Students, Staff, and Administrators,

Firstly, I would like to personally thank all those who quickly answered our call to action yesterday. Within the last 24 hours, our Statement was read over 12,000 times, a student-led petition gained over 6,000 signatures, and a diverse coalition of student groups and organizations were brought together to get one thing: answers. We would like to utilize this space to highlight the updated recommendations for NYU Residents:

FOR Students who did not leave for Spring Break, please pack up and leave within the next 24 hours. (We believe in you!)

FOR Students who left for Spring Break but live within driving distance, please pack up and leave within the next five days, but preferably as quickly as possible. Please be cognizant of the potential for NYC Mayor De Blasio to issue a “Shelter-In-Place” order within the next 48 hours.

FOR Students who left for Spring Break but DO NOT live within driving distance, do not return to campus nor make plans or travel arrangements to return to campus (in compliance with CDC guidelines). You may elect to:

  • Have your possessions packed up and shipped to your permanent address.
  • Leave your possessions locked in your room until a later date when it is safe to retrieve them. *This does carry some risk, as NYU Bed Spaces may be utilized in emergency conditions by the government.

FOR Students who hail from other countries (International Students) or face financial challenges or other risks, please fill out this exemption form here.

*If you as an “at risk student” have any trouble obtaining an exemption, please let us know by emailing

Once again, huge thank you to the students, staff, and administrators who have engaged with us in this process. Special thanks to Senior Vice President Marc Wais and his team who worked so diligently to provide our constituents an update. While it does not respond point by point to our questions, it still goes a long way to address our concerns. This highlights not only the importance of clear communications but also shows that when students and administrators come together, we can make a positive difference and collectively make better decisions. It also underlines the strength and perseverance of our residential community.

With all that being said, it saddens me to say that with NYU moving to “Online Instruction,” all IRHC plans and events have been cancelled through the end of Spring Semester. This includes all planned service excursions, hall council programs, and our 22nd Annual Moonlight Ball. My heart goes out to the Seniors who were looking forward to their final formal at NYU; I know that these past days and weeks have been especially heartbreaking for those about to graduate.

COVID-19 is changing the world we live in not by the day, but by the hour. It offers special challenges for us as college students, as many of us undoubtedly wonder what will happen to our future plans and hopes such as NYU Commencement, Summer Term/Study Away, Summer internships, and in August when we will hopefully welcome the Class of 2024. These events and times for us are not like missing work, but are life events that we will not have another opportunity to experience.

The important thing moving forward is to take this threat seriously, but at the same time to stay clear-headed and continue to make well-thought-out decisions. We will not get through this by stockpiling toilet paper or by partying on the beaches of Miami. If I, or my team, can help answer your questions or pass things on to the NYU Administration, please reach out to

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Jesse Maloney

IRHC President 2019-2020