Plastic Film Recycling in Rutland County

Plastic film is any plastic less than 10 mil thick so plastic bags, zip lock bags, plastic wrap

Ways to cut down on your plastic bag usage would be asking for paper instead of plastic and bring your own reusable bags.  Make sure to reuse the bags as much as you can.  Remember; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These stores will accept small amounts of plastic film:

Walmart in Rutland

Tops  in Rutland

Hannaford  in Rutland

Price Chopper  in West Rutland

Hannaford in Brandon

Shaws in Fair Haven

Shaws in Poultney

Benson Transfer Station

Shaws in Randolph

Price Chopper in Granville

Hannaford  in Middlebury

Shaws in Middlebury

Any questions call us at (802)-775-7209