YarmouthPTOlogo3.png Hannaford Gift Cards

Shop Locally and Raise Money

This successful PTO Fundraiser does not cost you any extra money!

Purchase a Hannaford gift card from your Yarmouth PTO and

 Hannaford will make a 5% donation to your K-8 PTO.

$100 check = $100 gift card + $5 donation

Here is how the program works:

  1. Fill out a Card Request Form. A new card is needed for all families at the beginning of the school year. If a request exceeds $500 we will issue more than one card.
  2. Please make all checks payable to Yarmouth PTO.
  3. Return the form and check to your child’s school by noon on Wednesday, September 20th OR mail your check to PTO/HGC at PO Box 262, Yarmouth ME 04096.  All checks must be received by the load date.
  4. A Hannaford Gift Card for the full amount you requested will be available for you the next day (Thursday 9/21). It can be sent home with your child, picked up from your school office, or mailed directly to your home.

Participate in this simple program and help Hannaford help our schools!

2017-2018 Load Dates

September 20th                        October 11th                November 1st

November 15th                        December 13th                January 10th

February 7th                        February 28th                March 21st

April 11th                                May 2nd                         May 30th

Card Request Form

  • Complete this form and put your check (payable to Yarmouth PTO) in an envelope labeled “PTO/Hannaford GC”.
  • Send it with your child to school, drop it off at a school office, OR mail it to Yarmouth PTO/HGC, P.O. Box 262, Yarmouth ME, 04096.
  • All checks must be received by noon Wednesday, September 20th.


Phone:_________________________  Email:____________________

Student’s Name:___________________________________________

Teacher/Advisor:______________________________  Grade:_______

Gift Card amount (not to exceed $500): $_____________

Wish to load more than $500?  Fill out information below for an additional card.

Additional Card Holder’s Name:_____________________  Amount: $_________

Please send my card (check one):

____ Home with my child

____ To the school office and I will pick up.

____ Mail to the following address: _____________________________________


How your PTO supports your student:  

Field Trips ~ Assemblies ~ Library Funding ~ Field Day ~ Staff Appreciation Events ~ Adult  Education Events.  

Be involved.    Have a voice.    Join the fun.