Sent on behalf of Arthur L. and Isabel B. Wiesenberger Professor Jenny Sabin 3d printing PPE visors for Cornell Weill Medicine

Please read the information in these links carefully before starting your prints:

Protective Visor - Versions

Protective Visor - Print Guide

  • Find the file in the Google drive, choose according to material. These parts include physical markers that clearly label what material they are made of, which help medical personnel use the best sterilization procedure accordingly.
  • *PETG material is preferred*.
  • Please separate parts made from different materials into different bags, with the packaging slip attached.

3D Print and Lasercutting file location in:

Operation PPE

‘Face Shield Starter Kit’ Materials List:

 Note: This list is meant as a starting point, other links/materials from other companies work well too! Please feel free to add what has been working well for you. (Initial list by & Jon Sanders and not exhaustive!)

  • ~$548 = printer + knives + cutting mat (one time purchase)
  • ~$40 = plastic + filament (for every 100 masks)

3D Printer ($480)
*Note this is not the only 3D printer that will work. Please add others you find that are easily shipped.


  • Note: This printer can print 3 at once. One printing go takes about 2.5-3 hour. Bonus: buying a .8mm nozzle attachment will increase printing speed!


Plastic ($20 for 100 sheets)
Any laser (not inkjet) 8.5x11 plastic transparency 


Filament ($20 for 1.5kg)
This makes ~90 masks. Size = 1.75. PETG is preferred (see above link for more specifications). s

Companies: From Snolabs or Atomic Filament. Note: If you order from Atomic Filament, please get the black and specify you are making PPE! They are dedicating this color to it.

3 Hole puncher ($17)
Any three hole punch will work as long as one edge is free (so you can offset the sheet by a few inches).  There’s a printable spacer to help with lining it up properly.


Cutting mat ($30 for a 24”x36”)

Any cutting mat will do!


X-acto knives and blades ($21)