Commission Terms of Service

Last updated: 12/8/21



edited 6/8/20

 Payments will be made upon approval of a sketch preview. via paypal, I will send a sketch preview with payment details.

If you are unable to make payment until a certain date, please do not hesitate to let me know, I will try to finish as close to that date as possible. Letting me know of a late payment will also prevent me from thinking I have a no-show in case I finish early.

if payment is not recieved within 1 week of it being requested, or the arranged date, your commission will be cancelled, and an “artist beware” may be posted, warning artists of non payers.

I do NOT accept crypto as a form of payment

Extra Charges

A $5 extra fee is charged for each character that has wings, or complex markings. Complex markings include anything with more than 3 colors, or anything with very fine detail.

A $10 extra fee is charged for the addition of a background on a colored piece. $5 for a background on sketches. This does not apply to a simple gradient or abstract background, as I include these when no background is specified for color pieces.

For sketch pages, the extra fee applies to each sketch, not the whole page. Background fee for sketches is $5.


Twitter or Telegram is my primary means of contact, E-mail is second.I try to avoid using FA and weasyl notes for contact due to lack of instant notification, and possibility of site downtime, but will fall back on them as a last resort if needed.


I send a preview sketch before inking and coloring to confirm a design is correct, and do not continue until I get confirmation that it is ok, please provide a means of contact that will be frequently checked to prevent any holdups.

Ref Sheets

I prefer ref sheets be SFW, but if a SFW option is not available i will accept NSFW.

I cannot go by description alone unless it's something very basic, a visual ref is needed in most cases.

What I will not draw

Copyrighted characters: this means I will not draw characters from TV, games, comics, etc.

This includes most pokemon, I do however allow dog type pokemon now


Pokemon other than dog types

babyfurs / cub



morbidly fat

Pooltoy or plush

watersports / scat

graphic violence or rape

Guns pointed at the viewer




weird fetishes or bondage

Nazis, or anything related to them

Hate symbols or groups

anything i may not be able to draw, to be determined on a case by case basis

Things I will draw




most anything not listed above

Information about badges

I do not print badges unless it’s for a con pickup order, any print your own badge commission is a digital copy for you to print on your own.

 If you need it by a certain date, please let me know, and I will try to get it finished by then.

Badge commissions requested less than a week from the date needed will not be accepted.

Uploading and posting

Commissioners are allowed to post their finished art wherever they like, so long as credit is given.

For gifts, the commissioner, and the recipient are allowed to post wherever they like, as long as credit is given.

Edits & PSD/clip files

Changes to pose or anything else requiring the base sketch to be altered must be at the time a sketch preview is given. Once the OK is given on a sketch, these edits are no longer allowed.

Changes to coloring, markings or inkingwill result in a $10 edit fee, unless it was an error on my part.

I will provide PSD / clip files upon request.

Adult content

by commissioning adult content, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age