OF UNION EXPLAINED  this was called by Benjamin Franklin in order to try and unite the colonies during the conflict so they could defend themselves and possible raise their own money to repel the native americans. It failed but its the FIRST TIME the colonists are acting like siblings and they will now begin to look at Great Britain as a far removed mean father... I mean King, I mean colonial power. THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR FOR DUMMIES
  3. Selective Incorporation is an important element effect of the 14th amendment. After the Civil War the court ruled in the Slaughterhouse Cases that he 14th amendment was intended for African Americans and refused to use it to apply the 5th amendment to the states. It then went on to screw black people in Plessy...tangent.  the bigger point is 1925 in Gitlow v NY, the court DID use the 14ths due process clause to apply the 1st amendment's Freedom of Speech to the state. It selectively incorporated that part of the 1st. The 1960’s Warren Court Decisions all rely on this idea. Not all amendments have been incorporated (8th, 2nd) but many have. The 14th therefore has applied the Bill of Rights to the states. “NO STATE SHALL DENY ITS CITIZENS....EQUAL PROTECTION/DUE PROCESS.........” 14th AMENDMENT VIDEO EXPLAINING
  4.  The ERA, or the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT, was in a sense, the 14th amendment for women. Although women have equality through constitutional judicial interpretation and through legislative mandates, many progressives wanted these rights enshrined in the Constitution. The argument being, it was needed b/c judicial precedent can be reversed and laws can be changed.  The ERA did not get ratified, falling, three states short after getting 2/3rds of both houses.  Check out the video, the ERA FOR DUMMIES! 



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