Quaker Reading


·       Quaker Reading gives validity to students' personal reactions to selected pieces of writing.

·       Quaker Reading allows students to express their reactions in a non-judgmental setting.

·       Quaker Reading draws images together from all points of the literary text.



·   Students respond to the reading in a journal format.

·       Invite students to participate in a voluntary, random sharing of their selected images from the literature. They read aloud, as in a Quaker meeting, "as the spirit moves them."

·       While one person reads, other students should listen.

·       Teachers should be active participants in this activity and allow for possible periods of silence.

·       Students may choose to respond to a person’s response by sharing their own response to a passage or question.

 Modified document from www.carlscorner.us.com/Literacy/Quaker%20Reading.doc