We are very excited to announce this year's premier Keep on the Borderlands A&S tournament, The Royal Invitation and The Trailblazer.

An Important note for reading through the ruleset:

  • Entrants may submit anything NOT previously entered into a Keep A&S tournament. (You may enter previously awarded items, however these entries will need to be marked as such..)
  • Please use good judgement, enter items finished, refurbished, or revised in the last year or two.
  • Illegal entries (per the ROP), unless intentionally listed as decoration and/or non-combat items will be disqualified, and will receive no score.
  • Entrants are expected to note or cite purchased or borrowed art and patterns, inspiration which could be easily mistaken for another artist’s work, etc. Please do not attempt to plagiarise. Those caught plagiarizing, using another's art/design, etc will be disqualified from the competition.

Rule Set

- Each contestant may enter a maximum of three entries.

- Each tournament will announce a Best in Show (highest score single entry), and Best Overall (highest overall score).

- No Categories


- Entries will be judged on a 0-50 point score basis using the rubric outlined below.

- All scores will be tallied and divided by the number of judges to find the entries' modified score. (Number of judges is subject to change).




- Each entrant's modified entry scores will then be added up to determine your overall score.


Please review the Cultural Showdown judging rubric.

Judging Rubric: