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Individual and Direct Funds - Pgs 3

Mutual Aid Funds - Pgs 4-5

Fordham University Petitions - Pg 5

Fundraisers and Donations - Pgs 5-6

Bailout and Jail Support Funds - Pgs 6-10

Supplies and Utilities Funds - Pg 11

Organizing Funds - Pgs 11-12

Miscellaneous Funds - Pg 12-13

Funds in NYC - Pgs 13

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Document Information:

*To request adding a fund to the list, please email or DM @fordhamsjp on IG and Twitter **We are not granting editing access**

  • This Google document was written by Fordham University students. It contains community mutual aid funds, fundraisers, and jail bail funds for protesters. The original intent of this document was to culminate a list of resources for Fordham students to donate to, but this of course is open to the public.

  • The second intent of this document was to compile support threads from both the national and regional (NYC) level.

  • We cannot take credit for all that has been listed here. The main two documents that you should direct your attention to are listed here (Twitter Credit) and here

From BLM:

Official “Ways You Can Help” page of Black Lives Matter


Be cautious when writing “BLM” in your donations, some are getting blocked.

Also, some organizations are in immediate need.

New additions to this document as of 6/13 5:15 pm EST (Updated Daily)

  • Snap 4 Freedom: black queer abolition and liberation organizing space (organizing section)
  • Thread of funds for Dominique Fells and Riah Minton, black trans women murdered this week (donations section)

(updated 6/5, 4:00 pm)

Immediate Need/On the Ground:

(Courtesy of this list)

- WFPC Direct Action and Rapid Response Spreadsheet (consistently updated, supply drop offs, sign ups, donations, etc.) centralized frontlines fund:



Listed on 6/3 (have not been updated of status but most likely still accepting funds)

  • @Isak-Douah on venmo, $Isakdouah on cashapp, on PayPal (buying gas masks for protestors)

Listed on 6/2 (have not been updated of status but most likely still accepting funds)

  • @vanessa-gadberry on venmo, $vanessaGadberry on cashapp, on paypal (supplies and protective gear for protestors)
  • @Fadumo_Ali on venmo, $saintfadumo on cashapp, on PayPal (protective gear for small group of organizers/activists, all excess funds will go to bail fund)

Listed on 6/1 (have not been updated of status but most likely still accepting funds)

  • $rlaw9898 on cashapp (medical supplies)
  • @danez-smith on venmo, (food, supplies, toys for kids, etc. North mpls -- extra is being redistributed)
  • @femmeempowermentproject on venmo (on the ground, supplies/herbal medicine care)
  • @claire-fallon-1 (supplies, groceries, etc., any additional funds will be donated to femme empowerment project)

Listed on 5/31 (have not been updated of status but most likely still accepting funds)

  • @Vanessa-Anyanso on venmo or $VanessaAnyanso on cashapp (buying and delivering supplies to protestors and organizers)
  • @mgriffin92 on venmo, $MrsGuy11 on cashapp, on PayPal (accepting donations for Northsiders)
  • @maiya-Hartman on venmo, $MaiyaLea on cashapp, on PayPal (meal kits to families and extra money to be distributed amongst organizations)
  • @asha-Hassan-2 on venmo, $ashahamdi on cashapp, on Paypal (to purchase and distribute food, medical supplies, and other necessities for families temporarily and indefinitely living in a food desert here in Minneapolis)

Listed on 5/30 (have not been updated of status but most likely still accepting funds)

  • zelle number: 6125989366, $yhaante on cashapp (on the ground, supplies/first aid)
  • @cypress-kenney on venmo (warm meals for organizers and frontliners)

Individual and Direct Funds:

  • Black Trans Femmes in the Arts: Black trans emergency fund
  • “In partnership with the Black trans travel fund, For the Gworls, and the Okra Project, we are raising funds to support Black trans protesters with resources, medical care, and bail. All funds that are not needed will be distributed to Black trans led orgs doing the work to minimize violence against Black trans folks.”
  • Thread of Gofundme’s Made by Black Folks Who Really Need the Money
  • Donate to Iyanna Dior, a Black trans woman who was assaulted.
  • Cashapp: $IyannaDIO
  • @gabisoglam on venmo, $sapphireluxxe on cashapp
  • Support for Black woman protester in need of funds
  • $notmuna on cashapp,
  • Follow their social media! Twitter/Instagram: @Newarksjog
  • Venmo: JaLoniOwens with “Repro Fund” in the Subject!
  • Preparations4Restorations is collecting donations for black individuals on the frontlines in Minneapolis
  • Venmo: prepare2restore
  • Cashapp: $prepare2restore
  • Central communications through IG @preparations4restorations (link)
  • For young black trans woman attacked in Minnesota
  • Cashapp $najababiie

Mutual Aid:

  • TheOkraProject
  • “To honor #NinaPop, #TonyMcDade, and the many Black Trans people who been murdered by state-sanctioned violence, The Okra Project is dedicating $15,000 to create the Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund and the Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund” [TWITTER THREAD]
  • Paypal link
  • Louisville Mutual Aid Fund
  • Richmond Mutual Aid
  • NYC Mutual Aid
  • Minneapolis Mutual Aid Fund for Public Housing Residents
  • Philadelphia Mutual Aid Fund
  • Atlanta Mutual Aid
  • Los Angeles Mutual Aid Fund
  • St. Louis Mutual Aid Fund
  • Detroit Mutual Aid Spreadsheet (tons of people in need, just choose a person you wanna directly support based on the info):
  • Portland Mutual Aid Funds
  • Black Resilience Fund
  • Free Lunch Collective
  • Venmo @freelunchcollective
  • Portland Mutual Aid Network
  • Venmo @portlandmutualaidnetwork
  • Boston Mutual Aid (Helping People Get Groceries):
  • DC Mutual Aid Fund:
  • Newark, NJ Mutual Aid:
  • Brick City Mutual Aid
  • Cashapp $BrickCityMutualAid
  • Venmo @BrickCityMutualAid
  • Cleveland Mutual Aid:
  • Salt Lake City Mutual Aid:
  • Albuquerque Mutual Aid:
  • Seattle Mutual Aid:
  • Appalachian Youth Mutual Aid Fund:
  • Detroit Sex Workers Mutual Aid:
  • SF Mutual Aid:
  • Chicago COVID-19 Hardship and Help Page:
  • Brentano Elementary Solidarity fund:
  • Raising money for incarcerated folks in NYC
  • Equality for Flatbush
  • a people of color-led, multi-national grassroots organization that does anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification/anti-displacement organizing in Flatbush, East Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide
  • (link)
  • Great People Helping Great People 
  • “Pittsburgh mutual aid fund that supports the needs of the Black and POC community, focusing on femme- and NB-identified folx and the work of local activists.”
  • (link)

Fordham Petitions:

Fundraisers & Donations:

  • Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
  • Official Justice for Breonna Taylor Memorial Fund
  • Bond, Legal, Medical For Sha’Teina El Grady
  • Justice For Regis Fund
  • James Surlock Memorial Fund
  • Dion Johnson Memorial Fund
  • Memorial Fund for Tony Mcdade
  • Northside Funders Group and WBC supporting business in the northside of Minneapolis affected by covid-19 and riots
  • Rebuild Cedar Child Care Center (Minneapolis)
  • The OFFICIAL Peace and Healing for Darnella Fund
  • Save the Gully Queens of Jamaica
  • Thread of two funeral funds and petition for two black, trans women murdered this weekend

Bailout & Jail Support:

  • National Bail Out - #FreeBlackMamas
  • Minnesota
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund - Jail Bails and Bonds
  • UPDATE 5/29 2:49pm, MFF asking for donations to also be directed to other orgs listed!! They have received a flood of support, please share the wealth!!! Keep donating here as well!!!
  • (link)
  • Black Visions Collective - Movement and Legal Fund
  • NYC
  • COVID-19 Bail Out NYC
  • NYC Bail Out (They have released a statement stating to stop sending funds)
  • Venmo: @BailOutNYCMay
  • Cashapp: $BailOutNycMay
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • FTP Bronx Bail Out Fund
  • Venmo: @FTP4BailFund
  • Due to overwhelming support, FTP4 bail fund does not need more funds
  • New York-- outside of NYC
  • Rochester New York Bail Support
  • Bail and Supply Support
  • CashApp: $BLMRoc
  • Venmo: @BLMRoc
  • Buffalo
  • Black Love Resists in the Rust
  • Connecticut Bail Fund
  • Delaware Food Not Bombs Bail Fund
  • California
  • Compton, CA - The Bail Project
  • Bay Area Anti- Repression Committee Bail Fund
  • Los Angeles People's City Council Freedom Fund
  • Oakland, California Mutual Aid Fund by the Anti-Police Terror Project
  • Oakland, California People's Program BailOut Fund - All excess funds go toward its community breakfast program.
  • Oakland, California Links to additional bailout funds to free protesters arrested.
  • Orange County Bail Fund
  • San Jose Bail Fund by the Silicon Valley DSA -- Primarily for people detained in San Jose
  • Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh
  • Philly Bail Fund
  • Texas
  • Support Austin Protestors
  • Houston Bail Fund
  • San Antonio Protester Freedom Fund
  • North Texas Community Bail Fund
  • Northwest Community Bail Fund
  • The BLM Seattle Freedom Fund
  • Midwest Region
  • Chicago Community Bond Fund
  • Columbus (OH) Freedom Fund
  • Detroit (MI) Bail Fund
  • Nebraska Neighbors for Common Good with "bail" in the memo.
  • Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project
  • Kansas City (MO) Legal Fund
  • Colorado Freedom Fund
  • Tennessee
  • Nashville Community Bail Fund
  • Mid-South Peace & Justice Center Bail Fund (TN)
  • Baltimore (MD) Bail Fund
  • North Carolina
  • Charlotte (NC) Bail Fund
  • Chapel Hill (NC) Bail Fund
  • New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund
  • Washington, D.C
  • Freedom Fighters DC - Bail Fund
  • Venmo: @freedom-fightersdc
  • Cashapp: $freedomfightersdc
  • D.C. Resistance Fund
  • Louisville Community Bail Fund
  • Wisconsin
  • Madison, Wisconsin Free The 350 Bail Fund
  • Milwaukee Freedom Fund
  • The Mississippi Bail Fund Collective
  • Massachusetts
  • The Massachusetts Bail Fund
  • Massachusetts FANG Community Bail Fund
  • Las Vegas Freedom Fund
  • Arizona
  • Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund
  • Phoenix, Arizona Black People’s Justice Fund - Metro Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Portland General Defense Committee - PDX Protest Bail Fund
  • Portland Freedom Fund
  • (link) - All donations are tax-deductible through their fiscal sponsor, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education. Please designate Portland Freedom Fund as the recipient.
  • The Montgomery (AL) BailOut
  • Florida
  • Miami Bail Fund
  • (link)
  • FemPower Bail Fund by Venmo and CashApp: fempowermia and by PayPal FemPower
  • Jail Support: 786-676-8806
  • Support Florida f12 protesters
  • Jacksonville Florida Community Support Fund
  • Tampa Bay Florida Community Support Fund
  • Alachua County (FL) COVID-19 Bond Fund
  • Richmond Bail Fund
  • Ohio
  • Columbus Freedom Fund
  • Cincinnati Freedom Fund
  • Georgia
  • Support #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Protesters in Atlanta (GA)
  • Atlanta solidarity fund
  • Hawaii Community Bail Fund
  • Little Rock Freedom Fund
  • CashApp $LRFreedomFund
  • Roanoke (VA) Community Bail Fund
  • Salt Lake City, Utah Bail Fund organized by Utah Against Police Brutality
  • Legal Aid Society Washington D.C
  • BLM Oklahoma taking donations for bail funds

Supplies & Utilities:

  • Northstar Health Collective - Medical Supply Fund for Protesters
  • Food for Justice Frontlines - donate to get groceries (including fresh produce from local farms) and hot meals to the protest frontlines.
  • Portland
  • Rosehip Medic Collective and Portland Action Medics are collecting bike helmets and goggles that are distributed to protestors for their safety.
  • Crisis Kitchen
  • Provides free, nourishing meals for hungry folx in Portland
  • Venmo @crisiskitchen
  • Free Lunch Collective
  • Organizes food access for all. Additionally, a hub for mutual aid
  • Venmo @freelunchcollective


  • Minnesota
  • Minnesota Youth Collective (organizing and space)
  • Black Youth Project 100
  • Reclaim the Block - Minneapolis
  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en La Lucha, CTUL_TC (organizing and space in Twin Cities)
  • MIGIZI (organizing, space, and programming supporting Native youth in Minneapolis)
  • Funds are to rebuild their space after fires and support future programming
  • (link)
  • Isuroon (organizing and empowering Somali women in twin cities) 
  • Little Earth Residents Association (securing food and housing needs for Native folks in Minneapolis)
  • Assata’s Daughters (Black, women-led organizing in Chicago)
  • Snap4Freedom (Atlanta, GA)
  • a Black Trans & Queer-led organization based out of Atlanta working towards abolition
  • (link)
  • Portland Organizing Groups
  • Black Youth Movement
  • Aims to amplify Black voices in Portland, with a current focus on defunding the police and redistributing resources.
  • GoFundMe
  • Don’t Shoot PDX
  • Advocates for accountability in the Portland Police Bureau to create social change.
  • Donation Form
  • Snack Bloc PDX
  • A community resource and support for rallies, protests, community events, vigils and more.
  • Venmo @snackbloc


  • Unicorn Riot
  • Until Freedom
  • MN Healing Justice Network/Spiral Collective (long haul care, ongoing trauma response, immediate funds to healers on site at Cup Foods and Moon Palace Medic Relief):
  • Divine Natural Ancestry (Minneapolis, free food for the people, local farm led by Black womxn)
  • Women for Political Change Mutual Aid Fund (mutual aid and resource coordination)
  • Lake St Council (help clean and rebuild Lake St., Minneapolis businesses):
  • Powwow Grounds (cafe/food distribution especially for Native elders in Minneapolis)
  • Currently closed as of 6/3 10am, but often taking volunteers
  • Follow on facebook for updates (link)


Courtesy of this list

  • Venmo (BailOutNYCMay)
  • CashApp ($BailOutNYCMay)



  • Rachel Crane “IMMIGRATION SPECIFIC - Not an attorney, but work with many immigration attorneys. I can put people in touch with attorneys who will do pro bono immigration work for those whose participation in these protests has an impact on immigration status”: 805-815-6209 or 


*Reminder that (651) and (612) are Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) area codes.

  • BEST # FOR PROTESTORS TO WRITE ON THEIR BODY: 612-444-2654 National Lawyers Guild MN Chapter:,, contact is Michelle Gross 
  • Noah M. Johnson “I am willing to give free legal advice to anyone associated with tonight’s protests”: , 612-827-6781 (office), 763-213-9068 (cell)
  • T. Zathras “If anyone is in need of legal representation due to their participation in tonight’s protests, DM me. I may not have criminal law experience but I will represent you for free”.: 
  • Criminal and Juvenile Defense Clinic at University of St. Thomas is offering free legal representation, probably will have to leave message but team will respond quickly: 651-962-4960
  • Legal Rights Center: 612-337-0030,
  • AFTER HOURS: 612-444-2654 (Nat’l Lawyers Guild)
  • Martine Law 612-208-8076 “If any peaceful protestors were wrongfully arrested and need pro bono representation please invite them to call”


  • National Lawyers Guild NYC: (212) 679-6018
  • Good Call NYC Arrest Support Hotline: 1-833-3-GOODCALL


  • Lori Guevara is offering pro-bono assistance to protestors in Seattle.

For People Seeking Legal Help:

  • Attorney willing to represent protesters taken into custody in Dallas, TX (Tweet)
  • Attorney who will represent protesters arrested in Houston, TX pro bono. (Tweet)
  • Georgia
  • Attorney willing to represent a maximum of five protesters arrested in Atlanta, GA. (Tweet) 
  • Attorney willing to represent protesters pro bono in Atlanta, GA (Tweet)
  • National Lawyers Guild NYC: What to do if Someone You Know is Arrested (Tweet)
  • The MO Black Bail Fund created this Google Form for attorneys offering pro bono services.
  • The Delaware chapter of the National Lawyers Guild can be reached at
  • Florida
  • Daniel Martinez in FL is willing to represent protesters who are arrested pro bono. Call 877-574-4487.
  • Fernandez Bardine Law in FL is willing to represent protesters. Call 727-289-7281.
  • Josh Jones Legal Services in Miami is willing to represent protesters pro bono. Call (305)-239-4878.
  • Saam Zangeneh Legal Services in Miami, FL is willing to represent protesters pro bono. Call (305)-441-2333.
  • Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee Freedom Fund is offering their support to Kenosha protestors.
  • (link)
  • What is going on in Kenosha?

Miscellaneous Lists: