November Parent Council Report-Minutes

The last part of October I Participated in the annual evaluation of the Superintendent and of the Board.  Both were facilitated by an Alberta School Boards contractor and both were very positive with all of us commenting and discussing our past year and formulating plans for the future.  All of our commitments were focused on the three year plan for the division as that has now become our guiding document.

At our October 18 Board meeting we received the Alberta Annual Education Report and were walked through the many successes of our schools, who are improving in many areas.  We also were told of the progress of the upcoming International Learning Program and recently learned that the successful candidates for the trip to China in 2019 have been selected.

On October 22 I attended the ASBA Zone 4 meeting in Red Deer at the Red Deer Catholic School Board office.

The evening of October 22 was the School Council Chair/Admin/Board evening where we learned about FNMI education in Wolf Creek.  Unfortunately we were not able to get to the fundraising information part of the evening so hopefully we will be able to plan another event in the future.  The evening was well attended and worthwhile to many who were there.

On October 23 two Trustees participated in the TAG (Teachers Advising and Guiding) meeting in Ponoka.  I was fortunate to be one of them and learned a lot about our staff, their roles and information provided to them regarding different issues and topics in the division.  Every school sent a representative who was to report back to their staff about the day, answer questions and gather information to take back to the next meeting.

After that meeting I headed up to Edmonton to attend the Public School Boards Association Fall General Meeting.  The first day was a day of PD facilitated by Brian Woodland who is the former Peel County, Ontario PR person who provided an informative day about the role of Trustees, advertising and communicating positive messages.

Thursday was a PD session on Community Development and Friday was the Fall General Meeting.

We met as the Advocacy, Public Relations and Student Voice Committee on Monday the 29th.

November 4, 5 and 6 the Board held a retreat to discuss some of the trends on the horizon for the school division, programming in our high schools, joint use agreements and the Three Year Plan.